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Diet and Allergies - the inextricable link


As I said in a previous article (see it here) there are two holistic ways to eliminate allergies:


1) Eliminate the item the immune system is reacting to.


2) Eliminate the reaction by either shifting the reactivity of the immune system and/or releasing blocks to the individual's vital force so that the immune system can be stronger than the item it is reacting to.


My other article explains each of these further in various ways, this article focuses on how we can change diet to cure allergies.


There are three types of food reactions I've seen cause allergies to arise in full force -


1 - Foods with chemicals or treatments that have caused them to change and our immune system doesn't know what to do with them.  This could be a processed food, a non-organic vegetable with a pesticide causing an allergy (I used to have an allergy to the pesticide on non-organic celery grown in the Midwest), or a food grown in a new way that our bodies don't understand.


A little list of the ones I see cause harm most often:



common foods: gum, mints, baked goods, desserts, diet sodas


  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)


common foods:  soups at restaurants and canned, any prepared foods


  • Non-organic veggies - the worst are broccoli, skins that you eat like peppers/tomatoes/celery, etc., and strawberries/berries in general.


  • Non-organic meats - I've actually seen individuals allergic to non-organic turkey meat and PERFECTLY FINE with organic turkey meat.  You just can't refute that.  Not everyone is sensitive but for those that are...


2 - Food that mess with our immune system directly and/or harm the adrenals.  When foods, see list below, strip the adrenals our immune system loses it's power and we become much more susceptible to allergens.  Here are a few samples:


  • Sugar - for those with weakened immune system, one day without ANY sugar (including fruit) can do wonder.


  • Coffee - I'm not against coffee in general (I know, one of the few homeopaths who isn't) however if you have allergies, you need to try going without during times of struggle.  Coffee, much more than any other caffeine, strips the body of potassium and other minerals critical to the immune system's ability to ward off allergies.  If you must have coffee and are dealing with season-specific allergies/ asthma especially, replenish with 3 cups of water with lemon juice to every cup of coffee and don't put sugar in your coffee for a while (that means no fake sweeteners either)


  • Soda - soda messes with the digestive tract and causes a weakness which the immune system then has to deal with instead of dealing with your allergies.  Diet soda is even worse.


  • Soy - I'm sorry for those that love soy everything but I have personally found that soy for myself and my clients can cause allergic reactions.  I've had mothers come in for years with children drinking soy milk and just taking them off the soy milk clears all allergies.  This is in this list instead of the food allergen list because I believe soy blocks the natural receptors of the brain and endocrine system and is less of a direct allergen than a blocker of the vital force. 


3 - A direct reaction to a specific food allergen. 


  • The top food allergens are corn, wheat, milk, eggs, seafood, nuts and soy but I put soy above as it's more than a food allergen in my book.


There are also some foods that are very helpful in keeping your system running smoothly and energetically clear. 


Here are some foods (this is not a full list as that could take a book:) that can help your immune system clear allergies:


  • Water, pure, clean water.  And no more than 30% from distilled as distilled clears minerals from the body.   Dehydration can create a weakened foundation from which allergens and asthma can both be exacerbated, especially in the heat of summer or in environments using forced air.


  • Pineapple - for those that have inflammation, raw pineapple juice (not canned) and eating pineapple can help clear the inflammation due to it's enzymatic qualities, particularly bromelain.  This and watermelon are the only fruits I see directly help cure allergies (though bananas can help if low on potassium due to coffee consumption).


  • Watermelon - this is for allergies and asthma - watermelon is a great food for asthma and it can help to clear excess heat from the body.  I find personally I eat watermelon on hot, humid days and it helps my body stay cool and I breathe easier.  I even juice it sometimes if I need a stronger cool me down, just be conscious it is higher in sugar so ensure if you have sugar challenges to eat something with protein and fiber to balance.


  • Cucumber (especially english thin skinned) - like watermelon, I find cucumber especially useful when breathing issues are due to excess heat.  I cut cucumber in my water as well as eat it raw and it helps cool me down.


  • Raw green, red and orange veggies with lemon juice as a dressing.


  • Raw lemons in water to clear the liver and hydrate the cells.


  • And I save the best for last, for any breathing conditions, romaine lettuce - organic, raw - is a miracle worker.


For more on an alternative view to allergies and asthma, click here.


If you are interested in learning more about homeopathic remedies and how they can help you and your family, please see my upcoming courses.


***Disclaimer: This article is not meant to treat, by reading this article you are taking responsibility for seeking the medical care you require as needed and recognize this article is meant for informational and educational means only.






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