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 Moving to Silence AND Free So-Hum MP3


Often it is believed that silence is uncomfortable.


We feel that we need something more to fill the space, as if our existence must always be flowing at a speed faster than the person beside us and if we falter, if we stay still, we will somehow miss something.


Yet I've found the opposite to be true.


It's those times when we stop. The times that we become separate for a moment from the hustle, that we find in the stillness the power to be ourselves AND to be a part of things at the same time. It's the question of being a part of the blur, or a solid being in the flow. I choose the flow.


As we move into winter, we all feel the natural inclination to slow down, to move from the blur into the quiet space that we can only know through experience. No one else can tell us and satisfy our need, we need to practice it ourselves. And in this amazing time when so much is available to us, we are blessed that there is always more than one path to the silence.


When I was younger, I used to dance to quiet the chatter. I remember (and I'm sure my family recalls) that I would set up a space wherever we lived to spin and dance whenever I felt life was too much. As I learned new terms for this silence, I realized that my mind and body could find silence through different ways, yet ending up in the same place. '


Some of the ways that I've learned to enjoy the silence are: dance, active mantra meditation, quiet meditation, walking, hiking, anything in nature, being with loved ones, pranayama practice (breathwork), energy work, working with clients, loving another, writing and more.


This month I offer one of my practices for you to try out. This is a mantra practice that I use to come to stillness through the mantra SO-HUM. I've created an MP3 that you can learn the practice with as I again find action much more useful.


Click here for the SO-HUM practice


Wishing you a joyous move to silence. Much love and light, Jenifer





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