Spinal Release Method was created as an integrative offering bringing together the best of the best in alternative healing.


You have two options in learning the SRM, you can take a full course in the full method or targeted segments for clearing TMJ and opening the 8th chakra (shamanic opening).


Spinal Release Method Practitioner Training


This training will begin in 2014 - check back for more information.


Spinal Release Method Workshops


I'm currently devising a workshop schedule for 2013.  I also teach these methods to small groups of 6 or more in CA, NYC, Chicago and Milwaukee.  If you are in any of these areas and would like to have a training at your location, please contact me directly.


Releasing TMJ - SRM target training


Learn to open and release TMJ symptoms through the trigeminal nerve, occipital suture release and suture relationships that build up tension in the temporomandibular joint. 


This release can be done in 45 minutes and can offer great relief of long-term symptoms.


Opening the 8th Chakra with SRM


This is a kundalini opening course and is offered in three parts.


Part 1:  Understanding the Chakras (this segment can be skipped if proven chakra understanding is shown.


Part 2:  Individual 8th Chakra release


Part 3:  Releasing other's 8th Chakra





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