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ABOUT Trauma Release MethodTM Training



(3 part training for certification)

Step 1: Understanding the mind, body and effect signs of trauma.

(day 1)

Looking at how the body may hold an event, how to decipher beyond the 'I am fine' language to hear the inner space, and how to talk to someone in a traumatic state without triggering anxiety or defensive wounds.

You will learn:


- body/mind signs of an individual experiencing trauma
- clean, non-triggering language for communicating with traumatized clients
- NLP (neurolinguistic programming) methods for transformation through the trauma
- how to release and rewrite stories of trauma for self-empowerment
- how to be present without taking on the trauma yourself, how to clear if you do.

Sharon was a teacher at a high school where one of her students shot and killed another student. She had known both of them and was in shock over the events. She was having a hard time breathing, and every loud noise was creating a physical response. She also had lost her faith in the students she taught - seeing violence everywhere she went. We began by working through the physical manifestations of trauma, once we did, and she was back in her body, we could then work on the emotions and beliefs. Once her beliefs were realigned with her truth, that people were not normally violent and that this situation was unique, she was able to come back to herself (I call it 'coming home' in training) and we could start to write a new internal story.

Step 2: Assessing the current state and developing a plan of action.

(day 2 and 3)

I believe each individual can handle only so much before a part of the armor starts to break. 


It is NOT weakness, it is part of what makes us human and alive to have these limits.


Some clients may come in broken, others at their limit. Depending on the state of the individual, the healing process may begin in another place.

Example: Tod came to me 2 months after returning from
Iraq where he watched 2 of his friends die in front of him. When he got home, he kept reliving the experience. He was in a constant trauma state. I assessed him at stage 4 of trauma and decided to begin our work homeopathically. Once he was in a more lucid state, we were able to begin with release work of the memory. That brought him to stage 2 where we were able to start conversing about the situation and finally bring him 'home' to stage one, release of the trauma and reintegration with society.

You will learn:


- the stages of trauma and how to work with clients at each stage.
- how to assess if you will be able to assist individuals at higher stages, and when and how to refer them
- how to work someone through the stages of trauma and what to do at each level
- basics of clinical homeopathy for trauma (if homeopathy is an item you choose to use, you are encouraged to complete the introduction to homeopathy and certificate for acute prescribing courses)
- TRM method for release of memory and beliefs
- a shamanic practice for releasing the energy of trauma
- IM integration work for coming 'home' from trauma

- rewriting history and one's life after trauma is released

Step 3: Case Analysis - for those interested in working with others/ becoming certified

(8 online sessions OR independent work with Jenifer)

We will do case work (independently with Jenifer and/or 8 sessions if doing so online) to integrate the experience and practice the release of trauma. During these sessions you will learn to assess and treat cases of trauma at various stages effectively. For certification, you will also be required to complete written/ experiential work (contact us for details).

***Note, all those certified will have the option of being listed on our site and may be asked to be a teaching assistant or co-leader in the future. You must be certified to refer to yourself as being trained by Jenifer Shapiro in the method. This ensures that clients know and can trust those they work with are fully trained in the method to our specifications. Thank you for your cooperation.



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