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Have you lived your life for others?


Were you brought up to think that being 'something' other people wanted was the way to get what YOU desire?


Did you forget who you were in the process?  Are you ready to remember and own your path with empowerment.


It's time to walk YOUR path, you deserve it.



Sometimes we forget that the reason we are here is to live our own lives and find our own happiness. When we are happy and owning our path, our world not only gets easier, we also positively influence those around us.


Join me in an exploration of what this means for you and how to embrace healthy selfishness.



I believe an individual is most joyful when their self-concept is not based on the possession of certain abilities or qualities but rather on the authentic expression and self-acceptance of one's true feelings.


This belief that we are to not be who we are in order to be something special for another or meet the requirements of a society or spiritual path can create a cycle of low self-worth as it creates a self-concept that requires one to meet criteria we don't intrinsically set for ourselves.  This makes us feel less than we are.


A path of spirit and authenticity is not about meeting other's standards, it is about self awareness, acceptance, and integrity/personal responsibility.


I know from personal experience and working with clients for over 2 decades that healthy self-esteem allows us to have the foundation for creating the life we want and without it, we fall apart. 


We cannot create a path of heart and authenticity without a strong foundation without ourselves for Spirit to lead from.  We also will never feel whole if we aren't honest with our own needs and our innate ability to fulfill them.


This course will explore what it means to be human, to live for the sake of the self first, and THEN to use one's gifts in the world from a place of true personal choice rather than for the need of another.


What you will gain from this course:



- A deeper understanding of who you are, why you are here and the path that is right for you as the amazing individual you are.


- Permission and encouragement for exactly who you are.


- Tools for being yourself AND being in relationship authentically.


- Understanding the parent, child theme in our society.


- Gaining greater self-acceptance and even joy ;) through self-efficacy.




$89 for the 4 week telecourse.


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