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Dear Jenifer,


Hello and welcome to the June 2012 Edition of The Empowerment Journal for Holistic Living.


This month I'm offering ideas for a healthy self-concept, foods for summer heat, two of my favorite healthy hummus recipes and more. I hope you enjoy!

Thought I'd send this one a few days early as sometimes it's hard to settle back into work after a long weekend ;)

I wish you much love, joy and pleasant surprises.

Namaste (I see the light within you and I honor it),

Jenifer Shapiro, TEC Founder and Director


In This Issue (click on the link to go to the article)
  • The NEXT Empowered Self - TELECLASS
  • Astrocurrents for June!
  • The Power of Self-Concept
  • 10 Ways to Use Vinegar
  • 2 Recipes for Homemade Hummus
  • The Gift of Resting
  • Foods for Too Much Sun
  • Disclaimer

    Astrocurrents for June!


    For the last few months, we have been in the energies begun mostly at the vernal equinox (March 19th, 2012). This energy was affected further by various transits and in May we began to feel subtle and powerful shifts as the energies of the Venus retrograde combined with the eclipse.

    There are so many energies going on right now, it took me some time to figure out how to express what I'm seeing, I hope you find this useful and clear.

    The Power of Self-Concept


    Self-concept is the image of ourselves that we create in our mind and body.   It's how we perceive our strengths, weaknesses and self-worth in relation to our world.  We are not born with our self-concept, we create it through life experiences. 

    As we grow, through our experiences with our parents, family members, friends, teachers, etc. combined with the societal norms we accept, we start to form the idea of who we are and who we believe we should be in order to be safe, loved and valued.

    10 Ways to Use Vinegar


    Vinegar is amazing in so many ways!

    Here are ten way to use distilled white vinegar in the home for pennies compared to those expensive and toxic cleaners!

    2 Recipes for Homemade Hummus



    I admit it, as my friends and family know, I love hummus!

    For those with only a few minutes, enjoy a quick homemade option.

    For those with a taste for raw food and a bit more time, I hope you enjoy my personal favorite - sprouted hummus.

    The Gift of Resting


    We all get a little tired sometimes.

    So often we are focused on lists of doing. Grocery stores, taxes, etc. Rest is a very important part of our lives and I believe, we need to give it more respect.

    Foods for Too Much Sun


    First, when you are spending a day outside, HYDRATE and get emergency care when necessary. This is information only and is not for emergencies, it's to ensure you keep yourself healthy.

    Coconut water - I have personally found this a powerful counter for dehydration.

    Cucumber - In TCM - traditional Chinese medicine cucumber energy is cold and bitter. This type of energy can remove het and promote healthier urination and release of toxins.

    Watermelon - as I've stated in previous articles, watermelon supports the lungs as well as providing a unique blend of sugars to the body for energy and cooling.

    For those who can digest it, buttermilk has been proven to be effective as well and is widely used in other cultures.

    This newsletter is for informational purposes only. No information on this newsletter is meant to replace medical attention.

    The NEXT Empowered Self - TELECLASS
    What does it mean for you to be and feel truly empowered?


    How would things be different if taking care of yourself came naturally and you had all the energy you needed to take care of others too?

    Are you ready to experience the joy of healthy selfishness, releasing the guilt and old beliefs that have held you back?

    Join me for the next The Empowered Self: Healthy Selfishness class starting July 5th (the day after independence day!).


    Find out more.














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