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Tips for Healthy Holiday Travel


Traveling during the holidays is one of the easiest ways to get sick. 


Adhere to the following tips for healthy travel and stay healthy and strong during the holiday season…and beyond.



1)      Keep Hydrated – Dehydration can cause headaches, emotional and physical fatigue and lower your immunity.  This also means watch your caffeine, salt and alcohol intake, which can all cause dehydration.


      Action Point:  On the day of your flight, drink 8oz of water upon rising, before the flight and on the flight and find yourself with more energy and optimism!


2)      Wash Your Hands – With thousands of people with colds and flu’s passing through the airport each day, washing your hands before you eat and in general could be the difference between a fun vacation and picking up an unwanted ‘bug’.


      Action Point: Keep a small antibacterial hand sanitizer in your purse or bag and use it before you eat at the airport and/or on the plane.


3)      Take Your Vitamins – Vitamin C and zinc are two of the top vitamins for keeping your immunity up.  Check with your healthcare practitioner for the amount and type of each that is right for you.


      Action Point: Keep to healthy foods - fruits, veggies, etc. - the week of travel to ward off fatigue and keep your immune system strong.


4)      Limit Sugar – Sugar lowers immunity and helps to create the fight or flight response which also lowers the bodies defenses to illness and increases fatigue.  Eating healthy meals and limiting sugar during holiday travel will not only help you stay healthy, it will also help you stay happy.


      Action Point: Instead of sugar and preservatives, use honey, sucanat, xylitol and agave nectar to sweeten your food/drink during the holidays.


5)      Get Sleep – Getting a good night’s sleep before you travel is a must, yet it’s not always possible.  When you didn’t sleep well before the flight, do what you can to sleep on the flight.  Bring a pillow, music and anything else that will help you to be comfortable so you can get some z’s in the air.


      Action Point: Take an extra day off when traveling just in case you need it.  It may seem like a luxury, however, travel is more stressful on the body than many realize and having an extra day just in case something doesn't go as planned can help you stay centered and enjoy the trip.  If nothing goes wrong, it also offers you a day to relax.  Either way, it works.


6)      Listen to Calming Music – Traveling can be stressful, to help with that stress, try listening to calming music the day of your flight.  Listen to it before you leave home, when driving and on your ipod during the flight.  Calming music can help relieve the stress of travel and set a peaceful mood for your trip.


      Action Point: Bring your own headphones and iPod or equivalent on the flight and listen to calming music - such as Kitaro, classical music or equivalent - while flying.  It will keep your blood pressure down and help you to enjoy the flight.


7)      Keep Circulation Going – Eliminate stiff muscles and aches from flying.  Wear loose clothing, go for natural fibers, and take your shoes off on the flight.  Staying hydrated will also help with circulation as will limiting caffeine. 


      Action Point: Whenever possible, walk around the airport before flying and stretch your legs and arms after you get off the plane.


I hope you find these tips helpful in keeping you and your family healthy! 


Happy Travel!


Copyright © 2000 |  Jenifer Shapiro and The Empowerment Centre, LLC

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