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*Please note I am traveling quite a bit right now and most new client sessions are being offered via phone/skype.  


To Schedule Your Free Phone Consultation with Jenifer Shapiro, please read and complete the following information.


I offer free 10-15 minute telephone consultations with clients to determine if there is a fit in working together.  These are not free sessions, rather, they are an opportunity to ask questions to see if what I offer is a fit for what you are looking for.  After a consultation, we can see if scheduling a session is a good fit for what your needs are.  If you know you wish to schedule a session directly, please click below.


To Schedule a First Session click here.


Thank you for your interest and cooperation.  I look forward to working with you!


To Schedule a Free Consultation, please fill out the following information. 

1) Please Choose What You Are Looking for: To Schedule a First Session - If this is your choice, please click here.
To Schedule a Free Phone Consultation - If this is your choice, continue with this form.
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5) How you heard of us?
6) Consult Availability Times: Jenifer offers 1-15 minute consultations only on certain days/times. Please choose the following options that fit your schedule and you will receive an e-mail to confirm the day/time that works for Jenifer. Please note that while we try to offer availability the week you request it, Jenifer may book up to 3 weeks out so be as clear as possible on your availability. If you need another day/time please let us know in the answer to the next question. Thank you! M-F daytimes
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7) Why You Are Seeking Assistance: Please offer an overview of what you are looking for assistance with for Jenifer to best prepare for your consultation.
8) Email Address:
9) Phone Number
10) Due to Jenifer's travels, most first sessions are phone or skype.  If you are looking for an in-person session only, let us know here and which of the following states you are looking for a session in - PA, NYC, CA, WI.

PLEASE NOTE:  Consultations are offered to allow clients to ask questions related to working with Jenifer in order to determine whether or not working together is a good fit for both the client and Jenifer.  Jenifer does not diagnose until she is able to do a thorough intake.

FOR YOUR FIRST IN-PERSON SESSION:  Should you wish to work with Jenifer, first sessions are 1.5 or 2 hours.

*Please note that while we do not submit to insurance companies, we are more than happy to offer you a receipt to submit.  It's best to check with your insurance company first if this is of concern for you.

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