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Rescheduling/ Cancellation Policy


In order to provide exceptional service to each client and ensure that I am on time for your sessions, I take less clients per day and require that each client who books time with me be:


1) serious about their wish to work together and,

2) considerate of my time and my schedule, as I am of yours.  


Thank you.  To this end, the following cancellation policy is provided for your convenience.


All changes to appointment times made less than 2 business days in advance must be made via phone and email to ensure we receive it.  We will always respond promptly.  Please call 610-213-1010.


2 business days are requested for all cancellations or reschedules to ensure adequate time available to fill the space.  1 business day notice is required so as not to be charged for sessions.


Cancellations within less than 1 business day notice will be assessed the full fee of the session.   For Monday sessions, this means by noon on Friday.  For weekend sessions, this means by 5pm Thursday.


Missed sessions (i.e. those sessions missed without cancellation) will be assessed the full fee for the session missed.


Cancellations/ reschedules that are consistent in nature will require prepayment of sessions at time of booking.


Prepaid sessions may be used for up to 3 months after payment for sessions or classes.  After three months, if the session is not used, payment will be forfeited.


***We understand emergencies occur and will do our best to be understanding.  You are important to us as is the healing relationship, please communicate with us with any true emergencies - even after the fact if needed.


Payment Policies


Payment may be made by check, cash or via credit card online (see above for details). 


All credit card payments must be received at least 1 business day prior to the session.  If you do not prepay and bring a credit card to your session, approximately 10 minutes of session time may be used to process your card.  I would MUCH rather spend that time with you so please prepay online.  Thank you.


Contact us with any questions regarding fees, packages and special offers for new clients.


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