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10 Weightloss Myths and Tips


1) Weight Loss Myth 1 - Eat Fat-Free to Lose Weight


Truth is, most low fat foods have added sugar.  Added sugar means you will gain weight.  Look at the calories and see for yourself.  Best way to eat low-fat is to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats.


2) Weight Loss Myth 2 - Fast to Lose Weight


Many people say they lose weight fasting yet fasting doesn't lean toward long term weight loss.  In fact, fasting can lower metabolism and repeated fasting can also cause gallstones, malnutrition and loss of muscle - not fat.  Gradually lowering the amount of food you eat and eating healthier is still key for weight loss.


3) Weight Loss Myth 3 - Sugar-free means weightloss.


Actually, did you know the sugar free products you may have been using have actually been shown to cause weight gain.  Not only do they affect brain chemicals, they also affect taste making regular sugar taste less intense, thereby causing individuals to use more sugar than necessary.  And even more, many of today's products contain both nutrasweet AND sugar for intense sweetness beyond normal taste necessity.


4) Weight Loss Myth 4 - Coffee Drinks Aren't That Bad.


Tip - Order Coffee, Not Liquid Dessert.


With a coffee cafe on every corner, Americans are spending thousands of calories a day on drinks that offer little to no nutritional value.  Did you know that a mocha frappuccino has 15 grams of fat and nearly 400 calories and an iced green tea latte has 290 calories and 9 grams of fat (source,  Try ordering an espresso or plain coffee and adding just milk and cinnamon for a less intense sweetness and much less calories.  Or for an iced treat, try an iced tazo tea in a flavor you enjoy.


5) Weight Loss Myth 5 - Eliminate All Fats


Truth is, fat decreases hunger and helps the food keep you satiated longer.  It's more important to eat the right fats in moderate amounts when you are trying to eat less.  Try nut butters, avocados and natural fats in small amounts with meals to help your system not only digest your food better but also keep you full longer.  The other type of food most useful in staying full longer is protein. 


6) Weight Loss Tip 1 - Sleep As Much As Possible


Sleep helps the brain AND body relax which allows the stress chemicals to release and aids the body in overall elimination of stress and rejuvenation of the emotions and the body.  As you sleep, your organs get to do their work without interference.  Sleep is especially important for those who lift weights to aid the muscles in releasing toxins and rejuvenating through the blood.  So take that summer nap and take care of you!


7) Weight Loss Tip 2 - Smile At Everyone


Smiling is a natural mood enhancer.  Try smiling, really smiling, and being sad at the same time.  Very difficult.  Anything that is a natural mood enhancer will help you to get in touch with and manage your emotions and all of us know that emotional eating is the culprit for many of those extra pounds.  Extra smiling also brings joy to others, an added bonus!


8) Weight Loss Tip 3 - Plan Ahead


In our fast-paced world if we don't plan ahead it is way too easy to eat unhealthy when we are hungry.  Even if we don't eat unhealthy, if we don't have healthy options, we can end up skipping meals which makes us eat too much at our next meal which is difficult on both digestion and our metabolism (and often our moods).  Plan ahead and keep healthy, easy snacks and food ready for you anytime.


Some quick food thoughts - celery and carrot sticks, hummus with crackers, fruit, raisins, nuts, cheerios, nut butters on crackers.


9) Weight Loss Tip 4 - Eat Half of Meal Portions when Eating Out.


That is usually the right portion size and eating half of what is on your plate is much easier than trying to figure it out.  Also, stick with water with lemon or lime when eating out to save hundreds of unnecessary calories and aid digestion.  (One large restaurant soda has 10-16 teaspoons of sugar and on average 150-200 calories.  And with easy free refills, it's best not to start.)


10) Weight Loss Tip 5 - Eat Without Distraction.


Eating in front of the television is never going to help you lose weight.  When you eat in front of the tv, a part of your mind is completely oblivious to what and how much you are eating AND may even start to equate television with eating causing an internal trigger to eat every time that tv goes on. Eat first, then turn on the television and enjoy your programs separately from your food.


I hope you enjoyed this tips and myths segment and have a happy, healthy summer!






Since 1990, Jenifer has been working with individuals and businesses, empowering them in manifesting their goals and connecting to their deeper, intuitive selves/souls.   As a coach, consultant, and holistic practitioner/healer, Jenifer provides her clients with an integrative approach to change and empower utilizing proven holistic methods, professional coaching practices, and solid business acumen to provide a powerful platform for transformation.  As a healer, Jenifer assists individuals in releasing physical maladies and regaining their optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.


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