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Mercury Retrograde and Moon Calendars will be posted this month.


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Below are older Astrocurrents from previous years.







December 2015 - February 2016



Mercury retrograde shadow begins today (December 19th) the energy is already shifting toward the retrograde due to begin in January.  For the dates, click here.


This retrograde period comes at an interesting time and the energy is a bit more forceful than usual for a retrograde.


I donít believe in scare tactics when reading charts, I believe charts are for information to help us empower.  That said, we need to heed the information in this retrograde as there is some aggressive energy that if we arenít aware of, we may easily get caught up in.


There are two fixed stars this retrograde period that, when brought together during this retrograde period can cause both forceful communications based on hubris and a bit of a rift in the raising the energy of Ego.  Mix inflated ego energy with frustrated communication and there can be some heated pursuits that take place rather unconsciously and impulsively.


There is also a bit of inward focus with other aspects of the chart during this time and certain individuals may feel like secluding themselves much more than usual.  While winter can offer this energy for some, this will feel more like a need to retreat from the life around them rather than just resting.  It may feel like life doesnít make sense and you just need to close your eyes.  Know that this energy will begin to release about midway through the retrograde so give yourself space to heal and rest.  I was asked if this is a depressive energy, I'm not seeing a downward spiral here...more of a blanket of sorts, a need to rest and renew and retreat.  We don't retreat enough in our culture, sometimes doing nothing is more important than medication.  Also, releasing the self-judgment should you need to rest and retreat, could make a huge difference in the healing process.  Let yourself be human instead of superhuman.  It's part of the human experience, and one that will be deeply needed by many during the early part of January especially.


Realizations of truths that seem unfathomable may come about, and while that can sound too much, it is actually not always a bad thing. 


When truth that has been hidden comes to light, authenticity offers the choice of a deeper connection based on compassionate strength.  You may also be the person offering your story.  A story you never thought you could tell anyone and for the first time in your life, you may be heard.


Here is what I see an opportunity for with the heightened emotions and opening of doors to deeper communications this retrograde period:


-       Breathing

-       Stopping

- Giving the moment space to renew itself

-       Reassessing our own reactivity


This retrograde, if you yell at another driver, you may get more than you bargained for.  If you lose it at work, you may get a louder than usual response.  If you choose to get into it with your spouse, your relationship may suffer in ways you donít expect.  And if you throw the milk carton against the wall, it may bounce back at youÖjust kidding.


This is a retrograde to teach us to walk lightly, kindly, and see that the world around us may become aggressive but that doesnít mean we need to follow suit.   Just because we are yelled at, doesnít mean we have to yell back.  It doesnít make us weak when we choose to be calm, it changes the energy in itís tracks.  Aggressiveness feeds on blatant fear and reactivity, if neither are present in the interaction, the aggressor needs to find a new target.


This month (and in general if you wish to live an easier life) choose to RESPOND instead of REACT to aggression.   


When aggressive energy comes forward, step sideways and assess, breathe and offer another option for the energy of moving forward.  Remember, while aggression may be forceful, there is often a fear of loss of control underneath it.  When you release the need for a power struggle, compassion and connection can come forth. 


And arenít compassion and connection much more important goals than winning an argument?


A great gift of spiritual practice this retrograde period would be to recite the prayer of St Francis:


The Prayer of Saint Francis


Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love;

For it is in giving that we receive;

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.


May we all find peace in the midst of chaos, OM SHANTI, Jenifer




Older Astrocurrents





We are entering another retrograde period for the planet Mercury.


Here are the specifics.


May 23rd Ė Enter Mercury Retrograde Shadow in Gemini


Shadow period is the period before and after the formal retrograde when energies are shifting and we can often feel this period as intensely if not more so than actual retrograde.


May 29th Ė Mercury Retrograde enters front-end storm

(and stays there)


The topic of the storm of retrograde is important this month because usually, a retrograde storm lasts only a short time twice during a retrograde period (before and after or close to beginning and end as with shadow).  The storm occurs at a time when the direction of Mercury changes direction (shifts it's station) and there is a slowing down, shift and a speeding up of energy.  What is unusual is in this retrograde period, the storm will stay consistent in the storm throughout retrograde without a break, causing an increased amount of tension and push toward change for big decisions. This could be a truly life-changing experience for many, especially around relationships and foundations of life (first chakra beliefs).


June 7th Ė Mercury goes retrograde in Cancer


June 19th Ė Mercury retrograde midpoint


Midpoint can sometimes offer a few days of relief as retrograde is shifting however with the storm of retrograde being constant throughout, we may feel less of a downshift of energy at midpoint.


July 1st Ė Mercury goes direct in Gemini


July 9th Ė Mercury exits storm


July 16th Ė Mercury exits Shadow in Cancer


When we think of mercury retrograde, most of what is written talks about it with horror, as if the world will end. That is a misguided representation of retrograde. I prefer to see the opportunity in mercury retrograde periods Ė both in how we can use the energy to further our lives in positive ways AND in those times when it seems there may be struggle, having some preparation can help us to determine HOW we wish to respond, not react, in those periods.




There is more on my web page here, for those interestedÖ


Retrogrades are periods of time when Mercury, a planet we depict as having energy around all forms of communications, appears to be going backwards (that isnít actually what is physically occurring but it does shift itís movement and looks this way from earth).


From an astrological perspective, when Mercury does this, as the Ďrulerí of communications, it can have an affect on how communications proceed during itís period (and in the times before and after called shadow periods) in unusual ways. Communications need to be clearer during this time (for more on this see my webpage link above). We often say not to sign contracts or purchase new cars or electronics during this period if possible, as itís more a period of rethinking, reworking and taking a higher perspective. If you do need to do any of the above, purchase the warranties and read and reread the contracts to ensure you understand all of the angles first (I believe you should do the latter anyway really but during retrograde especially).


Also, and this is important as itís not often written on, the mercury retrograde period has greater affects on some areas that others due to the other energies it relies on and affects during itís transits.


For example, you will see in my explanation of what to expect that the fact that Gemini and Cancer are both players in this cycle will affect what occurs in it for many people (especially those with these signs) and their relationships with family and other's in their world.


As this retrograde works both in the sign of Cancer (which rules around family, home, domestic situations and works deeply with emotions) and goes through Gemini (which works with education, mental work, and different layers of relationships such as community and levels of familial relationships that are more equal as in siblings/ cousins) we may see some challenges communicating with loved ones as we feel a little jumbled in our emotions at times. This will be a great lesson for many as we need to step back, reassess, refine our communications and come to the table gentler and more conscious of how others respond to us and how we react to situations.


A great lesson of any retrograde is the ability to step back and view with clearer eyes when we take a deep breath and allow the fog to lift in itís own time.




While we often think on communications as a main theme of the retrograde period, and having clear communications is definitely useful, this retrograde has some other interesting themes to note.


THEME 1: Power and Self-Reliance



The topic of our inner power and self-reliance will come up for many of us this retrograde period.


What does it mean to be self-reliant both in and outside of relationships (think of the Cancer sign movement bringing up emotions around this as well)? Do we feel we need a certain level of control or power to feel strong enough to take personal responsibility for our lives? Where do we derive our ideas of power from? Money, relationships, spirituality, health, vitality, etc.?


Do we like how we are holding our energy around these areas in our current lives or have we come to a point where we need to change a foundational belief system and come to a new level of who we are? Perhaps we inherited our belief systems and they no longer work for us?


This retrograde may challenge your foundations a bit and as I said above the energy of Cancer and Gemini may play a part in rethinking how you are in certain relationships and where you learned what you have come to believe.


For example, perhaps you always believed life moved forward in a certain wayÖmarriage, kids, house, etc. Now you may be dealing with a divorce and realizing you donít want to live alone and for the first time in your adult life, you may be considering a roommate. Shifts to our foundational beliefs like this are going to be a part of this retrograde and we are going to be making huge changes part to the push of the retrograde storm being in the cycle for the duration.


Use this energy to your benefit, allow for natural change to flow. You may feel a little emotionally exhausted at times AND much stronger after the changes.


THEME 2: Reconceiving Our Masks

Not many know this but we actually have three signs to work with in looking at our astrological charts Ė SUN, MOON and RISING.


Our sun sign is the popular one (partly because itís easiest to run a chart on) as it indicates which constellation of the zodiac the sun occupied on the date you were born.


Your moon sign indicates the sign of the zodiac that the moon occupied when you were born and where you were born.


Your rising sign indicates the zodiac constellation that was on the horizon (ascendant) where you were born (latitude and longitude), on the exact date, and precise time you were born.


In order to fully do your chart, it is important to have your time of birth and location of birth in order to run the full chart across these three areas.


***Note that the Vedic Moon Sign is not the same as the Moon Sign Iím referring to above and offers another useful perspective on your chart that I donít address here.


Now why am I putting this in this section? Because this retrograde will have an affect on the energy derived from these signs, mostly from our rising sign.


Our rising sign is our mask to the world Ė the persona we project when we meet others. Itís the way we wish others to view us. It differs from that of our sun sign energy that offers more of our core self or the consistent traits we depict throughout our lives that define who we believe we are. Our moon sign also has itís own gifts as it offers our 'inner truth' energy (which we often discover deeper levels of later in life), that part of ourselves few people see that we hold private. The moon is also more connected to our instinctual self Ė which is why at times we feel we become another person under duress.


This retrograde will cause us to connect more with our rising sign energy, the mask we project to the world, and redefine it for who we are today if itís not currently aligned with who we want to be.


This may be a major shift for many who are seeing how they have locked themselves into a belief of who they are and are realizing they truly donít want to be that person anymore.  For those who choose to use the energy of this retrograde for self-transformation, who you are after this retrograde may have a different belief system than who you were before it.


And this rolls into the next themeÖ


THEME 3: Growing Up A Part of Ourselves



At the start of this retrograde, things may feel off for many as if the ground is a bit wobbly and we are taking our first steps without a clear path. By the end of the retrograde, our footing will be much stronger and more defined as our choices become clearer. We may find during this shift that an old child part, a part of ourselves that made choices based on beliefs and fears we had as children that are no longer useful for us today, decides to grow up and make new choices based on the adult knowledge that drives new behaviors today.




While itís always a good idea to be clearer and more conscious of our communications in retrograde times and to be open to delays we donít see coming (think flight delays) etc, this retrograde has so much more to offer us. Let yourself see yourself anew this month and as your energies move and shift, you may find a new opportunity in how to live your life as you are today, without boundaries from old structures that no longer work for you.


And these may be HUGE structures.


Enjoy and release and see where it takes you on the other end.


Hope you found this helpful, and wishing you a beautiful retrograde period (how often have you heard an astrologer say that? ;-)

Hugs and Happiness,


Jenifer Shapiro


Look for Astrocurrents back online later this summer! 

Thanks for your patience!







***Please note, I've placed the moon cycles up for 2013 including all information regarding solstices and equinoxes.  See this information here.


***I've also updated the mercury retrograde information with shadow periods for 2013 here.


This month we begin in the midst of mercury retrograde.


As I explained this last month (see below) and above, I'll leave that one and move on to the way to what else we have on for the docket this month ;)




Starting the beginning of this month some signs will feel almost an energy explosion of sorts with emotions (due to water aspects I explain in a minute) and a deeper resonance with finally understanding their individual worth and value.  For some this began at the cusp of the retrograde turn on the 26th of June. 


While ultimately it can feel empowering to connect with this self essence, some may begin with a feeling of finally getting that they aren't feeling loved in the way they want to and rather than go to victim, some are going to feel unappreciated and demand respect rather strongly (perhaps in a very uncharacteristic way).  Some people may even demand for loved one's to show more appreciation.


While I believe strongly in setting clear boundaries and asking for what you need, also I encourage you to realize if you see stunned faces it's because your loved one's may not have known you felt this way.  While they genuinely care you feel badly, they may be shocked at the behavior.


Another option would be to decide first how to love yourself and then how to gently let others know how you want to experience love with them. You may find some beautiful communications if taken from this stance.  Perhaps even realizing that they were loving you fiercely, just not in a way that you would understand as your 'love languages' may differ.




Jupiter entered Cancer the end of June and this connection provided a forum for those who go inward to question what they know to be true and begin looking at life a little differently. This is an opportunity to allow yourself to change and grow in new ways, releasing the need to be who you were and finding a path that excites your Spirit!


Relationships, money and space are key here as is what you are here to manifest. You may find by the end of summer a 'new you' resonates as you step deeper into your self and authentically onto your path.




In addition, this month we see a Jupiter - Saturn - Neptune grand trine which is a water grand trine (when three planets are equally spaced it is a grand trine; as each of these is also in a water sign on it's own it's a water grand trine) which means that there will be a sort of a wave of energy in the water signs which is supportive of the movement forward with flow and generosity.


Support is the base energy here, support through the movement we are taking on this summer in choosing our path of power and joy. Whatever you feel nervous moving through, you will have an underlying soothing energy of support and while it will be strong this month and next month Jupiter will remain in this for 12 months so there will be good energy here for months to come.


For some signs, especially those who tend to fantasize about manifesting, this is a time to bring it to earth. Stay grounded to those things you can manifest now, knowing the bigger will come, you need to set the stage for the music to ensue.


We are going to find, especially earth and water signs, that an old stuck state comes up for us that it is time to finally move past, through and or complete. This could have a relationship aspect of an old problem in a friendship (I'm not seeing as much in intimate relationships here) that needs to either heal or move forward from ending the relationship. If you choose to heal, it may take on a very new form.


I'm seeing splits of energy, where our authenticity is coming through and many will find that the combination of friction and tension finally sets the stage for us to separate from relationships that no longer feel a match for us for this incarnation and live our own lives while honoring those we separate from. For those with spiritual awareness we will have the opportunity here to truly see what it means to complete a relationship on our path and move forward with love.


This will have a very positive energy for new relationships as well as we move forward.  The potential to build something of substance is here and it's time to choose these more sustainable relationships should you choose relationship as a theme on your path of healing.


This water movement may also allow those with unexplained illnesses to move them through without needing to name it. Use the energy this month to get in touch with your source of illness and learn from it rather than trying to find a name for it, you may find a new level of awareness that allows you to move through and out of the limited resources of the illness.




We have a very social aspect from the beginning of July through to around the 21st-23rd that offers a great time to be a part of groups, learning and teaching. Toward the end of the month, we are going inward more, finding a space within ourselves is coming forth in a way to gain our attention and help us to go deeper within.


For those considering a personal retreat, I'd advise after the 23rd (or the 21st depending on your sign) as you will have more inward energy to focus on yourself. Before that, perhaps a group retreat rather than a spiritual meditation retreat.


As this is a time of retrograde, with this outer energy, there is an aspect of it that includes media and communication so be conscious of this time period as mercury retrograde has an aspect around communication that can cause some confusion. 


Ensure that your written word has clarity and check and recheck along with understanding that email communications may be misunderstood.


There may be some difficulties with travel during the third week especially so if you are having travel planned, just be aware that it may take longer to get where you are going so leave space for this to reduce unnecessary stress (this is how we use astrology to help us lead easier lives).


One lesson this month for those who are focused on doing, leave space, especially the first three weeks, to just be with those you love and those you enjoy. You will find the energy of the grand water trine will give space for you to deepen relationships in ways you may have never imagined. This can be for parents and children as well so be patient, be present, and let your heart connect with those you love.


Hope you find this helpful and enjoy your month!



For the 4th of July, Iím offering several specials on new life, career and other intuitive astrology readings. 


Contact us for rates.











***Please note, I've placed the moon cycles up for 2013 including all information regarding solstices and equinoxes.  See this information here.


***I've also updated the mercury retrograde information with shadow periods for 2013 here.


June is going to be a month of movement, transition and new connections. We have a lot of big events from an astrology perspective and many people are going to feel like they come out of the this month having made decisions that move them forward, perhaps in ways you didn't think you would.


As this is a month with a lot going on, I'm going to give specific information this month rather than too many generalizations. We have themes of financials, real estate, communication (mercury retrograde!), and a strong new moon (new projects, high energy for creating).


First, let's look at the new moon, June 8th. This is a powerful new moon, at the same time, we have mercury retrograde in shadow (see more on this) starting the 10th so while normally the ten days after a powerful new moon will be open for creating and contract signing, etc. be conscious in reading and rereading anything you choose to sign during this time period for the 10th through full retrograde into July when the other side of shadow ends (I wouldn't sign a contract on June 8th, ESPECIALLY for real estate).


That said, if you MUST sign contracts surrounding real estate, try for the 16th to the 19th or 20th. This period will be the best within the retrograde aspect.


Actually, the 17th-19th will be power days for many people, good days when we will feel we are moving forward and something is supporting us that feels powerful. Use these days for visioning for your business and life, spending time with friends and getting out and doing things you wouldn't normally do to meet new people. Jumping out of your comfort zone in these days will have an extra push of good fortune.


I would not LEND money or INVEST money until we are at least away from the new moon hitting retrograde shadow, so at least after the 12th. Ideally, wait until next month when we are out of retrograde for the best results with the least challenges.


This month is, after the 10th, a great time to ask for a raise or increase your income in some way so invest in yourself this month. Effort will be required here AND rewarded. Step out of your comfort zone and make some real impact on your career and your business.


Another theme to start after the 8th is that of collaboration, look for ways to connect with those around you to create community in new ways.


Also, if you have had an idea for something to expand your business, even though it's a retrograde period, there is good energy for idea expansion AND, for most signs, for collaboration (just no contracts, start the discussions now, sign the contracts after retrograde if possible).


We have Jupiter (think planet of good luck and unexpected gifts) moving through Cancer (think planet of heart-felt communication) starting the 25th into mid-July. From a relationship perspective, you will receive the most when you come to the table with compassion and respect (this is true always of course, more pronounced at this time). From a career pespective, this will cause some to find new unexpected ways to communicate their message. You might move from being a technical copywriter to being inspired to write your first novel or from teaching to performing, etc.


On June 23rd's full moon, many will see a completion of a work project that was long in coming. Take space that night to allow yourself to really experience the completion. You may find this project brought your something that reminded you of who you are, or you might find this wasn't a project but a relationship that may have felt like a project at times due to consistent challenges. This moon is completing something deep for you in a subtle way so take the time and space to listen, you will get a lot from it.


Hope you enjoyed this month's astrocurrents!  Happy Summer!


***Please note, I've placed the moon cycles up for 2013 including all information regarding solstices and equinoxes.  See this information here.


***I've also updated the mercury retrograde information with shadow periods for 2013 here.





The energies that are coming in May are both clear and under the radar at the same time. 


This month we will feel a clarity, a focus, coming in.  Like things are falling together for the first time in a while.  Things are finally making sense. 


At the same time there is an undercurrent which most signs will better understand mid to late summer.  A feeling like there is a learning that isnít quite showing itself yet or something has begun that you know will be of benefit to you and you can't quite see it yet. 


Try not to get stuck in it as it wonít be force, you will just get a fake message.  Let Spirit bring it to you in itís own time.   Then when it comes to you, you will be sure itís yours.


We have a new moon on May 9th, this is a strong moon for giving the intention of a new life. 


With the clarity energy hovering over May 1st to approximately 20th, we will have supportive energy for putting into practice what you preach.  Be true to yourself this month, it will go a long way for you to do so.  It may also be much harder to lie this month, you may find this both strengthens and depletes some relationships as you can no longer pretend a fit that isnít there.


Be careful of sweat lodges and detoxing practices this month.  We have enough shifting and the energy is pushing you to hold integrity, not clear to much, right now. 


Too much detoxing will weaken you and push you too far so that you wonít have your resources next month when mercury goes retrograde, and you will need them for such a period.  This month is a good one for grounding your energy, not depleting it.


Financial concerns/ ideas will feel like they get a clearer path for many, with ideas on how to sustain yourself coming, for some signs, as if from nowhere.  This is a great month to listen to that kind of message and to trust your own knowing that you can take care of yourself with integrity and awareness.


May 24thís full moon will feel like the end of a cycle for many.  It may be the end of a relationship Ė personal or other.  It may be the end of a way of thinking in a relationship as well, a rebirthing of sorts.  Some will also find their healers making shifts Ė for instance your doctor may close their practice (even temporarily) or your chiropractor may suddenly be unavailable. 


Those on the spiritual path are going to be called to clarity this month and for those who have veered from their truth, this month is offering an impetus to reconnect with our true selves.


I am seeing an interesting energy for some around health.  This energy will flow into June and July as well.  It's another truth type energy, it's around letting go of behaviors you thougth were for your health and they aren't working anymore.  For example, if you were a raw foodist, you may find yourself considering non-raw options and over the course of the summer may find your way to a new way of eating.  This also may mean supplements and drugs may not have the same affect as they once did.  (I believe this energy is part of why the thyroid drug Levoxyl was taken off the market recently, more in the next newsletter on that.)


So listen to your body, listen to your truth and enjoy a month of coming home to yourself.


In June we have a retrograde coming that is bringing some new opportunities, and a few lessons, I look forward to exploring with you next month!


In Loving Light,






As we complete the mercury retrograde shadow period April 6th, many of us are ready to get back to a calmer time.  The last week or so (since the full moon) of March was not easy for many of us.  Emotions were high, thinking was off and for some it felt like everything was being demanded at once.  April is a time for some different energies and for most calmer waters.
This month is really a converging of many of the lighter, airy energies we have been missing for a few months.  We may feel a little ungrounded at times by this energy that will cause us to raise energy to higher chakras, sometimes causing us to over think things that really have little affect in the big picture.  Be conscious to spend your emotional time this month on things that really matter to you rather than getting caught up too much in trivial tasks and conversations.
We are also going to feel a wider connection to community and other energies this month.  You may feel like some of your closer emotional attachments are letting go a bit.  It's best to see what this is for the release of energy and that it may not have anything to do with someone pulling away.  Energy is healthiest when the fear of attachment and abandonment is not leading.  You may find a whole new way, a healthier way, of being in these relationships.
Movement is a theme this month, there is going to be a lot of it.  That is one reason I chose change as the topic of the month.  As you navigate the changes of this month they may actually feel a little easier than normal, especially the first 10 or so days of April.  Like you can suddenly feel a shift and the edge is off.  Enjoy this AND be clear, we are still in retrograde's shadow so contracts, etc. do need attention.  For those doing their taxes, there still may be some software glitches, etc. so be sure to save your work!
There is an interesting transition mid to quarter way through the month between the new and full moons when many of us will be experiencing a new idea for our paths.  This could be a new relationship idea, such as choosing to have children when in the past you chose not to, or a new business or health idea.  You may find this energy growing in unusual ways such as seeing messages around you.  Enjoy it.  This is your heart's process reconnecting with your truth.
New moon is on April 10th, Full on April 25th.  There is also a partial eclipse (not visible in the US) the 25th.  The new moon this month is bringing that new energy, if you wish to use the moon energy, I'd advise focusing instead of only on creating something new, also on creating a positive change in your life.  This will be enhanced by the rest of the energies this month.  The full moon at the lunar eclipse will have some interesting energy of ending and moving forward. 


I'll be expanding on the lunar eclipse on the 25th that day on Facebook (see my facebook page that day for an update on this energy as I'm still sitting with it.)





***Please note, I've placed the moon cycles up for 2013 including all information regarding solstices and equinoxes.  See this information here.


***I've also updated the mercury retrograde information with shadow periods for 2013 here.





an empowered vision / story for the new year


This is going to be a powerful year.


The past several years have been very difficult for many.  As human beings and spiritual beings we have at times been tested in challenging ways.  Some have wondered at times if they would make it at all.  Many of us have lost loved ones.


I believe struggle is sometimes a part of deeper change, and we can learn from it, finding ways to move forward that match our own vision for the world we want to be a part of.


My heart opened just reading the charts for the upcoming year and I was called to offer a different form of information this month in the form of a story, I hope you enjoy it.  For those looking for the January information, please scroll down.


When I read charts, I often get visions that offer a metaphoric representation of what is coming in the time ahead.  This year's vision came to me in such a way that rather than interpret it, I thought it might be fun/ revealing to offer the actual vision as it was rather beautiful.


If there were a metaphoric way to reveal to you a part of what I'm seeing, I'd offer it as follows. 


Please note, as I offer the vision, I'm taking the role of first person to offer a centralized view, not out of ego.


It's as if I lived in a village in a remote place. I was the 'mother' or 'holder' of the village, I never left, I held the space as my children, my friends, my partners, my loved one's went on in the world to build their villages.  


The past ten or so years, I felt and watched people leaving to build their villages and in doing so, for a long time we were disconnected. They were so far away, I couldn't speak with them, I couldn't touch them, I couldn't be with them.  As an intuitive mother, I could however sense them.  I could see them in my visions, and I could often see that they were struggling and feeling alone.  That made it very difficult at times, knowing they were there, feeling their pain and having to let go.


Then in late 2007-8 I started seeing something new in my visions. Many of the children started having their own lineages of children and these children could sense the energy connecting all of us too. These children looked up instead of around them. They could feel the ties to the earth and the moon, the sun and the elements. These children started to come together in light and in love and they revealed energetically a new vision where no one was lost. A vision where we could use webs of light, including those in technology, to reconnect and create circles, circles of strength and circles of joy to be together both in our physical local communities AND back to those who were holding the space. I started to see these children and their light's shining brightly as they both were a part of their villages and a part of mine. They were in fact a part of everything as we all are.  All of our hearts opening in webs of light.


And then these children reminded their parents and their communities of all they saw and all that was, is and will be as we come together in these connected communities.


They brought forth memories that defied calendar years. They helped adults decide to create a new world, and they stayed focused, even those who did not speak a word could empower the vibrations.


And now many of these children are becoming adults and the world is changing and new children already born into the vision are also continuing to ignite it.  At times through words, other times through the energy they bring to the world.  Always reminding us of something deeper that keeps us connected AND powerful at the same time.


As we move to 2013, we will see the roles we play as individuals, parts of our local communities, and a part of the world community.  We will find new self-definitions in ways that are connected, authentic and empowered at the same time.


For many, this year will be the first year we have fully felt alive, human and truly who we are in a long time. Like stepping into yourself for the first time.


May you see all that is within you and surrounding you in the purity of light and compassionate love as we move together in a world where anything is possible.


Astrocurrents for January


A little about this month in particular, this is a month of clearing the cobwebs.


Of letting go of old visions and also of recalling the self you always wanted to be and integrating that self within the new vision you have for your life. Allow yourself to explore becoming something different than you had planned.


Flexibility is key in living an intentional and joyful life. The visions we had for ourselves decades ago may have changed for you. It's time to look back and reclaim any energies you want in your life that you let go of when your life shifted, while at the same time recognizing what is in front of you now may be an even more joyful reality than you ever imagined.


This month is also about renewal in relationships. 


I say renewal as often we think of endings or beginnings of relationships.  Renewal is about seeing things differently.  Not only about rethinking and moving on, it's also about renewing the relationships you want to continue and finding new sparks to ignite your paths together.  This can occur for all sorts of relationships including friendships, family relationships and partnerships. 


We live in a world where people have learned to cut people out of their lives a lot, interestingly this has become somewhat of a popular spiritual topic written about often by new age authors.  We are told that as we grow on our paths, we often need to let people go.


While sometimes it is definitely necessary, so please do honor your truth and safety here, other times we don't truly want/ need a severing, what we need is a shift in the way we hold the relationship.  By shifting the relationship we could also allow for a new, vibrant path.  Many times that means actually stating what we really want from the other clearly and effectively.  Often when we ask for what we want, we actually get it. 


Also, as someone who has seen magic occur in healing relationships, I firmly believe that if both parties are open and wishing to ignite a relationship with new and exciting energy, you can. 


This month is the start of the topic of relationships and community which are themes for the year ahead.  Themes I look forward to exploring with you in the months to come.


Wishing you a lovely new year and for those who enjoy manifesting, please see my upcoming telecourse Empowered Manifesting for 2013!








This month is interesting on many levels, partly, because so many prophesized about 2012 and now we are in the final month where final prophecies were also stated by many astrologers and many Mayan astrologers in particular.


Just to get it out of the way, I donít believe the world will end on 12-21-12. I honestly believe the topic has been twisted into some pretty dark misinterpretations.  It then became a marketing tactic and then quickly became a fear tactic which was in my opinion a most unfortunate choice for those who actually follow true astrology.


Astrology in my opinion should be about empowering people with information, not creating unnecessary fear. Also, there actually is much conflict over the actual dates/times among astrologers making it less valuable to make inconsistent assumptions (to take time to explain all of this Iíd need to write a book on it). Since many have taken the time to explore these topics in detail, Iíll leave it to the experts as the math around it is amazingly complex.


If I were to give my two cents on the topic of the Mayan calendar, I believe that we are and have been moving quickly toward a greater spiritual and communal energetic enlightenment of sorts. We are waking up in different and amazing ways. As we do so, the earth is also moving and waking up (often in ways that cause us major personal transformations) and we are being forced to rethink what it means to be here both as individuals and within society.  


This is a topic that is coming up strong in the charts this month. In fact, when I sit with the chart for this month, it is more about the aftermath of disaster than disaster itself. And I feel we saw the disaster in many frames already in the past couple of years Ė from the tsunami to hurricanes to earthquakes.   Not that this will be stopping necessarily, but I do feel the last two years for many of us woke us up to the fact that we are living in a world of uncertainty externally and it's time to do internal work for ourselves and our communities to change what we see around us.


This month is about reflection (see my free teleclass on renewal this month) and moving forward in new and empowering ways and that is what I feel called to focus on this month after meditating on the charts. In fact, I wonder if the true event this month is more about the fact that we are now thinking differently, our thoughts create the world, so letís think about the revolution of the human spirit and the healing of the earth and watch as we manifest a new world.


This month we have many Ďmini-aspectsí going on and three main movements that are creating several larger themes.


The movements are:


  • The New moon December 13th


  • The Winter Solstice and Ďend of the Mayan calendarí on December 21st


  • The Full moon December 28th


The themes this month are:


Evolution of Personal Identity


The evolution of your new personal identity and the realization that who we are today has changed based on what we have experienced in our lives in the past two years.


(Join me for the free teleclass in December and new Empowered Manifesting class in January to further explore this.)


Evolution and Importance of the Feminine


Increase of the feminine aspect and the balance of relationships through the expression of the feminine. What I mean here is twofold. First, we are seeing a craving for the feminine in relationships and a feeling for many women of a new sort of kundalini moving up from our earth through our chakras into our consciousness.


As the earth is moving so fiercely our bodies are feeling a new awakening and especially for women, we are noticing how this changes our thinking as well as our actions.  Our hormone systems are also feeling the changes, in fact, to show a way this is affecting us, it was amazing to watch how many of my female clients in NY, CT, NJ and PA called me about the shift in their cycles around the hurricane.


To explore this further, Iím reinstating my vortex retreats for women in 2013.


Acceptance that Nurturing is Normal


In this month, especially the 18th/19th to the 29th I also feel an energy of mothering or nurturing that is coming up in a new way on a larger scale.


Itís as if the realization that part of our existence requires a nurturing of one another is finally coming forth in a way that feels less vulnerable and more Ďnormalí. Itís normal to need help sometimes and normal to offer nurturing.


I believe part of what built up to this was the events of this year and last that reminded us that we are interdependent in ways that we never imagined. In the US especially, we are moving from that independent, self-sufficient mode toward an interdependent, group nurturing evolution WITH the realization that within this interdependence, we need to feel the expression of the self can and will occur. The tribal aspects that automatically show themselves when there is the natural expression of interdependence will be pushed by the expression of the self.


I hope you found this month's astrocurrents helpful and look forward to the expanded astrocurrents for January 2013~  Happy Holidays!




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*Note:  Iíve been emailed many times this month asking if I see a connection between what has been occurring in nature and what I see in the charts.  From my perspective, the world is part of the charts.  What we are seeing in nature, especially the unusual patterns of the past two years on the east coast, furthers our self-knowledge and knowing the patterns of astrology that are prevalent in the given month will help us to better pattern our lives and deal with the challenges in our world.  This month is a great example of how we can use our understandings of astrology to become more empowered in our world.


Important events this month:


Mercury Retrograde

Solar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse


Themes this month:



Comfort in Confusion

Rebuilding / Healing

This is going to be a month of some opposing and at times powerful energies.  I hope this month I can give you some information to be more prepared for what you will feel the effects of this month.


Mercury retrograde's shadow period began to show itself the end of October and with the retrograde period beginning officially November 6th and running through much of the month, we are going to be feeling some unusual energy evolving.  Along with this we also have a solar eclipse on November 13th (12th-13th depending on your location) and a lunar eclipse November 28th.  And the houses that are most effected will play out some interesting life details as we clear out and move forward before the new year begins.




This month is going to be a teacher for many of us to learn what it means to feel safe and secure in our world.  The energies of the last few months tested us in many ways and the earth exhibited many energies that challenged our beliefs about security.  As we move through the next few months, we are going to see our beliefs moving from security as an individual to security in community.  We as a society in the US especially have spend many decades focused on individual achievement.  Since 2010, we have seen a strong movement back to community, we are going to feel that even more this holiday season as we gain deeper realizations of our interdependencies and where we fit in the puzzle.


We are also going to see changes in how we look at finances and for many, how you look at investing.  Balancing the now with the future and recognizing what is needed to build a future that is also in balance will become a greater focus for many.  Challenging over-working to reclaim personal connections will pop up as a theme causing many to rethink their positions and their motivations at work.  This retrograde is a great time to explore your own perceptions Ė though please wait for movement on them as this isnít a time to jump ship unless you need to Ė too much going on this month.




Confusion isnít usually thought to be comforting; this month may also challenge this belief for many.   When there are major earth changes that force change in our lives, we get to see a new piece of our mortality.  We remember that life isnít about controlling everything, that sometimes we donít know the right direction and there are times when we donít feel right on the path we are on that opening to Spirit (whatever you believe that to mean for you) and asking for hope and guidance is our best bet.  Then we can feel comforted while we wade through a confusing time, a time when old beliefs arenít working and we are not quite into the new beliefs yet.  The inclination may seem to be to clutch to the side of a lifeboat, yet, what comfort in confusion teaches us is that we can float on the water and allow the currents to take us to the land, sometimes we really donít need to fight so hard to get to a better place for ourselves and our loved oneís.  Sometimes tragedy breeds unexpected miracles better than we ever imagined.




This energy is aligned deeply with the earth this month.  After recent events Ė Hurricane Sandy, the earthquakes, tsunami, tornadoes, floods, and other devastating natural events of the past couple of years Ė we are as a planet in a constant state of rebuilding our lives.  The theme of transformation has been a strong one in media in the past decade.  Rebuilding is different than transformation.  Transforming a life often means to look at where you are currently, choose a new path consciously and create a new, transformed existence.  Rebuilding a life has much less clarity and usually more urgency.  Without clarity on the outcome, rebuilding often begins with taking stock of current situations and healing the wounds that are fresh.  When the healing begins, the rebuilding begins (Iím not saying healing doesnít happen in transformation, it does, yet I believe rebuilding after devastation has a different type of healing.)


This month healing, rebuilding and processing will be at the forefront for many.  Again, beliefs have been challenged, many are in a state of trauma and/ or shock and lives have been changed unwillingly.   I encourage all rebuilding to remember that while nothing makes sense sometimes, there are people here to help you get back to that feeling of home inside.  When your home has been threatened and/or torn apart by devastation, itís normal to feel torn apart inside for a while.  You are human, we all are, take care of yourself and be lenient on yourself.  Healing of this nature can take time.




Creating Outcomes:  Mercury retrograde may feel overwhelming this time around if we look at it simply for what it does that is destructive Ė like make travel plans challenging or communications confusing.  Yet we can use the energy this month as a teacher, and learn from it.  As this is going to be a confusion time for some, I encourage you to try the following:  When something happens that is frustrating or confusion, take a step back and ask, what does this new event or option show me that I didnít learn before?  For example, if I am traveling to Canada and my plane is rerouted to Syracuse, I might be upset.  Yet I also might meet an amazing person in the airport who tells me a story I can relate to that heals something within me.  Or I might miss a meeting I really didnít want to go to.  Etc.  In my experience, confusion retrogrades (that is what Iíd term this one) often have positive outcomes when we realize it.  They just may not be the outcome we planned on.


Relationship Opportunities:  This retrograde will offer some new experiences with our partners of seeing them in a deeper way.  We may find new aspects of ourselves as well as those around us.  A co-worker may surprise us with a hidden kindness.  A sibling may bring up an old reality and shift it in a healthy way quickly for both of you unexpectedly.  The old wounds are healing now, itís time to move forward and you may feel them evaporate in odd and mysterious and lovely ways.


Using Retrograde with Work:  I donít feel this is a time to change your path this month.  It could be a good time to clarify it though, and get your plan in order and then unleash it either December or January/February.  Also, as retrograde can confuse communications, gossip and the such can get out of hand.  Itís best to practice silence at work right now as this could be a period where one thing said can turn into quite a difficult outcome.


I hope you found this month useful and wish you a lovely November.



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Do you ever find that sometimes you are most productive when you don't think so much?  That sometimes it's best to jump in and get something completed without trying to be perfect.


This is a great month to gear up that energy and use it.   Complete projects you have been holding off and realize that perfectionism is not useful when it keeps us stuck.  Mercury retrogrades come in many ways and this one is partly, as I've said before, about completion. 


Now there are some days to watch this month.  Every retrograde comes out slowly and as we saw, the time period coming into this retrograde was pretty confusing and going out will have some of that as well.


Along with completion, we are going to feel a 'truth' energy coming up for us in August.  What is our truth, how are we offering our truths and are others being truthful or is there a mask?  We are going to feel the 'untruth's' more and we may even see some untruths coming forth in the news - along with completions.


One further thing to notice is that people's intuitive energies are starting to come forth at exhausting rates.  What I mean is, during all of this turmoil energy with retrograde (not bad energy, just moving a lot and a bit challenging to get a hold of) opening intuitively can feel overwhelming.  Dreams, energies and emotions can feel intensified and for many people new to the path (and seasoned) it may be a good time to start paying attention to what is going on and working with it.  Take a class, work with a seasoned intuitive and learn to balance, strengthen and learn how to safely create healthy boundaries. We live in an amazing time with a lot of information offered in this area.  Discernment is key here and also noticing how our bodies give us messages that our minds sometimes have a hard time understanding.  Feeling something is off is a message, sometimes the meaning comes later.


Lastly, we are going to see an interesting energy start to emerge mid-month with regards to relationships.  We are going to feel like something just opens and breaks free and we may find old struggles are no longer triggering us and we are looking at things differently.  This may be momentary and/or feel like a permanent shift.  Take some time to notice what occurs and what it means for you. 


And don't forget, the two full moons this month.  The first being August 2nd and second being the 31st (and a 'blue moon').  I expect to hear some serious full moon howling ;-) Ok, maybe that's just me!


Wishing you a lovely month of intuition, completion, inner truths and expansive relationships:)


Much love,






In order to understand July, we need to look at the last two weeks of June.   The challenges brought forth then will be easing up and changing as we move through July.


June brought forth some difficulties in decision-making for some of us. We may have felt walls were up that caused us to stop and find unusual ways to complete tasks.


July is going to have less of this conflict and more of a focus on movement.  At the same time, we will see some of the difficulties in June just falling away, as if they never existed.


July is going to be a lighter month than June in many respects and at the same time, I see similarities  in that July is going to be a continuation of many of the energies begun in June and so is August. It's really 3 months of energies coming in different ways to similar echoes.


July is an evolution month, evolving our inner desires, ideas and feelings to a higher good.


For example, in the relationship realm there was an interesting transit of Venus with the Sun in June that shifted for many of us the focus in relationships from what satisfies the lower chakras to what satisfies the higher levels of what Venus has to offer. The beauty of the higher levels of Venus will be more evident as we move forward and we may sense our inner desires are evolving to a healthier level where we can see what is good for us and naturally let go of what isn't.


I'm seeing four main energies dominant in July.


1 Taking Action


July 3rd has a powerful full moon in Capricorn (this means movement is in the charts as this energy will want to get things done) as it opens the Uranus-Pluto square while it ends a transit with Mars moving into Libra. This combination is going to help us to move changes forward much faster than usual. Use this energy as it's a good time to open our worlds to new options.


Now starting off this way, July is going to be a powerful month AND it may be challenging because it's going to feel at times like we are getting pushed to take action in some realms where we like or tend to procrastinate and that isn't always comfortable for some of us.


2 Direction Communications Required


Be flexible with communications, meaning, know that you may have to state and restate yourself in order to be heard properly this month.  Due to having Mars in Libra, Jupiter in Gemini and Venus and Saturn in air signs we have a lot of energy around communication and along with this Mercury turns retrograde in Leo mid-month.  All this air in the chart means that communications will be confusing at times.


It's going to be best to be direct when communicating (of course direct with kindness - not trying to start an argument:).  Indirectness may lead to unusual miscommunications here - like being nice in trying to get your assistant to do something could lead to a sexual harassment suit - so please, keep your actions clear and business-focused.


3 Soul Consciousness in the Driver's Seat


Our deeper layer of consciousness is evolving and causing us to act in ways that are our souls truth and we just might surprise ourselves.  This is another continuation from June's energies.


For example, you may find yourself eating something healthy you don't usually choose and looking down and thinking, 'mmm, I don't know why I chose this', or making a turn on a street you don't usually go down without thinking that ends up being a better option for getting to work on time.


We are going to find that these are going to naturally occur and probably started occurring in mid to late June for many of us.


4 Need for Clear Boundaries


We are going to feel a stronger instinct toward self-preservation than normal this month.  This isn't about fear of being hurt, it's about how we hold our boundaries with those we choose to and choose not to communicate.  We may feel boundaries pushed and for some with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms, we may need to be a bit more reclusive to hold our boundaries.


This month has a lot of energy supporting taking care of yourself first, this is a big reason I chose to do the Empowered Self class this month.


Now if we take a positive, empowering turn on this, it could be a month to learn some new adaptive strategies such as how to hold a better boundary with someone who pushes you.


The mercury retrograde energy has a lot of completion energy this month, instead of focusing on the challenges in communications, look to complete some difficult conversations, complete projects you have been putting off focus on and choose new behaviors that support who you want to become.


That's it for this month's recap - I hope you found it useful and enjoyable.


Wishing you a lovely July 2012!









For the last few months, we have been in the energies begun mostly at the vernal equinox (March 19th/20th (depending on where you live, 2012).  This energy was affected further by various transits and in May we began to feel subtle and powerful shifts as the energies of the Venus retrograde combined with the eclipse.


There are so many energies going on right now, it took me some time to figure out how to express what I'm seeing, I hope you find this useful and clear.


During the venus retrograde (5/16th or 17th -6/27th or 28thdepending on where you live) we tend to naturally focus on the renewal and reassessment of relationships.  Note, this is very different from the mercury retrogrades (retrograde in each planet holds a unique energy).


We also tend to review how we are choosing to BE with others.  For example, you may look at your role within your family and realize just how different it is from who you truly are.  While at another time of year this realization may feel disarming, it may seem natural now to just change and stop being the imposter. 


Through this energy we get to reclaim ourselves and realize that we are ready to be authentic and rewrite our roles with others and this isn't limited to family, you may find yourself rewriting your role at work as well or in your friendships.


What comes to us during this period is a deeper knowing of who we have become and a letting go of who we were before we knew ourselves.


This shifting is part of the reason I chose to teach The Empowered Self this year.


Now for the eclipse, or what many call Gemini's Ring of Fire (the solar eclipse that occurred last week).  This eclipse started an undercurrent that I'm very excited about as it opened our unconscious involvement in creating a new world.  Many of you have felt it already, like you are naturally releasing outdated ideas and seeing things differently without struggle. 


We are such overthinkers as a society, this shift will help us change at a deeper level without the need to think so much about it (not that that is really needed on a spiritual level but we do as a species seem to want to push for understanding of things that weren't meant to make sense).


Part of what is occurring in the past few weeks (and is continuing this month) is an energy that is clearing the unconscious  and making the flow of ideas more open and at the same time making us more receptive to hearing our heart's knowing.  For example, those of us that tend to over think may find past constructs falling away and feel it natural to simply allow ourselves to think differently.


Another way we will experience this is that more clarity on our path will come through on a global scale and we may feel some political changes occurring that shift value systems.  We may also hear differently what has always been said.


June is certainly a month to illuminate the spiritual directive of a time of change and now more than ever I see the mantra "we must first be the change we wish to find" coming to light.  When we ARE what we SEEK we remember our power.


May you feel the blessings of your path igniting.


Om Shanti,






Mercury retrograde is moving out now (we are in shadow until around the 12th), and spring is moving in! So why do things feel they are going a bit more slowly than usual?  This month is one of interesting conundrums, and some fun energy spirals we should all take advantage of.


Technicalities...We are in the energy of a Aries-Libra full moon on April 6th.  To understand the unique energy of this full moon we need to look at how Libra energy is responding to the Aries energy.  It may feel like the decisions we make in Aries fire are being reconsidered in the energy of Libra and we may feel a tension release as we make some decisions that can benefit us. 


Aries has a lot of fire to it, libra is more cautious and considerate.  The culmination of these energies in a full moon is unsettling for many who like to move forward quickly and clearly.


A few signs can feel the libra energy to be holding back natural passions, like they are waiting for something that isn't happening - these are often Scorpio, Virgo and Aries, as they don't like waiting when they have put hard work into something.


Yet it's not that things aren't moving forward this month, it's that we are re-examining decisions that may or may not be working for us now.  This is I believe a completion of some of the energy from 2011 that was illuminating but not moving anywhere.  We are in a phase now of completing things we started, and in that completion for many of us, releasing old dreams for new ones and/or realizing some of the things we started in 2011 no longer have meaning for us - this includes relationships.


***Important:  This type of energy for some can bring about some major conflict resolution situations.  I encourage you to realize, while uncomfortable, the main problem may be that the two parties have both different outlooks and different goals.  In this energy, some people get stuck and are fueled by the greed/anger of a situation more than an outcome.  Don't allow yourself to either be this or be triggered by an individual more interested in fighting than resolving.  This can be draining.  As spiritual people we tend to see the 'good' in people and believe everyone is working toward the same goals of peaceful resolution.  I encourage you to realize it isn't about good or bad, it is that some people feed on fear, and others on love.  If someone is feeding on fear, you need to see the situation for what it is and not try to make them see love if they don't choose to.  We can spend a lifetime trying to change someone's ideas, or a lifetime living without our own skin, being who we choose to be, and allowing others to choose their own path.  It's not easy to deal with people who choose fear sometimes, and, that is a part of the world right now and I encourage you to continue to 'be the change' rather than live in the drama.


A bit on the Mayan predictions.  I've had some emails about this month as some mayan astrologers have stated this is a turning point month and not in a good way.  I am seeing some energy of turmoil clearing through and releasing mid-month, the interesting thing is that for most of us, the turmoil will not be IN our 'worlds', rather, it will feel like (and may even be) we are watching it on a screen so we don't feel connected to it.  This is a critical aspect of spiritual growth, as we all have heard the phrase to be of the world but not in it.  Many of us are going to have astonishing experiences of what that means this month and through the next 3-4 months depending on your sign. 


For so much of history we have wanted to feel connected to our world, this may be unsettling for some however it will also be empowering.  We are realizing as a species that this world is a dream and through the disconnecting, we are gaining choices in how we wish to be and feel connected to our world and one another.


Many you feel the blessings of the full moon and the energy of transformation.


Hugs and love,






I'm going to do this month more as a stream of consciousness than usual as that is what is coming through for me.  Hope you enjoy it, and I believe your unconscious mind will too ;-)  Hugs!


Ok, this month started off a bit rocky for some with the coming retrograde (officially started the 12th but we felt it even the end of February in the shadow period (for more on this please read below), and it's starting to shift a bit, even in the retrograde period.


We are going to feel a calm focus to the month pop up this Tuesday and again next week.  It's funny, but the mix of energies, this month may feel more like Valentines ;-) There is love (more universal and cozy than sexual for most) in the air the rest of the month.


Some of you may have also heard of the event on March 14th with the Planetary Trine.  This energy will actually start on March 12th (which is why I emailed my newsletter today instead of on the 15th) and it will be a powerful flowing energy. 


I feel this energy is being misrepresented as bad by many astrologers and so I'm declaring this a love trine period as I feel the energy and the behaviors we will see with it are around heart opening and compassion.  I also see much wisdom coming through, especially for the more 'thinking' signs like taurus, virgo and scorpio who may come through with some gentler perspectives on things than usual.


This theme, thinking gentler, is in process right now and may be one that surprises some who in the past have not been the most compassionate.  It may actually feel a little scary as some this month may be looking at what it means to be human differently which can also challenge personal identity, I believe, usually in a very good way.  Remember, we can be gentle AND effective, gentle AND powerful, gentle AND protected all at the same time.  Gentle is not weakness, it's the release of a need for force.


I also can see a few areas where conflicts may arise, and that is partly due to a retrograde ensuing at the same time.  This may cause some to feel fatigued almost like they can't quite clear their heads until the retrograde clears next month.  Yet it won't feel too harsh or limiting, more like a fog that we somehow know will raise in it's own time and we can rest in the interim.


Rest is a good word for this month as well, as there is a resetting happening for many signs (you will know what I mean when you feel it) and during this, it may feel like you need more sleep for your unconscious to process what is occurring.  Trust me, come mid-April, things will start flying again, let yourself take that well-deserved nap and refresh.  For some for whom the nap isn't enough, I'd urge you to consider working with someone on energy, you may be getting a message.


And that is the next powerful trait of this month, health messages and push to listen to ones health and move forward.  If there is something about your physical health that you have known you need help with and the person to help you just hasn't come through yet, they just might this month so listen to your gut.  As someone who works with individuals every day I know how powerful these periods of time can be and you are going to need your energy to be up in the next few months to take advantage of all that is coming through.


Enjoy, Much love!  Jenifer




For February


There are so many things going on for different signs this month, communications can seem sporadic and disconnected.  Can almost seem like a retrograde before the retrograde so please ensure your communications are clear.  This would be a good month to speak on the phone versus trying to send an email that could be misconstrued.


There is also an interesting rebound energy this month.  Let me explain as it is a bit odd and can be very useful.


This is a month where one can say no and then be offered the opportunity to rethink their viewpoint, especially mid-month.  For example, let's say your boss fires you in early February.  If you still want the job, take a few days to find a way to impress your boss that you can learn from your mistakes (only if you mean it of course, this isn't about coercion) and around the 13th-16th go back and talk to your boss in earnest.  You may find people rethinking things in many respects.


Now this can be good an not so good as if you break up with your lover this month, you may find they are reluctant to leave and you may need to get firm if they do (of course, never put yourself at risk.  If your ex doesn't want to be an ex, make sure to put safety first!).


Toward the end of February we are going to be feeling the shadow of Mercury retrograde so I'd keep large electronic purchases to before Feb 19th and after April 16th.  (Mercury retrograde 2012 dates below in the Astrocurrents for 2012.)


For more on Mercury Retrograde, click here.


Check back next newsletter for more information.  Hope that helps!








Astrocurrents for 2012


Well, it's 2012 and this is a year for history, that is certain. 


So many predictions have been offered for what is occurring right now.  I've created my own take on things as I'm not a fear believer, I believe we take information in and decide how we choose to interpret it and this interpretation helps to create our world around us.


Some astrologers and psychics are putting out there the world is coming to and end.  What I see are opportunities for a new beginning.  And isn't that how life works, through beginnings and endings, living and dying, and through it all, finding your own path within the beautiful chaos of life.


Before I go further, let's offer the Mercury Retrograde dates for 2012:


2012 Mercury Retrograde Dates:


March 12 Ė April 4
July 14 Ė August 7/8(depending on your location)
November 6 Ė November 26

For more on Mercury Retrograde, click here.

Trends for this year


I see a few clear patterns which are true to popup for many of us this year:


1) A new feeling of what it means to be grounded and connected to our lives and each other, we will feel this strongly in summertime.


2) Questioning on our physical space - this could be our home, our land, or even how we feel physically in the world (ie. a look at how we move and live inside our bodies).  Note, for those who have already passed through this transit and moved in the past two years, you will be feeling this more so in the body and finding yourself settling into a space with more clarity by the end of 2012/ beginning of 2013 and then again end of 2013/beginning of 2014.


3) A feeling of personally becoming someone new.  This can be unsettling for some who have clung to a misrepresentation of themselves based on old belief systems that no longer work for us.  When we have built our life based on core beliefs from childhood, at some point, we need to revisit them and see if they still fit.  If they don't, this year and next year are great times to renew the self and create a healthy self-concept based on what you have learned and choose to believe now.


4) Inspiration abounds.  This is a great time to let that inspiration run through and run wild!  Create something you never dreamed of and dream big!


5) FOR THOSE WHO ARE CHOOSING TO BE ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH:  A feeling of disconnection at times that goes to the core of who we are.  There will be times we will feel scattered, dramatically disconnected and like the world is so far behind with it's levels of anger/greed/war and pain.  Yet these times, when taken as an observer, can also show you that you can live IN the world and not be OF the world.  I encourage you to sit with your form of spiritual energy during these times and see how far you have come that you have the ability to recognize the disconnects so clearly now.  This clarity is part of the spiritual path and part of the dramatic shifts that we are living in.

This summer will have some interesting fire coming up and February has it's own bursts of energy.






I'm leaving previous up to one year up for those who want to look at patterns as looking at past currents can assist us in understanding the current month and future months.


Astrocurrents December 2010

***This one is going to be short as Iím working on a detailed on for the new year!

BREATHE, thatís pretty much the mantra for this month. Itís going to be a slow month for many and for some that will not feel very holiday-like. People are going to be moving slower so learning patience and kindness Ė even when you feel like reacting Ė will offer a much easier time for you.

We have a mercury retrograde nearly all month AND the new moon isnít bringing quite enough energy to shift this month so while January will bring in new opportunities, this is a good month to stay put and take some chill time with friends and family. Trying to do too much this month is going to feel like more of a strain than usually Ė especially if the too much is work related.

As this IS the holidays, when people buy a lot Iím going to offer a little side note Ė this is not the time to buy NEW high ticket items. If you need to buy a car buy it used or wait until January to buy a new one. 

Also, try not to focus on getting a clear diagnosis for any medical conditions during this time. There are a lot of things going on in communication and these sorts of decisions should be held off for if possible or you may just want to ensure you get second and third opinions. While this is somewhat true of any mercury retrograde as communications can be off, itís especially true for this one.
Mercury transition dates
Mercury technically turned retrograde the 11th but we were feeling it the 1st and especially the 6th when a lot of people actually felt the physical aspects by getting headaches.
Mercury technically turns direct the 30th but we are going to be feeling it going direct closer to the 6th of January as remember that retrogrades have a clearing period so be conscious and careful driving on new years eve this year as we are coming out of a retrograde and it may be challenging with people not thinking clearly on top of the amount of alcohol consumed.  This is a good new years to spend at home with loved ones snuggling by a fire:)
Elements for December
One additional topic I'd like to address is the elemental aspect to be aware of this month.  When I meditate on it, all I see is water.  This month is a lesson in flow and part of what we need to practice is our intake of water.  Often around this time of year, people forget that we need to actually take in more water during winter months due to the dehydrating effects of indoor heating and the fatigue we often feel with less sun.  Humidifiers are helpful as well - just make sure they are very clean (I like evaporative ones) - no mold - and change the filter or you will be setting yourself up to get sick.
SO have a great holiday season, stay close to home if possible, drink water, BREATHE and have a safe new year's eve!
Coming next month, a look at the year ahead and the dominant energies we are transitioning toward.  It's going to be an amazing year of transformation and community!
Much love and light,
Astrocurrents November

This is going to be a seriously fun month.  Especially the second half when the shifts will make for an easy Thanksgiving travel season for many AND it will be a great time to complete holiday shopping.  Again, like I said last month, December is not going to be a great time to shop Ė especially for electronics with mercury retrograde and some shifts making things a bit unstable so please at least shop for the expensive, breakable gifts in the last 2 weeks of November (though not earlier as the first two weeks of November have a bit of magic to them and you may find when you get to monthís end that you purchased something outside of your price-range.)
Ok, back to the period we are in for November.
First, Iíve been getting emails asking about the planet retrogrades this year so Iím going highlight two of them now.
The retrograde of Venus was part of why the relationships aspect has been up for the past month.  Venus retrograded October 8th and will remain there until November 18th (though it will linger until about the 22nd).  This is a time when reassessing relationships is a great thing as your inner wisdom to see the truth and feel it will be much clearer.  It isnít a time to react though, it is a time to evaluate and get to the truth within yourself. 
If you want to release someone from your life, this is the time to decide but in order to not create too big of a friction, Iíd advise waiting until after the 22nd to initiate any conversations per the release.
For example, if I have a friend that I realize needs to be released as the relationship has run itís course, I may take this time to clarify that for myself and then toward the end of November have a kind discussion with the individual offering that itís time to move on.
Now another aspect of Venus retrograde is that people from your past may start popping up.  I had this experience in the last few weeks when out of the blue 4 people from childhood contacted me Ė all good experiences Ė just to say hello.  This will continue and will make for an even better Thanksgiving Ė so much to be grateful for.
We need to remember too that we have another planet in retrograde and releasing from retrograde at the same time around the 18th.  This is Jupiter and when a planet like Jupiter is coming out of retrograde it can signal a time to get out more as Jupiter in retrograde caused the energy of going inward for many of us and now, especially with the Venus energy, we will be starting to release the cocoon and looking to reconnect.  Again, great connection energy for Thanksgiving.
Only two little things to be aware of to make things easier for you. 
1)      Listen to your intuition when you are interacting with others.  If you are thinking of getting together with someone and start feeling sick, listen and if you arenít getting an answer, you may consider the message and cancel.  At the same time, if someone suddenly pops into your head and you get a warm glow in your heart at the same time, consider contacting them.   They might just be thinking of you too! 
2)      Some people are opening their awareness right now Ė either intentionally or unintentionally - and the shifts going on the next few months may cause some psychic openings that are scary or shaky.  As someone who works in the field, Iíd advise that you not push to see things without a teacher right now.  Iím not saying you need to go find a teacher unless you feel called too, I AM saying that you should let things come natural right now rather than taking, say, a psychic course.   The only difference is if you are working with a skilled teacher right now, it could actually be a good time to open further to your gifts.  If you do push yourself too far and find yourself too open, take some time off and seek help either in your guides and/or with a teacher that you trust.
Please note that this month's new moon November 6th is a very good time to select a new project to begin - especially one you have never thought of before.  A lot of good movement on that can occur during the month!  Sexual tensions may also be a little high with this one so if you have a partner and feel anger coming up a bit stronger than usual, blame it on the moon, take a deep breath, and turn that energy into something sweet and productive:)
Hope that you enjoy this month's astrocurrents and have a lovely thanksgiving!
Much Love!
Astrocurrents October and Fall Lookout


I know many of you were looking for some assistance with the rather unyielding energy this summer.  Iím sorry I couldnít offer that for you at the time but to make up for itJ Iím going to go into some of the upcoming things to look for the remainder of this year, not just this month, in this issue of astrocurrents.
October Overview
October is going to be an interesting time. October 1st and 2nd have some chaotic energy for many signs - including mine:)  There is an interesting blend of trying to do things and mixups in general - kind of like a mini-retrograde - especially with communications (for example my voicemail just stopped working this morning and then began working again this afternoon).  So it might be a good idea to not invest too much time in fixing what isn't working today and tomorrow as by Sunday, all should be clear again.
The third of October is what I'm going to call happy and breezy day, especially for sun and earth signs.  One way to use this shift from the 1st to the 3rd is whatever irritations come up the 1st or second, let them be and watch them rebound themselves by Sunday.  It's kind of fun to watch astrology at work and this will be an interesting one for many to watch.
ENJOY this day as we will have some irritations coming after the 7th or 8th and until mid-november may see some things taking more effort than seems necessary.  Not that things will be particularly difficult, just maybe a bit more time consuming and resource consuming than need be, especially the last two weeks of October.  It's one reason why I decided not to move into new office space until November.
Now, all that said, there will be a solid energy of getting things done in October as this month's new moon October 7th is a strategy and project oriented one for completing things.  It's also a good time to put into gear any self-improvement projects such as a weight loss or personal environment project.  You will have some extra energy for being successful with whatever you put into play at this time.
The weekend of the 23rd into the last week of the month has some solid interaction energy so going out with new friends and being social will have some clear upsides AND you may be feeling a little dragged down so make sure not to overbook yourself.  One party that you really enjoy may be more fruitful than three parties and then having to sleep it off for a few days.  Up to you, just a heads up:)
Upcoming Events
The last two weeks of this month into the first two of November may feel a little ho-hum for some and heavy for others.  This isnít a time to make a lot of heartfelt decisions as you may feel different than normal and not know why.  The second half of November will feel A LOT better and be a great time for last minute shopping before mercury retrograde in December. 
December has a lot going on, one of the reasons I chose January to go out to CA is that December may be a bit challenging for some travel-wise.  Thanksgiving is going to be a much easier airport time than Christmas Ė especially on the coasts.
The next two months will have some interesting energies to work with and I will explain them more in the next newsletters.  For now, one thing I'd say is purchase your holiday gifts as early as possible as the mercury retrograde in December could make gift buying a bit challenging for some - ie. gifts out of stock, technology gone awry, etc.
Well, hope that helps and enjoy!

Some 2010 ĎPredicttionsí
I am honestly not a big fan of predictions as at times they limit our awareness of what is around us and therefore we miss moments by looking for something in particular.  Truth is we often do that anyway so Iím guessing my offering a few thoughts here wonít hurt too much ;).  (One of my guides is giving me a look, thinking maybe that wasnít too funny so Iíll be extra conscious and check in on what I say here.)
First, I must offer that if you didnít realize it, we are in the midst of some amazing moon-driven energies right now.  Did anyone feel that brief lunar eclipse on new years eve?  What a blissful little blip of energy Ė I was meditating and felt this rush that made me feel like mush for a minute. 
This lunar eclipse is the first of several that will occur this year and has an energy of closure to it.  For many, including myself, there have been some frustrating completions coming up Ė causing us to either redu, rethink or re-strategize situations started earlier in this or previous years.  Due to the way this lunar eclipse hit the energy of mercury and mars, we will be having a bit of chaotic energy with these changes.  Sometimes things are just not going to make sense.  For example, two authorities may give you completely conflicting information both thinking they are right.  Confusion at itís best and worst at times so now is a time to breath, step back, choose your focus and what you wish to move forward with (and if you have no clarity Ė wait it out), and move.  With mercury going direct mid-month, you might want to wait until February after mercury has completed itís turn.  That said, with the type of energy coming up, you may not have a choice but to move forward, just know that you are not alone and be ready to have to change a few times to get things right.
A very positive energy is the way this lunar pattern is affecting Capricorn and Cancer.  Two energies of caring and friendship and heart will be available to us as we move through a difficult year bringing forth an energy of community and new and old connections.
One thing, with the chaos as well, you may find connections coming through the oddest of avenues.  Keep your eyes, hearts and awareness open as itís our connections that help us grow and there is going to be A LOT of GROWTH this year ;)
Now for January 2010

Well, weíve got Mercury Retrograde moving through so we may have a bit of a rocky couple of weeks from a communication and technology perspective.  Also, donít forget that this energy can also focus on heating systems so make sure you get things checked out early!
3 Key Flows This Month
1)      Autonomy for the first 2 weeks Ė Many are going to be feeling an energy of nose to the grindstone the first two weeks.  Getting things done and getting focused will be the priority and this can have some challenges in relationship fronts.  Best to let your loved oneís know itís only temporary and schedule connection time to keep balanced.  Itís easy to get disconnected with this sort of focused energy so you may need to make a greater effort than usual and perhaps do some planning with your loved oneís to make sure you schedule the time.
2)      Chaos the first two weeks Ė Those with more water and air in their charts may not be able to ground the energy that is moving and may feel a bit like they canít calm down the first two weeks.  Breathing deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth, listening to calming music, getting enough sleep, drinking water and taking time to clear your heat will be necessary.
3)      Changing the Social Structure Ė We are in a transition as a universal energy.  We are moving away from rigid social structures and finding new ways, new patterns of being.  We are going to see some unusual ideas popping up around us AND within us this month.  Keep your eyes open, itís going to be a wild ride ;)
Now along with mercury retrograde, we have another eclipse Ė a full solar annular eclipse Ė January 15th.  This eclipse, much stronger energetically than the lunar eclipse on new years, will have an even more clear effect of completing aspects of our lives.  Some will find the confusion brought up at the lunar eclipse actually become cleared up then though we need to see the mercury retrograde is still there and turning direct then as well and we know that the time of turning is a time to let pass if possible before signing documents or purchasing technology or large ticket items.
Ok, so more warnings than normal but with the chaos, even when things happen, sometimes itís nice to know itís transitory.
Much Love!
Astrocurrents December 2009

Ok, A lot going on this month so you may wish to read this twice :)
Let's discuss Retrograde and the moons first
1) Mercury Retrograde (in Capricorn)- Begins December 26th, Ends January 15th:  Shadow of retrograde begins December 9th and exits February 4th, 2010.  Remember, the shadow dates show high movement as well so steer clear of signing agreements and/or making technology/high finance decisions until after the 4th of Feb if possible.  It's also a good idea to buy your gifts early this year!  Save yourself a headache. (Click Here for More on Retrogrades)
2) Full Moon - Today was an interesting day showing the strength of the full moon (it's the 1st for those reading this on another day).  This full moon will have a lot of physical elements too it.  You may feel the effects with a strong headache, old muscle aches returning, weird head symptoms (this full moon will be aggravating the first and sixth chakras), problems concentrating and then poof, you start feeling better.  Weird yes, but aren't you glad to know you aren't alone?
This full moon will also bring up things to close on. For some signs this will be a completion of financial decisions, for some relationship, for others property.  Whichever, this is a powerful completion moon and you will use it whether you mean to or not.
3) New Moon - This new moon is a perfect energy for transitioning to the new year.  We couldn't have a stronger new moon for transitions - though, while powerful, it may also be a bit sticky for some who would prefer hibernating.  If you choose to take advantage of this new moon, you will find your life takes flight in some new directions with new people ready to move forward with you.  If you choose not to use the energy, you may find yourself aggravated at this time as the energy of the new moon will be pushing a bit whild you are lying on the couch ;)  No judgment, just the universe saying it wants to play!
Themes This Month
1) Financial and Property Changes - You may find yourself mid-month with several property/home options all of which seem interesting but a little overwhelming at the same time.  Whatever decision you make will complete itself in January and February so be patient and you just might get more than you are looking for.
2) Relationships Flare and Settle - Interesting to have tempered passions but that is this month.  Passionate without the bite.  Interesting scenario but you might feel like your fizzle isn't quite where it is normally and that could actually be a good thing as you might settle in and hibernate a bit getting cozy with those you love.  It also might bring back some people you haven't seen for a while unexpectedly - in a good way. 
3) Need to Take Care of Yourself - This time of year is so fast-paced we forget that technically, it is a time of hibernation for many species.  We need more sleep this time of year and we need to give ourselves permission for a nap when we need it (myself included!).  Take the time to take care of you first, everyone will benefit from it!
I hope you enjoyed this month's forecast!
Happy Holidays and Much Love!
Astrocurrents November 2009

First, we have a pretty strong full moon coming Nov. 2nd and it's a good idea to keep your responses calm around this time.  With the full moon in Taurus and various opposing planets, it's not unlikely emotions will come up around something important to us and it's best not to react (actually, it's usually best not to react - rather to respond after contemplation - so maybe make this more of a practice right now).
Themes this Month
1) Ease of completion the first half of the month.  Now is a time to get the little things done for the holidays.  Mercury is going to go retrograde again so if you are planning to purchase things for people for the holidays, get it done early this year and things will go much smoother for you.  Also, many of you are completing housing related contracts - good job and congratulations!!!  You took the power of October to heart and used it to manifest and now, November will help you complete the tasks you need to.
2) A bit of calm to balance out the last two months.  This means as well that it is time, like the season change, to start calming down and coming to a space of peace.  This also means those of you who like to go full steam might be feeling oddly relaxed all the sudden, like you want to take a nap.  Let yourself, your body needs it right now.
3) Increased flexibility - even with beliefs.  You may see people changing their minds a lot this month.  Almost like their belief systems have become maleable.  Use this in your favor and don't expect people to be who they've been - rather, encourage them to be who they are right now - you will have a lot more fun.  One caveat here - while for some signs, what happens this month will make relationships stronger, for others, flexible thinking can feel confusing and unsettling.  Asking for clarity before you judge will be key here and owning your words - ie. not expecting your longterm partner to just understand for example that suddenly you are choosing to eat meat after 30 years of veganism - without a discussion.
Moons this month
We are back to intensity this full moon so take a deep breath and learn from it instead of reacting to it and you will get much more out of it.  There is such opposition of planets at the full moon that if you let things happen, it's very likely decisions can be made that work for you without much effort on your part whereas if you jump in and judge, it may just dirty up the waters.
Full moon - November 2nd
New moon - November 17th
Much love and light!
Astrocurrents October 2009

Ok, so I wasn't lying when I said September was going to be challenge for many AND a time when your personal beliefs might be tested was I?
This month is going to take on a much different vibe.  It is going to feel more open creatively and less constricted in our relationships.  More like the butterfly coming out to play after a stressful night's sleep.
As we are still working through some mercury retrograde until the second week of the month, it is important to keep conscious of the challenges to communications, technology, etc.  Yet, we have definitely worked through the most challenging aspects of it by Oct. 1st so any glitches shouldn't take too much to work themselves out.
Themes this Month
1) Moving to New Ways of Thinking (this will continue into 2010) - Looking at this time we are in, I keep getting this image of all different types of people coming together and realizing that being human connects us all.  While this month may not epitomize this view, it will have the underpinnings of it's message and you may find people you've always known showing their true hippie side or that someone you always thought of one way has interests you never knew of.  These pleasant surprises and learnings can, if you open yourself to them, show you a new way of thinking of people not as the roles they play, but as the compilation of their own complicated and beautiful self.
2) Redefining What Is Important at Deeper Levels - We all know cognitively that personal relationships are more important in the long run than winning the lottery, but we are moving through a period of really internalizing that awareness at a much deeper level.  If you ask me, loneliness is a deeper illness for most people than any other and through social media and local community efforts, we are finally seeing a turn back to creating community.  I just wish we would speed it up a bit - ok, a little fire in my chart peaking through!
3) A New Look at Beauty - Many of us are looking at things through a new lense.  People that we weren't interested in are suddenly more interesting, the leaves catch our attention, the birds seem somehow more vibrant.  It's as if someone turned up the lense in some areas and it shifted our focus.  Enjoy it, in the upcoming months these seemingly small changes can reap large benefits for you.  You may even want to keep a journal of what you are learning through the process.
Moons this month
One thought on this month's new moon, it may feel less intense for some but don't ignore it.  The new moon is a time of delivery into the aspects of ourselves that we feel intrigued to redefine.  Let yourself use the new moon energy to step into the next level of yourself.  You may find that even though the energy doesn't feel so intense this month, it's power IS.  Proving once again the amazing dichotomy of power versus force ;)
Full moon - October 4th
New moon - October 18th
Much love and light!
Astrocurrents September 2009

This month has a lot of unusual potentials.  I really encourage each of us to jump in and take advantage of it all.  There are 4 main themes this month so I think offering each individual theme would be a good way to show you how to use the energy that is expanding.
Before we do, note that this is a mercury retrograde month and the energy of the retrograde period is much of what is causing the currents this month.
The 4 Themes:
1) The shadow of Mercury Retrograde: I know Iíve spoken about this before but seriously, this monthís shadow aspect of retrograde has been intense. The shadow of retrograde is the time before the actual period during which the strongest aspects of the retrograde come to light. It began for this retrograde period mid-August and will continue until the actual retrograde begins September 7th. During this shadow time, decisions can be challenging as well as communications. It can feel like there is a barrier that you are trying to breakthrough and you may need to wait it out and/or at times push more than you are used to to make your life Ďworkí.
2) Stepping into power with self-discipline. I recognize that self-discipline is often not the term people enjoy hearing. It may bring up thoughts of being told what to do but as an adult, self-discipline can be our close friend and when it is self-imposed, can grow our power exponentially as it can help us get things done in ways that work for us. This month, you will need self-discipline to complete aspects of your life and your work that you know deep within you need to do to move on. You will find, even with this being retrograde and communications being a little off, the foundational energies of completion and growth are there in big ways and you will have the power if you choose to transform deep emotional and physical aspects of the self and your world. Iím not saying this will be easy, you may feel exhausted by the efforts but the end of the month you will see their benefits.
3) Unanticipated Changes in our viewpoints. We are an interesting species that enjoys continuity and making sense of our world. Sometimes our world doesnít make sense and in this space we are forced to rethink our thoughts and how we have perceived our world. That is a strong theme in this retrograde period and I truly encourage you to use it to your benefit. Look at things that just donít make sense anymore and find new ways to think about things. You may find this changes not youíre your thinking but also your world.
4) Life Revelations. This mercury retrograde is also going to be a clearing and an opening to show us a new level of understanding what is coming for us in the upcoming months. Weíre coming into a time of new understanding and these retrograde periods are offering us new levels of clearing the old and coming into the truth of why we are here. Look for intuition to be high and when that happens, when intuition is high during a time of challenged communications, we need to realize that we might have a plethora of those Ďhitting it on the noseí moments when we might say or receive messages from one another that are a bit strong or biting in nature. This may be challenging, especially for new relationships, so be as gentle as possible this month and take a breath before speaking. Knowing this month may put people in a touchy space can provide you with the power to choose your words carefully for there is no reason to create pain when communicating. Part of our learning is how to communicate clearly without emotional instability.
Now back to the retrograde aspect.  The actual retrograde period will begin Sept 7th and end the 29th however the shadow aspect began mid-August (accounting for much of the communication frustrations I hear many of you dealing with) and the end of the retrograde always has a several day period of adjustment as well so making large purchases - especially for computer type equipment, might have some snags right now.  If you can wait until mid-October, you might have cleaner energy to deal with.
Enjoy your month!
Astrocurrents for August 2009

Per the Eclipses
Many people have been asking about the eclipses.  Yes, we've had a pretty busy month this way in July.  We had the July 7th Full lunar eclipse and the new moon/solar eclipse on July 21st/22nd - did you know that was the longest one to occur in the 21st century?!  These made for some interesting energies last month.
When you hear eclipse of any kind, transformation is being offered as an idea, sometimes strongly, sometimes softly depending on the planets and their relationship to your chart.  Overall, we have the power during this time period to really manifest powerful changes and depending on the planets affected, we also have certain energies more available to us.  I often see people going over and over the past during periods like these.  Old issues running on a treadmill from personal to financial to health to beliefs and ideas.  Think of it this way, during this period these things are coming up to show you what you are creating.  You have choice as a living being to make changes or to just notice them and let them go back into the unconscious to continue to recreate themselves.  I personally believe in using the energies available to you to change these patterns of influence and create something new.
So lets look forward.  This month we also have some eclipse energy moving through.  On the evening of August 5th-6th there is a penumbral lunar eclipse that will go through Aquarius. 
This eclipse will bring with it the potential for quick shifts.  It's not common to have two lunar eclipses like this two months in a row and I'm still feeling the effects of last month and using this eclipse to build on the changes I'm making, and you can too!  This August is a time when minimal effort can create dramatic change.  Instead of pushing, step back and watch yourself and see what you would change if you could (you CAN) and take a step in the right direction.  The universes response may surprise you.
From a sign perspective, Aquarians and Leos will be most affected by the eclipse and those born at the beginning of February may be getting an unusually strong push to change.  Listen to it.
Month Overview
One unusual aspect of this month is around appearances.  It would be a good time to take a look at how you look to those in your world and see if you want to change it.  I'm not talking about your weight, I'm talking about your hairstyle, clothing and the way you make yourself look to your world.  Are you being 'too perfect' and putting others off?  Are you disheveled all the time and making others think you don't take care of yourself?  While I am not a surface person, people do have their internal programming going all day long and if you desire to make changes, start with the self - inner self first, then outer self, then world! 
The other main aspect this month is about alignment.  If your outer world and inner world are not aligned, or if your actions aren't matching your intentions, you are likely to feel it this month.  I'd advise you to start now by taking a look at where your words and thoughts aren't matching your actions and get clear - rather than waiting for the universe to nudge you...;)
Have a great month and enjoy the ride!
Love and light,
Astrocurrents for June/July 2009

Ok, let's breathe because that last half of May, whew!
Now we are getting into some seriously accelerated manifesting times!
With mercury moving forward quickly and some expansive energies, NOW is the time to rock and roll with creating new intentions and manifesting your goals! Let your spirit soar as you manifest what you truly want and let go of any self-criticism that has been holding you back.
Come on now, you deserve to be happy. You owe it to yourself to jump in!
With strong manifesting energy, can come some increased pressure to perform as well. Don't let that push you too far. You know what is right for you and no one else can take that from you. LISTEN to your heart and let it guide you.
On a more global front, we are seeing some interesting energies flying around reminding us of our connection to something greater than we realize. While we all speak of Spirit and Soul, we are beginning to see the greater affects of our actions around the globe and the increase in focus on manifesting a destiny different than the tragic one's that resound is taking hold. We are, if we let ourselves, seeing that we ARE changing things through our combined efforts at creating a greater consciousness. The tides ARE turning now, look around you and let your eyes and heart see what the media refuses to acknowledge. It's ok, they'll come around and if they don't right now, hey, you do have the power to turn off the TV.
We are also going to see a move to the 'tribal' consciousness a bit more this summer. More group events, more conferences, less solidarity. This is good for some who enjoy this, a bit challenging for those who have a hard time breaking out of their shell. That's ok, change is sometimes unsettling AND it's what we need right now. Connections to those who see as we do, that things are happening and positive energies are flowing! Enjoy your new connections and with them, your new opportunities!
This month is not a time to sit in front of the TV or computer, get out there and meet some of the other wonderful people doing wonderful things in this world!
On a financial front, for some signs there will be an unexpected event this month. Don't let it throw you, it will move through quickly and you will always have enough.   YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH!
Be good to yourself and others!
Big hug and enjoy!
Astrocurrents for May 2009

*Note - many of you have asked me about explaining the storm and shadow of a retrograde so I'm offering more information this month.
Ok, so we are in for an interesting ride this month.  A lot of things are going on and you are going to need to BREATHE to take it all in.  By June, many of us will have completed a year's worth of work in the month and will be ready for the best summer in years!
First off, Mercury retrograde.  I'm sure most of us started feeling this technology-wise this week.  Mercury turns retrograde officially May 6th/7th but as we all know, the week or two prior are when much of the challenges occur - and this particular retrograde began it's cycle the 22nd of April (this is often termed the shadow time of the retrograde) so it's been an interesting time for many - myself included!  Lot's of change and learnings going on!
As of yesterday, April 30th, we are going through what is called the storm of the retrograde period when things slow down and get a bit intense before mercury actually retrogrades.  Both the storm and the shadow happen before and after the retrograde period which means this period of retrograde will actually last until June 16th when the shadow period completes. 
We need to first realize that above and beyond the astro-aspects of May and retrograde, we have some powerful world energies going on right now pushing for faster changes and more authenticity in our daily interactions.  Lying and integrity issues that used to work for some, aren't going to be working much longer and people are going to have to start facing their truths - that means the shadows are going to start coming to life and asking us to face them now to move forward in our power.
This retrograde may be a bit different for some as well as it's not as emotional of a retrograde as usual.  This one is more about completing work and personal plans than emotions running wild.  You may feel more introspective than is usual for this time of year, don't fret, use that energy as the summer will light up quickly and June 16th is going to be a stellar day for most.
How to best use this retrograde and May's energies
Gemini and Taurus are both in effect this retrograde as well, working with instabilities and completions.
 - Finish things begun and complete your ideas for what to start next.
-  Work on flushing out plans you've started with others as well.
-  Clean out your mental files to prepare for a summer of new adventures.
-  Finish as much work as possible to give you time off in June when the energy is going to fly!
- Sign contracts unless TRULY necessary as most likely they will need to be reassessed for accuracy and clarity.
- Expect people to understand you.  Take any misunderstandings as feedback, not personal attacks, as there are bound to be many this month and it will make your life a lot easier to simply clarify yourself rather than fighting people's beliefs.
-  E-mail emotional information as it WILL NOT be taken lightly right now.
-  Expect to remember all of your commitments in your head.  There will be some fuzzy thinking this month so WRITE IT DOWN.
-  Mind-read what people want, ASK.  This goes for all the time but especially during this retrograde.
And as always, speak your truth kindly, clearly and with intention.
Enjoy!  Jenifer
Astrocurrents for April 2009

First of all, April will bring with it three main themes:  New and Unexpected Experiences, Release Old Stuff, Return of Old Relationships.
Across the board pretty much everyone will be experiencing something new this month from new job opportunities that one could never have anticipated to suddenly being interested in clothing that would have seemed atrocious before.  These new and unexpected experiences may make you feel a bit off-balance at times, like you don't recognize yourself, that is ok.  Sometimes we need to shake up our world a bit in order to grow and move forward.
This is a final clearing month for the year for many.  YOU NEED TO USE IT.  Clear out those closets, clear out your phone books of people that are no longer connected with you and MOVE ON.  Doing this will be setting the stage for months to come.  GET HELP if you need to here, it's important for you.  Pisces and Sagitarrius will have some extra energy for this this month as well - you guys will be on fire!
Return of old relationships can take place in many forms from a sudden call from a high school friend wanting to touch base to a letter from an old flame apologizing for the way they treated you.  You may also be called to call upon an old friend and reconnect/ heal what happened.  Those who choose this may just find entirely new and exciting relationships unfolding that they could have never anticipated.  Love those kinds of beautiful surprises.
Snapshot:  Honestly, this may be a weird month for some - I say that because the types of new experiences you will be encountering may seem odd yet somehow very attractive.  For example, you might be drawn to horse-back ride when you have never wanted to before.  You may suddenly find yourself drawn to a raw foods lifestyle when you used to be a meat-eater.  Or you may suddenly open your eyes to the fact that your life is really good and it's time to enjoy it.  Whatever comes through, watch it and respond rather than reacting too strongly and you will find what you need to enjoy the ride.
Much love!
PS - next month is an interesting retrograde month - look forward to the next newsletter for details!
Astrocurrents for March 2009

Think Letting Go and Flexibility.
March is all about movement for most signs. 
It's interesting how our weather is mirroring the energy of this moment in time.  From a weather perspective we have seen more 'movement', shifting weather patters, A LOT of wind (uncontrolled energy of movement), and dramatic climate changes happening in short periods of time (morning is 30 degrees and it's 65 by noon).  I feel it's important to notice the flexible, fast and powerful energy of the wind and weather and start owning that in our own life.
Many of us, myself included, are going through some radical changes in their lives.  As a Taurus, I know sometimes I can stick my feet in the earth and not want to move but this time, I know I need to.  It's all good, if we let it happen. 
With the opportunity to move quickly right now, you may find you don't have time to think things through - that's where going with your intuition is going to be key.  When we need to make a split decision, dotting the i's and crossing the t's can't always happen.  STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE - this isn't a time to be perfect, it's a time to LIVE!
Of course, I'm not saying to act unconsciously and be erratic in your moving forward.  Be clear of your own knowing, step forward in strength and know that you are the person in charge of your life.  Yes, making changes can be scary but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make them.  There is a big difference between fear and knowing something isn't right for you.  That is the difference between fear of the unknown and going with your inner knowing.  And if you don't know what you want yet, spend the time getting clear and then, TAKE CONSCIOUS ACTION.  the energy of the moment will assist you in moving forward quickly!
On a different note, for those of you going through a health crisis - this is a time to rethink what you have been doing.  To seek the care you need now and just let go of what isn't working - no matter how much time and money you have invested.  You will heal faster focusing on what you need than being angry or frustrated with people who are not of your consciousness.  Get clear and manifest the right healing team for YOUR NEEDS - regardless of what others think you need.  It's your life, it's your health and it's your decision.  I wish you light and strength - I know what it takes to choose your own path to healing, I've been there myself at times - to be honest, we all have.  We need to own our truth right now and realize that we as individuals are changing the healthcare system by choosing what we need and taking conscious action.  Everyone who says NO to what isn't conscious healing raises the energy for all of us.  We are all warriors of health.
Quick take on this month's energy:  Step out of your comfort zone quickly and directly, make the right decisions for you and let your inner self be your guide.  March might just surprise you!
Much love and light,
Astrocurrents for February 2009

Still in Mercury Retrograde...
While Mercury retrograde technically completes shortly after the 1st, it will still be moving through for the next few weeks so continue to be clear and concise in contracts and discussions.   See below for details.
Think completion - Completion of what you should have completed last year and keep putting off.  GREAT time to complete things for the next two-three weeks AND you might notice that as you jump in and just do it, things change in ways that you never expected.
Think community as well -  We are moving into a time of more small-town feelings in this world focused on expansion.  You may feel a tug between the two this month - between pushing outward and going inward. 
Think Bear Energy - You may even think at times the introspections are depression or sadness when really, they are rest and renewal for what you want and who you want to be in your world.  Take the time to listen to yourself and spend some time alone reflecting and refreshing yourself.
Think Compassion and Being Present - When change occur, other people might be volatile.  That isn't about you, but it can affect you.  Choose to live compassionately, know that if people don't seem like themselves right now, they are probably going through things you aren't aware of.  Continue to be the person you wish to be and when you bring that kind of compassion to others, those times you are stressed and not quite yourself you may just find that compassion coming back to you.
Enjoy and LIVE~
Love, Jenifer
Mercury Retrograde January 2009

Retrograde Dates:  January 11th Mercury Retrogrades in Aquarius - February 1st Mercury goes direct in Capricorn
This is going to be an interesting experience.  First off, January 11th also is in the midst of the full moon in Cancer so let's know that energy and emotions are going to be high.  Also, Aquarius and Cancer are movement signs so things may move a bit out of order to what we are expecting. 
If you can take this retrograde with the idea that it will be an experience and take an observer role instead of trying to control everything, you may actually enjoy it as along with things moving in unusual directions, things will be flowing quickly due to other energies up during this time period and you just might come out of it with a new and exciting take on life.
As all mercury retrogrades allow for deeper introspection to allow us to get clearer on our goals and beliefs, I'm actually excited to have this particular one in January in 2009 as it offers a great way to start the year - shaking it up a bit and offering us new clarity on our deepest desires and true belief systems.  This is also a great time to review and create your personal plans and visions for the year ahead (if you would like to do this in a group setting, see our upcoming Power Planning class January 17th - purposely in this midst of this retrograde to teach you how to use the energy).
For those looking for new jobs, this could be a great time to explore your options as new resources will be flowing through endlessly if you allow for them to.  Take your time to meet new people, expand your network and listen to your intuition as you choose your new path.
For those of you who felt stuck in 2008, this is a great time to complete and release what didn't work last year and move your focus to creating something new.  Make your mantra - 'I CHOOSE TO MOVE FORWARD IN 2009!" and you will find the power of intention propelling you forward.
And don't forget the communications aspects of what Mercury Retrograde energy can create.  See below for details.
Blessings!  Jenifer
Astrology Update - What's happening during the holidays - Part 2 - December

It is amazing to think it's already December.  This year has gone by quickly, energetically as well as physically.
This month is going to a be a wrap up month for many.  Completing projects you have left for the back corner would be a good idea as would taking some time to think about how much you have changed this year.  Whether intentionally or not, there are few people (and doubtfully anyone reading this) that didn't experience profound changes this year - either changes of beliefs, solidification of beliefs or shifts in life patterns.  Now is the time to fully integrate this energy as this 'life jump' energy spiral will be completing as the new year begins.
One thing to look at the next couple of months has more to do with your personal lineage.  I'm seeing energies of connections coming into many charts this month through February.  What this sort of energy expresses is the ability to look at your personal history, and that of your current (and past for some) life's lineage to gain understanding of how one's personal values and beliefs have been created - an how to change them.  This would be a great time to choose your values NOW based on who you are and release the old beliefs that no longer make sense in your world.  For many, this shift will be one more toward spiritual and global consciousness.  For some it will be a shift back toward their hereditary lineage and for all who choose it, this completion phase will allow for a deeper grounding into who you are in this lifetime and bring you closer to understanding your place on this planet today.
The elections this month I believe were a part of this energy - a part of both the change and the shifting of beliefs toward a more global view of what we need as a planet to heal.  Non-judgment, global visioning and personal responsibility are all critical aspects of healing in the world we are creating today and each of us has the power to bring this energy to the world.
I wish you each a powerful, loving and healthy holiday season. 
Many blessings,
Astrology Update - What's happening during the holidays - Part 1 - November

FINALLY, retrograde is over.  This was an intense one for many with intensity in communications being key.  Many of us, me included, had some interesting experiences - often heated ones - with people we didn't know very well.  That type of intensity should be shifted by November 2nd so let's thank the stars - literally - for a more peaceful November.

We are going to be experiencing an interesting November, the energy surrounding this month will be reminding us that the decisions we are making will show not only our beliefs, but also our values.  An interesting time for a political discussion to ensue and a powerful time for us to choose the type of values that are really important to us.
In fact, this election may feel more personal to many people so let's keep a check on our emotions and recognize that we need to honor each individual's personal belief system rather than trying to make them believe ours. 
With this energy surfacing, I feel it's a good time to sit with our own values and ask ourselves what we want to put energy toward in our lives.  Where are we living our values and where are we missing them?  Do we value people, relationships, truth, integrity, honesty, money, power...what is our own inner truth?
This month will also feel more introspective in general for many people.  For some signs this may feel good, as some are naturally more introverted and excel in this energy.  For other signs it may feel a bit inhibiting.  It doesn't need to.  It simply requires a shift in perspective.  If you are feeling like there is nothing to do - try something new this month.  A book club, class, or even sitting in a coffee shop with a good book.  Recognize that this energy is more about learning about what you enjoy - and the simplest things are sometimes the most balancing and enjoyable. 
Baseline is this month could actually be quite transformational and enjoyable when you allow yourself to let yourself live and think out of your box at times.  Remember what it is like to just say 'what do I want to do today' rather than trying to stick rigidly to a plan and you will have a lot more fun.
I encourage you to use this month's energy to choose how you want to be in this world, and make your actions match your values. 
Mercury Retrograde Update for October 2008
About this Mercury Retrograde

Whew, September was quite a ride for a lot of people astrologically speaking.  With various changes going on at the same time, it may have felt like a few months went by.  Now why do we feel the retrograde so far before the 24th when retrograde actually occurs?  Because planets, like people, are not black and white.  They move in a rhythm and that rhythm means there is a retrograde energy that is building before and releasing after a retrograde.  For this one, I felt it starting around the 2nd of Sept and plan to see it release until the end of October.
A few things to notice this month.  First, let's look at this intensity.  The energy many of you will feel during this time is an internal passion as Mercury goes retrograde in Libra.  If you have Libra in your chart in rising or ascendant, you may want to pay special attention to the intensity of the month and the messages it brings, as should Libra's sister signs Cancer, Aries and Capricorn.  For everyone, this is a time for introspection and also, with all of the other shifts going on, you may see emotions getting out of step a bit.  You know, those times when you go back and think, why did I say that? 
Tension between partners and parents/children may be high at times.  Know this is part of what is going on and try to take a deep breath.  During this period, everyone may be feeling more indecisive than usual.  You may find the retrograde shakes up your perceptions and leads you on a knew path quickly.  Listen to your instincts and if they aren't clear, you may choose to wait until they are (most likely after Oct. 15th).  Sometimes silence is the best medicine.
One thing to note this month, whatever you were dealing with the first week of Sept. may return for a rethinking toward the end of this retrograde cycle on the 15th or thereabouts.  This can be a very good things as retrograde shook it up, and can help you clear it out at the end.
Also, the standard retrograde info on technology and communications holds, so keep reading if this topic is new to you! 
Retrograde Calendar is below.

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