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Miracles, Awareness, Perception and Choice


Warning ;-)


This article was written with the intention of not making linear sense and not always choosing proper english.  Iíve chosen to purposefully use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques and shamanic visioning language to open the unconscious avenues and offer more of an experience than solely an article to process.   


Each time you read this I hope you have a different experience and notice different ideas opening. 


Enjoy this holiday gift offering and let me know what you notice.  I hope you smile as you read this, I hope it lifts your spirit and I hope it reminds you of your Self, that Self that is so beautiful, you shine and remind the world of your light.  Shine on.



This life is about more than we sometimes remember. 


We get focused on career, marriage, kids, health, wealth and many things we were fed as children to believe are the core building blocks of life.  Yet at this time of year, it becomes clear that magic, that energy we all feel and have no true words for, is also a part of life. 


For example, those times you run into the same person over and over in random places wondering what the connections is. 


The time your flight is delayed only to allow you to meet a person that becomes an important new contact in your life.


The time your child looks up at you and for no reason smiles and says they love you.


The energy you feel when you connect with someone at a level deeper that pulls your heart into new possibilities. 


The times you actually listen to that inner voice that tells you for no apparent reason to do what you know is right without explanation. 


Or the times your loved one laughs so hard they canít stop, or you hear a song that changes you. 




Think of at least one of the magical experiences you have had recently.  Really recall it and how it made you feel. 


You may just notice them more and more as you flow through the season and your life.  I hope you do and encourage your awareness to open and take advantage of them in new ways.


Magic of life brings us back to ourselves and we all need this feeling sometimes, the belief that there is more than what we see.  We need to believe in more than what that the media pretends is real.


What we need and can receive isnít only to have these moments of clarity when we feel the more, the truth is the media is the lie.  


We need to take hold of our own reality and choice and remember who we are and who we want to be in the moment that we are choosing our perception.  'But I wasnít taught that' went the unconscious mind for some.  Yes you were, right now you were, and now is just as good as before and just as important as later or earlier.  Let yourself have now, donít miss it.


What is reality?  Look around you now, notice what you immediately focus on.  Iím in a coffee shop, I notice the chairs and the smell of caffeine.  The music, the people around me and the pictures on the wall.  Are these reality?


Or if I shift my focus to feeling, I notice the hard chair below me.  The way Iím sitting that isnít helping my back.  Or the feeling of my first sip of hot tea as I feel it go down my throat and hit my stomach, warming, somehow cooling at the same time and relaxing.  Just drinking the tea changes my experience.


Then I open my awareness to what is outside, I look outside the window and see the red awning above the Veteranís Service Office, the woman walking with her dog, the grey sky against the fall trees. 


All of these are reality, and all arenít reality.  They are part of my vision right now, but they arenít true or false.  They are part of my reality that I'm choosing. 


If I were feeling stressed, my vision would be limited.  Most likely in stress mode I wouldnít look outside, I wouldnít notice the details, Iíd miss the now focusing on something else.  A feeling so tight and limited I wonder now why I ever focus on stress, I choose to make another choice, I choose to focus on possibility.


What are the possibilities that you choose right now? 



Write them down, think about them, shout them to the world, own your possibilities. 


What are the options you look for in your life, what do you really want?  Saying you donít know tells me not that you donít know but that you lived the lie too long.  Itís time to shed the lie, itís time to love your life again.  Break it open, feel your heart soar, live the miracle.  Even in the times when you forget, it's still all around you, waiting for you to let go and remember.



And every time you need to remember, read this, and may it open your heart and invigorate your Spirit.



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