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Choosing a Holistic Practitioner


Feature Article in New Body News Magazine, March 2005 

Choosing the right holistic practitioner for you can be an easy process if you follow 7 easy guidelines.


1) Know what you are looking for.


Before you call a holistic practitioner for an apt., take a moment to determine what you would be going to them for. If you are not sure but simply know you want to change your life, think of the areas of your life where you would like to change.


Then when you call the holistic practitioner for an appointment, let them know what you are looking for and see if there is a good fit.


Know as well that it is likely that when you work with a holistic practitioner that other areas of your life may change too!


2) Determine if it is a good fit for you, and listen to your gut.


Working with a holistic practitioner is a very personal process and it is important that you feel comfortable with whomever you choose to work with. Some areas to discuss with potential practitioners are: their training in the areas you'd like to work with, their knowledge of your particular challenge, and their availability. Also, get a feel for if you would personally like working with this person. Just like choosing a mate, the holistic practitioner could have great credentials and still not be the right one for you.

If your gut tells you this isn't the right person, you are probably right. Move on and find someone that feels right for you.


3) Work with a holistic practitioner that has done their work.


A healing professional has usual taken their own unique path to healing. They should also have their own network of healers they can call upon if they need help. While a holistic practitioner will probably not tell you who they work with(and shouldn't be expected to), you can ask if they would feel comfortable letting you know how they stay clear to ensure you are comfortable working with them.


4) About psychic and intuitive work.


I've been an intuitive most of my life and have found that the best assistance I can give a client is not only to tell them what I see, but to give them the tools to change their path if it is not working for them.


It is important to understand that psychics usually read what will happen if you continue on the path you are on. There are many others who, both find the information and work with you to make changes in order to shift the path you are on and live the life you desire. There is value in both methods and you can decide which you prefer.


I have had many clients over the years come to me because they had someone tell them something that provoked fear and never came true. If a psychic is scaring you into dependence on using them or simply scaring you into a state of fear and not giving you tools to change, you have the right to see someone else or tell them you would prefer a different type of session.


5) Know when to take time to process.


There are times when a session is so powerful, you need time to process it. Know that it is up to you to say when you feel you need more time before another session rather than booking one before you feel ready.


6) Work with your holistic practitioner.


While many holistic practitioners are intuitive, if something isn't working for you, they can't always read your mind. Most holistic practitioners really appreciate it when you give them feedback of what isn't working. They want to assist you in your process for healing and, honestly, part of the process is often using your voice to tell someone when there is something you need. Let your holistic practitioner assist you in using your voice, of course, choosing your words in a way that is considerate of them.


7) Get started.


If you feel you are in need of assistance, make the call. The sooner you begin your work, the sooner you find the right practitioner to assist you in living the life you truly desire.


Blessings to you on your unique path to healing.




Jenifer Shapiro


Since 1990, Jenifer has been working with individuals and businesses, empowering them in manifesting their goals and connecting to their deeper, intuitive selves/souls.   As a coach, consultant, and holistic practitioner/healer, Jenifer provides her clients with an integrative approach to change and empower utilizing proven holistic methods, professional coaching practices, and solid business acumen to provide a powerful platform for transformation.  As a healer, Jenifer assists individuals in releasing physical maladies and regaining their optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.



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