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The following Coaching and Counseling services are offered by Jenifer Shapiro for Individuals.


All sessions are created to serve the unique needs of the individual. 


The core aspects of Jenifer's Mind and Emotional Empowerment Services are:


Empowerment Coaching

Career Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

Life Balance Coaching

Holistic Coaching

Spiritual / Intuitive Counseling


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 Jenifer offers coaching services by phone and in-person.


Empowerment Coaching


Is there something you would like to change or manifest in your life but you’ve been stuck in indecision, procrastination or just plain fear?

Are you ready to work from your inner strength and intuition- a state of true empowerment?


Empowerment coaching is a unique form of coaching with four goals:


  • Discover and Clarify: Uncovering and solidifying your personal vision for what you would like to achieve.


  • Awareness: Understanding who you are and what has held you back.


  • Release: Releasing the limiting beliefs and behaviors that have held you stuck. Release occurs on all levels of the mind-body-soul connection.


  • Conscious Action: Taking action on your goals from a place of empowered strength which turns you from scattered action to conscious action. This is the process of allowing versus pushing which is a focused action that allows you to enjoy the process as well as the achievement.


Empowerment Coaching can be used for life transitions, to increase empowered action in daily living, to increase self-awareness and self-esteem, and to manifest something in particular in your life and work.  Empowerment coaching also incorporates NLP practices for releasing stuck internal states and moving you forward quickly.


Career Coaching


Are you ready to make a change in your career, or find your first career?


Jenifer's extensive career counseling/ human resources experience can help you exceed your own expectations of what is possible!


Jenifer offers:


  • Resume creation and editing.

  • Career development guidance including communications counseling.

  • Career direction counseling.

  • & Interviewing assistance with techniques effective for YOUR goals!


Jenifer's guidance is sought out by:


  • Executives interested in rising the ladder of success

  • Those new to the workforce including graduating students and professionals entering at later stages of life interested in learning valuable tools and avoiding unnecessary obstacles for reaching their goals.

  • Individuals experiencing communication challenges with managers or others at work interested in shifting their experience into one of empowerment.

  • Entrepreneurs leaving corporate interested in developing an effective and lucrative exit strategy.


See how Jenifer can help you!  Contact us for your free consultation.


Entrepreneur Coaching


It takes an entrepreneur to coach and entrepreneur.  The entrepreneurial mind is unique.  Passion, creativity, excitement and overwhelm are all a part of the process.  Learn to effectively execute your personal vision with a coach that has over 15 years experience assisting small to large businesses successfully.


For information on entrepreneur offerings, please see Business Services.


Life Balance Coaching


Are you feeling overwhelmed with life and in need of balance?  


Do you feel like things aren't working and need assistance finding new avenues to assist you in enjoying your life?


Life Balance Coaching is about shifting your focus toward what really matters to you, releasing the rest, and making the decisions that transform everything.  


*Life Balance Coaching is especially helpful for mothers in transition and entrepreneurs/ individuals  feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities and attending to the needs of others.


Holistic Coaching


Holistic Coaching integrates holistic practices such as meditation, NLP, breathwork, and Integrative Release Therapy into coaching sessions to assist you in making changes quickly at the body, mind and soul levels.


If you are interested in working with a coach that understands the holistic landscape, has over a decade of experience,  AND is professionally trained in traditional coaching methods, contact Jenifer Shapiro.


Spiritual / Intuitive Coaching


Are you on a spiritual path but need some guidance and assistance in making the next steps?   Are you a holistic practitioner or spiritually-oriented individual seeking a vocation or lifestyle that fits with who you are and who you are becoming?   Do you want to learn to trust your intuition and stop relying on other people?


We are living in a time when life has accelerated.   Some individuals are feeling as if changes are occurring so quickly they are losing their footing.   Many are feeling like they just want to go ‘home’.


Spiritual coaching can assist you in coming home to yourself, and remembering what your unique path is so that you can work from the quiet space within yourself.   The place of knowing, the place of true peace. Meditation/ mantra instruction, Integrative Release Therapy™ , and other tools may be used to assist you in your process.


Contact Jenifer for a FREE phone consultation.


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