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See my poetry book LANGUAGE OF LIFE here.


All material on this page and site (poetry, quotes, verbiage of any sort) is copyrighted and may not be copied or redistributed without written consent from Jenifer Shapiro and a clear link back to this page.  I'm honored that you appreciate my work.  PLEASE  BE RESPECTFUL.


"We are what we think, say and do. The language we use defines us and creates the world around us."
-Jenifer Shapiro  

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Poetry for me has always been a way for my soul to speak. I hope you enjoy these poems and find you go deeper into yourself, your joy, and your strength as you read them.  


Also, I encourage you, if a word feels incorrect for you due to personal convictions, that you shift it in your mind as you read to allow yourself the opportunity to choose to be both your unique self and in connection with another's words at the same time.


Poems offered here:


See my poetry book LANGUAGE OF LIFE here.



NEW! Welcome Home


When the day becomes so overwhelming you need to find a place to hide

When your heart is bursting with love that you need to share

When you know connection can only come from deep inside

When youíve fallen so far you no longer seem to care

When you realize the truth of your existence

When your reaching to find yourself amidst the chaos

When you know there is no use for resistance

When you are willing to admit the extent of your loss


Welcome to a place that feels like home

Find yourself in the eyes of others

Know youíre safe wherever you roam

As you lend a hand to your sisters, your brothers

See the meaning in sharing your story

Let your truth flourish without fear

Then youíll know the extent of the Love

Then youíll make your way to here.


May we love you as you wish to be loved

May you feel the truth of our compassion

May you know you are always welcome here

May you find stillness amidst the passion.

Welcome to the Love, welcome to the Light and welcome to the Truth.

Welcome Home.


See my poetry book LANGUAGE OF LIFE here.



I Am That Which I Seek, by Jenifer Shapiro


I am that which I seek. 


I am the seer, the known and unknown. The lover, the light, the bliss. 


I am the unconditional one beyond judgment, scorn or criticism. 


I am the whole Self, filled with the love of a thousand lives and the wisdom of the ages. 


I am the water that shines, cleans, flows through and surrenders. 


I am the earth that holds all of us upon it's glorious strength. 


I am the wind that carries the voice of God - sometimes as a prophet, often as a whisper. 


I am the light of my soul and the connection to all souls. 


I am the truth, for I have already lived the lies and won my freedom from them long ago. 


And while at times I may forget and scan the periphery for a sign of me,


When I am quiet, when I am free, I remember, I am that which I seek.



See my poetry book LANGUAGE OF LIFE here.


Its About Peace, by Jenifer Shapiro 

Itís about peace.  The moments when, even in the midst of it all, there is a penetrating silence in an absence of chaos.  


Itís about hearing the rain hitting the ground like it matters.  That each and every step of each and every path is felt, heard and recorded as vividly as the present and without much more effort than one takes to smile.  


Itís about lying in the waters between here and there and recognizing yourself in the flow.  


Itís about touching another so gently it hurts and loving another so entirely the absence of ego comes forth in a whisper.  


Itís about living without fear of dying but with the knowledge that death is a natural course in the circle.  


Itís about kindness, serenity, and the surrender to the Higher Spirit when illusion sets in and we think life is for us to master.  


Itís about love, living and dying beyond it all.  And in that death, itís about peace.

See my poetry book LANGUAGE OF LIFE here.
A Wish for Tomorrow, by Jenifer Shapiro 

May tomorrow bring you a day so true you can feel the grass through your shoes. May you be present and witness with clarity all of the lessons on your path. May you smell the sweat of the hands that picked the apple you hold to your lips and may its meat nourish you. May the light rise within you with strength and the power to choose your next step from your soul, and may all of your decisions take their guidance from your intuitive connection with the universal flow. May you be aware and awake, that you may live the day in your own state of grace and may you walk through the day in peaceful coexistence.


All material on this page and site (poetry, quotes, verbiage of any sort)is copyrighted and may not be copied or redistributed without written consent from Jenifer Shapiro.




Inspiring Quotes from famous people

Inspiring Quotes from Clients






By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try. The world is beyond the winning.


Zen Saying


The tighter you squeeze, the less you have.


Simone Weil  


Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality can be attained only by someone who is detached.


Bhagavad Gita c. BC 400-, Sanskrit Poem Incorporated Into the Mahabharata


"those whose desires are fragmented, who are selfishly attached to the results of their work, are bound in everything they do."


Joseph Addison  


Good nature is more agreeable in conversation than wit and gives a certain air to the countenance which is more amiable than beauty.


Louis Armstrong  


I got a simple rule about everybody. If you don't treat me right -- shame on you!


Timothy Bentley Canadian Family Therapist


Whenever you're in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.


Tom Blandi


Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working twenty-four hours a day, for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force.


Earl Nightingale  


A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change.


Walter Benjamin  


To be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright.


Henry Miller  


The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.


Virginia Woolf  


The man who is aware of himself is henceforward independent; and he is never bored, and life is only too short, and he is steeped through and through with a profound yet temperate happiness.


Henry Van Dyke


Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.


David M. Burns


Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism. Confronting your fears and allowing yourself the right to be human can, paradoxically, make you a far happier and more productive person.


Anne Lamott


I think perfectionism is based on the obsessive belief that if you run carefully enough, hitting each stepping-stone just right, you won't have to die. The truth is you will die anyway and that a lot of people who aren't even looking at their feet are going to do a whole lot better than you, and have a lot more fun while they're doing it.


Indira Gandhi


People with clenched fists can not shake hands.


People ask me why I hug.  I think this quote says it...Virginia Satir


We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth.


Lloyd Shearer


Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. Sometime in life you will have been all of these.


Albert Einstein


There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.


Mahatma Gandhi


You must be the change you want to see in the world.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being."


Colin Wilson


"The mind has exactly the same power as the hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it."


C. G. Jung


"We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses."


Margaret Mead


"Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."


 R. D. Laing


"We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing."


Catherine Pulsifer


"Our world has changed over the years because new ideas were acted upon. People may not have had all the answers, but as they began to take action, the answers became clear!"


Oliver Wendell Holmes


"One's mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions."







Iím truly blessed to work with amazing people who teach me every day. Here are a few things Iíve been taught lately.


By a sweet and smart 12 year old girl who was having fears at night. We had just gone into the fears to release them and I asked her how she felt and she said...


ĎIt doesnít even make sense to be afraid anymore. Can we talk about my getting a dog now?í


By a wonderful and energetic 56 year old woman who had decided it was time to live her dreams.


ďWhy did I ever fear stepping into myself?Ē


By a kind, strong man of 47 years who decided to release an unhealthy relationship and find his way on a new path.


ďI think I finally get how it feels to be alone and not be lonely at all.Ē


Thank you all for your kindness in offering these words of truth and openness.


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