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Manifesting Through Consistency


Manifesting is always a hot topic at the start of the new year. We have a flurry of energy around creating something important, and the excitement of a blank slate for the year ahead.


When it comes to manifesting, while passion is important, consistency is key. If we really want to create something, we need to keep our minds on it and take consistent actions toward our goals.


One aspect of consistency I often see clients struggle with is that consistency isn't only in the actions we take, it is also in the energy we bring to a task.


For example, if I do something without really wanting to or if at some point in the year I no longer heartfully want to reach my goal, this lack of inner consistency will often cause a glitch in manifesting.


This is why I have what I call conscious check-in's during the year while manifesting goals.


For example, let's say I have a goal of manifesting a certain car by December 2013. I set a plan of how to purchase it, what car and the cost and start to work my plan.


Then in April, I learn that I have a job option that would make purchasing a car in December maybe not the best idea. I have a choice, I can re-evaluate my original goal or I can continue toward that goal with an inner inconsistency realizing I may not actually want it anymore.


Too often in life we stay on with a goal we are no longer emotionally consistent with. It's more than ok to let go of a goal you no longer want. In fact, doing so, gives you more consistent energy to meet the goals you DO want.


I set up my conscious check-ins every 2-3 months - actually program them into my computer. At those check-points, I go through my list of goals for the year and determine if I need to make any changes to the goals themselves, their timing and/or the order of importance based on my current situation at that time.


This flexibility makes for a much less stressful experience and I find I enjoy manifesting much, much more.


May you find flexibility and consistency to be two useful tools in manifesting your goals in 2013 and beyond!


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