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I feel that language is one of the most important tools for transformation there is.  Language transforms us on many levels from connecting us to creating healthy boundaries and reminding us of why we are here and what we are here for.


Many years ago I came upon a group of classical texts that changed my life.  They reminded me of my own true path and showed me that the struggles we all face have been studied for centuries all over the world.  They also showed me many of the tools that people have used faithfully for centuries to transform their own lives.


Through this section of my site I am offering renditions of these texts and others that I hope will bring you smiles on your path and remind you of your own inner beauty, strength and gifts.  Check back often as I will be adding new books in future months.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE - These texts are being offered in their entirety for personal use only.  Redistribution in any part is not authorized and NO REVENUE in any form is to be obtained from the use of these files.  PLEASE RESPECT THIS POLICY. 




Book 1:  The Dhammapada


The Dhammapada is one of the classic texts of yoga philosophy.  It's words are to be pondered for their many lessons.  This rendition is being offered free of charge in it's entirety.


Click here for the full text.


Book 2:  A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga, By Yogi Ramacharaka


Raja yoga is, in my account, the basis of the truth of yoga.  This text outlines the raja yoga path and teaches of the wisdom of the truth of yoga, beyond the postures.


Click here for the full text.


Book 3:  SPECIAL HOLIDAY BOOK:  As a Man Thinketh


This book is a classic and the basis of many of the books today on manifesting!  This book, published in 1902, holds the same basic concepts of the books of today with a charming wisdom that reminds us that none of this is new, truth is truth.


Click here for the full text.




I came across this book a few years ago at the public library in Manhattan.  As a holistic healer with specialties in healing through nutrition, I found this book a fascinating account of what was considered food at this time and what was considered medicine.


This book written 100 years ago was this perceptive without scientific data is amazing and proves once again, the power of perception and personalized nutritional trials.


Click here for the full text.




A book that explores the meaning of existence and how the classic views of us versus them limit us.  When we consider each of us as a spirit with choices of how we view the world, our existence takes on a new light, a new meaning and new options come forth.


Click here for the full text.


Book 6:  Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and Home Made Candy Recipes


Ahhhh, chocolate, the perfect food:)  Enjoy a book of endless recipes for chocolate tasty treats. 


Click here for the full text.


Book 7:  James Allen's The Way of Peace


Another book by this spiritual and empowering author.


Click here for the full text.









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