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Self-Love, Five Ways To Love Yourself




This valentine's day, what about taking some time to focus on loving yourself first? 


So often we think this day is all about relationships, we forget how important the relationship is that we have with ourselves.




Here are Five Ways to Nurture Your Relationship with Yourself


1 - Focus On Your Gifts


So often people focus on what is lacking, rather than remembering what they already are. For the next 7 days, each day focus on one of your unique gifts, something you really like about yourself, and see how good you feel after the week. You may just want to continue!


2 - Treat Yourself With Time


Every week book a time to do something you really love to do. 


Too often we don't give ourselves the gift of TIME.  We try to fill up everyday with something to do that moves us forward forgetting we need time just to have fun!


3 - Change Limiting Self-Talk


When you hear yourself treating yourself badly, turn it around. You are the only one in charge of how you talk to yourself.


4 - Do One Thing To Change Your Life That Matters


So often we get caught up in lists of things to do.  One hundred things that I accomplish, but how often do I focus on the most important things, those that actually change my life?  Take time each day to do at least one really important thing that has meaning for you, and find your day to be filled with meaning.


5 - Recognize People Are a Gift


To me, this one is the most important thing I can do to take care of myself.  Too often in this world people are treated like they don't matter.  We need to turn that around.  When someone cares about you, itís a true gift. Take the time to nurture those relationships that mean a lot to you. You will feel better telling people how much they mean to you, and they will too!


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