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Classical Homeopathy with Jenifer Shapiro


*Please note, this is copywritten material and you are not authorized to copy and past to your website.  In the past, various others have plagiarized my materials as their own.  If you wish to have this material for your clients, simply paste a link to this page.  I appreciate your honesty & respect.  If you have any questions, please contact us.


About Homeopathy with Jenifer


Homeopathy is a gentle, powerful method of healing.  It is not like supplements where you take something regularly to supplement the system.  Homeopathy HEALS the system and imbalances gently and effectively through engaging the individuals vital force and teaching the body to heal itself.  By offering the system a homeopathic remedy that matches the individuals symptomology, the ‘like cures like’ aspect of the homeopathic cures the maladies of the body, mind, emotions and spirit – allowing the individual’s own innate healing ability – termed vital force in homeopathy – to remind the body how to heal itself and come home to balance.


Homeopathy works with the mind, body, emotions and spirit.  When there is an imbalance on any level, the proper homeopathic can aid in moving the individual toward health and vitality.  Some areas where I use homeopathics to heal are:  emotional challenges such as depression, anxiety and mood swings, lyme’s disease, chronic ailments, acute injuries, dental challenges, hormone shifts, headaches and physical ailments which require an individualized approach.


A different approach to healing


In allopathic medicine, you try to defeat the illness by either killing or suppressing it.  Often, the doctor will have you take quite a bit of medicine regularly to do this.  This is why you take 10 days of antibiotics instead of one.  You may feel better in a day but to truly kill/suppress something, you need to push the system.  You end up causing your own vital force to have to heal as well from the effects of the suppression and aggravation.


This is the antithesis of homeopathy.


In homeopathy, we try to give you the minimal amount possible to effect a cure of your symptoms by igniting your inner vital force – the part of your system that heals itself – to kick out the illness.  The combination of the right remedy at the right dose taken the right amount of times does this so it is critical that you not overdose yourself. 


For example, did you know one homeopathic given one time can CURE many ailments?  Or that giving the same remedy at a lighter dose taken once a day for a few days can ignite the vital force in someone with severe allergies to food and drugs and strengthen their system for the future?  This is the power of homeopathy so PLEASE, for your own good, follow the instructions for taking your remedy. 


Form of homeopathics


I tend to do water and/or alcohol based homeopathics that I make up for you from pellets of the homeopathic that I have made at a homeopathic lab.  This liquid remedy I’ve found creates less aggravations and flows through the system easier to effectively cure maladies without further suppressions.


I also use a variety of doses from 1LM to 6C to 200C depending on the needs of the client.  When I offer you a remedy I’ll explain the dose as well as the remedy for you to know what and why you are taking the remedy as well as what to expect.


What I try to do is match the remedy itself – there are over 3000 remedies to chose from – to the symptoms and the dosage level to your vital force and the strength of the malady.  This offers a holistic opportunity to cure instead of a one for all method of suppression.


What to expect


When you take a homeopathic remedy, one of 5 things will occur and it is important to work with me to ensure we follow-up based on your response to the remedy.


1) You are feeling better and better and at the same time the symptoms seem to be clearing themselves.  This is what I expect to occur and what I try for with clients.  We leave this alone and check in for anything else needed at your next session.  According to the laws of homeopathy symptoms usually rectify themselves upon proper treatment in the reverse order of their original onset of appearance.


Acute situations usually take less time to clear than chronic.  Also, as our bodies clear through the layers in treatment, it is common during treatment for earlier suppressed symptoms to reappear briefly as they clear through.  While it may be briefly aggravating to experience, it is a positive showing of the life-force clearing illness and it usually clears quickly depending on the length of time you may have been dealing with the illness.


2) Nothing appears to be happening after several days – You may required a stronger dose or a different remedy.  It also may mean the remedy hasn’t had time to take effect.  Depending on the situation and the selected remedy, it may take from one day up to a couple of weeks for the remedy to truly begin it’s action. 


This is not like allopathic medicine where a medication causes an immediate response and suppressed the symptoms while creating side effects.   Depending on the remedy chosen, I will offer my thoughts on what to anticipate.  Again, acute cases tend to clear more quickly than chronic, longstanding illnesses, which may take more than one remedy over a period of weeks to years to fully clear.  Sometimes I let a remedy work for more than a month before changing to another for the most effective healing.


3) You feel better and then the symptoms appear to start coming back – you may need another dose of the remedy at a higher strength or a secondary remedy may complete the case.  We may need to do a 15 minute phone consultation for me to see what is needed.


4) You feel better of the original symptoms and now old symptoms are coming back that you haven’t seen for years – This is something I often look for as a good sign as it means that the symptoms were at one time suppressed – often from allopathic medicine - are now clearing themselves.  Please record the clearing so that we can discuss what has occurred at your next session.


5) You feel somewhat better but new symptoms you have never seen before seem to be appearing and disappearing – you may need a secondary remedy because the vital force isn’t able to sustain a cure and is creating accessory symptoms to tell us it needs help.  For this one, set up a follow-up call asap so I can help you feel better faster.


Things to stay away from when you are taking a remedy


Homeopathic remedies are energy medicine and certain substances can clear them out.


In general, avoid mind, coffee, camphor, lavender and herbs in general.  This includes these items inhaled and internalized such as in candy, gum, toothpaste or hair products.


Also, keep the homeopathic itself away from strong electric vibrations such as cell phones, computers, etc.  2 feet should be enough.


Allopathic and illegal drugs both can clear a homeopathic so please let me know if you are taking anything so that I can treat appropriately.  That said, homeopathics should not affect the action of drugs or interact with them negatively.


Depending on the remedy given, I might offer additional precautions or none at all so these are general guidelines only.


*Therefore, always tell me what you are taking so that I can check for any potential challenges.  This is your responsibility and I will remind you often but please take it seriously for treatment to be optimal! 


If you will not or cannot avoid these factors, please let me know and I will limit our work together to working with specific homeopathics and potencies that might be more effective. 


When to take the remedy


You will receive individualized instructions as well for your unique remedy.  These are general instructions for everyone unless I say otherwise.


It is best to take a remedy, unless I say otherwise, about 30 minutes before bed.


Take the remedy 30 minutes before or after eating or drinking anything including water.


How to take the remedy


I will give you specific information for how to take the specific remedy based on it’s action, strength and your individual needs.  Please take it as I offer so as to avoid any unnecessary aggravations and ensure a clean clearing of symptoms.


See more on making water remedies here.


Common Client Questions


What do I do if I did coffee or another item that might antidote the remedy?


Let’s wait a few days and see how you feel.  Often the remedy will re-activate itself.  Other times you may need another dose.  You won’t know for 2-3 days and how you feel will show you the most.


What do I do if I overdosed?


If you took a bit more than needed, you may experience an aggravation of symptoms for a day or two while your system rebalances.  If you took more than that, please contact us to schedule a phone consultation.


How many remedies will I need?  Can one be enough?


Maybe it can but usually, it can cure quite a bit and then we may need 1-3 other remedies over the course of time to clear additional layers of activity.  For some complicated cases, it can take years to completely heal.


Do I need to return to you to take additional remedies or can I use another practitioner?


While I’m happy to help, other skilled homeopaths can help you as well.  Just let them know what I gave you and when so that they have a map of your history and don’t unintentionally cause a disruption to your system as not all remedies are useful in certain orders and various remedies can change the efficacy of others.  For example, one remedy can antidote another at times and/ or intensify it’s action and not all homeopaths check for these aspects so you need to make it clear to your new practitioner.


Also, not all homeopaths practice the same way.  We all are trained classically if we went to school for homeopathy, however, there are many 'schools' for homeopathy and you may find non-classically based homeopaths as well.  Classically based homeopaths usually have years of schooling in homeopathy only.  This is different than a naturopath or a homeopath that is trained through a few weekend courses. 


Also, some homeopaths follow newer methods of treatment that I do not prescribe to.  I believe in what I see that works which is classical prescribing, usually one remedy at a time, in a minimal dose.


*This information is for educational use only, seek medical attention when needed.


*Please note, this is copywritten material from a book I've written and you are not authorized to copy and past to your website.  If you wish to have this material for your clients, simply paste a link to this page.  We do have a team that consistently scans the internet so please do ensure to follow our rules here.  It took years to write this properly, I appreciate your honesty & respect.





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