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My Mission:


To offer programs, products and services that open individuals to their human experience, provide them with an expansion of their awareness of what is possible, and offer them the opportunities to live a limitless, fulfilling existence built on a solid foundation of inner knowing, connection to Spirit, trust in themselves and faith in their personal life's path.



There are many ways to lead a holistic life. 

Jenifer offers you the tools to create your unique path.

Our Philosophy 

At TEC we view the mind as a tool for change and connection of the mind, body and soul as a wonderful part of the transformation process.   


We also realize that all of the experiences that have brought you to this point in your life have created the amazing person that you are, and we recognize that there may be beliefs or habits that have been created that may or may not be serving you.  We know that you can not only become aware of what isn't serving you, you can change.   We all can, it’s in our nature.  At TEC we offer the tools and support to gain awareness of AND CHANGE those aspects of yourself, your life and/or your work that are not what you want them to be.


Who We Work With:


We work with individuals, teens and entrepreneurs who are ready to change something about themselves, their health, their lives and/or their work.  


Examples of types of changes we work with include: 


Releasing 'Stuck' Internal States and Phobias


Releasing Physical Maladies and Chronic Problems including allergies, pain, numbness and digestive issues/ hormonal issues

Releasing Anxiety and Stress
Moving into New Phases of Life - For example, change after a divorce, death of a loved one, shift in work or personal relationships.
Determining and Gaining Empowerment for Moving into One's Life's Work/Path
Assisting Holistic Entrepreneurs in Manifesting Their Holistic Visions for their Work and Life
Connecting with Your Inner Self/  Intuition and Your Relationship with Your Soul
Regaining Lost Parts of Your Self after Trauma
Releasing Unwanted Behaviors/ Patterns
Gaining Emotional Awareness and Stability
Empowerment Work for Teens and Children - For example, releasing anxiety, assistance with choosing a major, work with indigo children.
Shifting Body/Mind Challenges - For example, releasing dis-ease through mind-body work (see Integrative Release Therapy).
Empowerment Coaching for Creating Your Individual Path to a Fulfilling Life
Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Opening to Your Inner Resources
Integration of Disconnected Parts of One's Self


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Our Guiding Principles are:

Non-judgment:  Of ourselves as well as others.   When we can get past judgment, which really is the fear of lacking something or of being different, we can finally relax and live meaningful lives.


Non-injury:   To ourselves first, then others for unless you are taking care of yourself, you cannot be your best to others.   Manipulation and fear arise when we are not meeting our own needs first.


Self-responsibility:   We realize to value ourselves means taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives.   This means being ‘at cause’ and not ‘at effect’.   It means realizing that things happen for a reason and only you can change the way you react and the way you live.   Others can provide tools, but you make the changes. It is an empowering way to live.


Integrity in thought word and action:   We believe in the power of language and intention. With each word you speak or think you are beginning the creation process.   With each action you take or think of taking against another you are manifesting the energy of that action.   We must learn to control our language and our mind in order to manifest our best lives.


Compassion:   Compassion is actually one of the most empowering principles.   Being compassionate to another or to yourself means seeing that you are on your path and doing the best you can with your current resources.   Toward others, it means not taking responsibility for their lives but realizing that just by being a certain way- a compassionate person- they can see within you the acceptance and make the changes they need without being judged.   Toward ourselves, it means allowing us to enjoy living without fear of being less when we are so much more.

Our Vision 

To empower individuals and businesses to find within themselves the resources they need to manifest their unique visions.   At TEC we see each individual as part of the whole and believe that each person who takes control of their mind and their life with compassionate strength will affect others and provide the model for others to find the strength within themselves.   Our goal is to touch as many souls as possible and start the chain of compassionate empowerment.

Get Ready

Get ready to expand your life beyond anything you ever imagined and create the life you truly desire.   There are no limits to what you can create, the only limits are in your mind and in limiting belief systems that you hold- and that hold you back.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in living the powerful, fulfilling, heart-opening and visionary life you desire.


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