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How to Make Your Own Lotion by Jenifer Shapiro


I often work with people with sensitivities from skin to foods. One thing I've found across the board is using the basics is healthiest and so, per a request from a lovely client, I've put together a step by step for creating your own lotion.


Share it with your friends and let me know how it works when you get creative!


Here is what you need:


Heat-proof glass measuring cups in 1 cup size and 2 cup size (yes, you need 2 separate cups)

A saucepan that can fit the cup in it

Another saucepan for water

Olive oil, almond oil, castor oil or another similar oil of your choice

Clean water

Emulsifying wax


Step by Step Directions


*Note:  Some people use microwaves to make their lotions.  I personally donít use microwaves in general but more important for this task, you have little control over the heating process in a microwave and Iíve found the stove method to make a much cleaner lotion.


Take the saucepan and fill it with water.  Turn the burner to medium low as this will be used to slowly melt the ingredients.


Mix ľ cup oil with ľ cup emulsifying wax into the glass cup and place in the saucepan with water until melted. 


Take the 2 cup size measuring cup and put 1 ľ cups of clean water in it and put in on medium high until it boils.


Pour the oil/wax ingredients into the water, mixing constantly until it all mixes together perfectly into a creamy liquid.


Pour this liquid into a container of choice before it cools too far.


While itís cooling, for the most part keep the lid off, at times closing the container and shaking it if the ingredients start to split apart.  You want the lotion to cool together. 


And there you have it!  Your own lotion!  You can play with these ingredients on your own anytime you wish!


Blessings and ENJOY!


Jenifer Shapiro

Copyright © 2000 |  Jenifer Shapiro and The Empowerment Centre, LLC

All Rights Reserved.  No reproduction of ANY type without written authorization.