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Over my career I've had to honor of working with individuals who I consider some of the bravest people I've ever known.  Soldiers of war, individuals who dealt with constant abuse, and children who learned how to shut a part of themselves down to deal with the confusion of homelife. 


I've also had the fortune of assisting those with chronic illnesses, those who've had years of traumatic life changes that built up to a trauma state, and those who worked themselves nearly to death before they realized they were sick.


Every case of trauma has shown me three clear messages:


1) No two states of trauma or PTSD are the same.  We need to know the INDIVIDUAL to help them heal.  One thing that is constant is that the individual no longer FEELS like themselves, this disconnect is terrifying and I believe it is our duty in the healing field to help them get back.


2) People are more resilient than I ever imagined and when given the tools to heal, they jump in and don't look back.  AMAZING is the word I use for the human Spirit.


3) We are not taught in this society to discuss trauma and yet we all go through some level of it in our lifetime.  Unless we talk about it and learn how to heal it, a part of us dies and/or feels trapped  inside.  Trauma is not something we can ignore or push under the rug until a more convenient time.  It grabs us, and forces us to see it, to face it and to be human.  This can come at the most inappropriate times AND can put us on a path to healing like we never imagined.


The TRM work and this site are an offering to find new alternatives to healing and empowering from trauma. 










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