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Most sessions are comprised of a variety of methods based on the unique needs of each individual.   As a seasoned practitioner with over 2 decades of client work and training in over 15 holistic and coaching/counseling methods, I work with each client to find a plan that works to achieve their unique goals.  Listening closely to client needs, sensitivities (emotional and physical), beliefs and thoughts on their own health of mind, body and spirit helps me understand my clients in a deeper way in order to offer a more balanced, effective method to cure.


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Coaching/ Counseling Services


Including Coaching For:  Empowerment,  Life Balance,  Holistic Living, Entrepreneurs and Spiritual/ Intuitive Counseling


Services offered for but not limited to:   Coaching for moving through dramatic life changes such as career changes and starting a new business, coaching for active mothers looking for greater balance and increased self-confidence, coaching for those moving through their 'Saturn return' periods, and coaching for those on a spiritual path interested in increasing personal intuitive capabilities and learning to trust themselves and the world around them in new, empowering ways.


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Classical Homeopathy


Classical Homeopathy for integrative healing.  Specializing in Lyme's Disease (with or without allopathic drug integration); CFS; FMS; Trauma and PTSD; Depression; Hormonal Imbalances (Thyroid speciality); chronic conditions.


*Note:  for certain conditions I may refer out either to partner with a doctor and/or refer to a specialist in an area.  I know my abilities after over 20 years of this work, while I can't promise, I won't take on a case if I don't believe I can help and/or I believe there is another practitioner with a greater ability to assist.  My true intention is assisting clients to best of my ability.


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Mind and Emotional Release Services


Including:  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Holistic Hypnotherapy/ Regression Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Gestalt and Parts Therapies


Services offered for but not limited to:  Shifting limiting habitual and belief structures, releasing stress and anxiety, developing a deeper awareness of personal emotional responses and letting go of emotional triggers, gaining self-esteem and confidence, releasing phobias, and integrating inner areas of incongruency (when a part of you wants one thing and another part is in conflict).


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Body-centered and BodyMind Services


Including:  Integrative Release Therapy,  Matrix Work, Chakra Healing and Psychology, TMJ and Holistic Dental Options, CranioSacral Therapy,  Acupressure, Spinal Release Therapy.


Services offered for but not limited to:  Releasing stuck states in the bodymind and opening energy centers for increased overall well-being, releasing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation (contact Jenifer for specific information), integrating the body and mind for greater emotional stability and inner calm, releasing pain and stress from the body and bodymind. 


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Nutrition and Health Counseling


Including:  Whole foods nutrition, Ayurvedic Counseling, Supplementation and Holistic Health Counseling


Services offered for but not limited to:  Digestive problems, cancer and chronic ailments, clearing of metals and toxicity gently and effectively, clarity of mind and clearing of unwanted mental states that are related to nutrition and imbalances of hormones/ chemical imbalances, weight loss and gain through nutrition and whole body management.


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Soul-Centered and Spiritual Services


Including:  Spiritual Empowerment Counseling, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval Work.


Services offered for but not limited to:   Understanding the Self and one's own spiritual path in new and empowering ways.  Shamanic methods for reclaiming one's power, dealing with and regaining 'soul loss' and self-integration as well as shamanic journeying for spiritual awareness and healing.


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Couples Services


Jenifer offers unique counseling and workshops for couples to reconnect with one another in new, empowering ways through safe, clear, supportive methods.  This work is not standard counseling.  It focuses on allowing each party to be heard, understood and to connect with that which the other is experiencing without feeling manipulated or attacked.


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Work with Children, Teens and Young Adults


Including:  Empowerment Work with Teens, Energetic Balancing, Classical Homeopathy, Nutritional Counseling,  Indigo Counseling and more.


Services offered for but not limited to:   Self-esteem and empowerment work, releasing fears and anxieties, work with Indigo children assisting in integrating them into this world in empowering ways that welcome their gifts AND provide them with the tools to live joyful, meaningful lives.   If requested, Jenifer will show the parent how to offer energy healing for their child.


All children under age 12 must have a parent in the first session with them.  All young adults may choose to have a parent present during the session.  


*Jenifer's work with empowerment work with teens has been shown on television.


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