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  Below are Testimonials from Jenifer's individual clients.  


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Quotes are offered by individuals and the personal information is written as they request.


A mother's response to Nutritional Counseling for Children


"After two years of searching for someone to help my child's rashes, I finally found help with Jenifer.  Within minutes she was able to determine food allergies as the culprit and we went through a plan for clearing them and eliminating foods.  She also helped me to choose a menu plan to introduce new foods that would provide the same nutritional value as I was concerned about this.  I felt she was thorough and also so very kind and within 3 weeks we started to see things clear up without the need for medications which I really didn't want."


Meredith, Mother, Kingston, NJ


A man's response to Clinical Homeopathy for Lyme Disease


I spent 12+ years trying to find a doctor to help me with chronic lyme symptoms.  I did all of the lymedoc web doctors, traveled to work with healers, etc.  Honestly, I was exhausted, angry and feeling low on hope when I met Jenifer. 


I was referred to her by my doctor at Kaiser (for those not from California, this is a major medical establishment here) and figured if a doctor was referring me to a healer, I'd give it a try.  After speaking with her briefly on the phone, I felt it could help to meet.


The intake was the most thorough, healing discussion I've ever had with a doctor or healer.  That alone was worth the trip.  Jenifer has this way of honing in on things you don't even realize you are holding and helping you clear them on the spot.  She is also scarily intuitive - while I've worked with a lot of healers who say they are, her accuracy made me stare at her like a deer in headlights (sorry about that Jenifer). 


Effectiveness is what I rate on though and since for the first time in 12 years I am mostly out of pain (at least 80%), sleeping through the night and feeling like I can work normal hours without crashing, I'd say she's pretty darn effective.  I've sent two people to her who have had similiar experiences and she actually saw an illness in a friend of mine that no doctor had. 


I'm grateful for her gifts, her methods and her ability to hold the space for me with strength, humility and clarity.  I don't think I'd be where I am today without her help and I really like where I am today.


George G., Palo Alto, CA


A parent's response to a vaccine problem with her daughter


I am more than a year late in sending in this review of Jenifer, but it hasn't changed my view.  Jenifer healed my daughter and I am forever grateful for her care.


When Cassie was 12, I found out her school was giving out the Gardisil vaccine without parental consent.  I also found out in California the bill was signed allowing this.  Such a disgrace.  At the time, I didn't fight it.  I guess I figured if they didn't require parental consent it couldn't harm her.  A decision I truly regret. 


Cassie immediately developed symptoms:  genital warts, breathing difficulties, vision difficulties and extreme vertigo and a fever.  The school nurse insisted all would go away in a few days but things just seemed to escalate and Cassie wasn't acting like her normal happy self.


I had gone to Jenifer for allergy relief in 2006 (and haven't had them since) so she had a good track record with me.  I made an appointment and Jenifer treated her symptoms.  About 8 hours after taking the homeopathic, Cassie, got this odd rash on both arms.  I called Jenifer and she said it was the vaccine coming out, to call her again if I needed to the next morning.  We also noticed that as soon as the rash came out, the breathing got better.


By the next morning, the rash was getting much better.  The vision and vertigo problems took a few weeks to completely clear, but were 60-70% better within a few days of the homeopathic.  Today, Cassie is just fine, but I know beyond a doubt that is due to the homeopathy.  Without Jenifer's help, I still feel fear over what might have occurred.


We need to get this vaccine off the market.  We need to protect our children from these drug company's making decisions only parents should be able to make.


Patty S., Aptos, CA


A man's response to integrative methods for Lyme Disease


Wow, I could actually end it there but seriously, wow.


I called Jenifer because I didn't want to go on antibiotics for lyme disease.  I had a bullet rash, developed a lot of symptoms immediately, and got scared.  The last time I took antibiotics, I had an allergic reaction that put me into the ER and my doctor kept pushing me to 'just try the antibiotics'.  Everything in me said NO!.


So I saw her Lyme site and called her.  First off, her assistant Beth (who she said lives in Tennessee) rocks!  Jenifer was booked out nearly a month for consults and when I said I had a lyme rash, she got me in the next day for a phone consult and then a few days later for a session.  Shows me dedication and she was wonderful to deal with.


Anyway, Jenifer's intake, like others say, is EXTREMELY thorough.  She also read all of my blood tests, did energetic applied kinesiology to test my supplements, and then gave me a homeopathic remedy, dietary changes, an energy technique and 2 supplements (I had been taking over 10) to take to target my healing.


Within 2 weeks all of my symptoms were gone and I actually can honestly say I feel BETTER than I did before I got lyme.


In addition to all of this, Jenifer also showed me how to take a tick out of my dog at no charge.  She didn't feel the lyme in the tick she removed.


Amazing experience, highly recommend Jenifer Shapiro.  Absolutely no hesitation, especially for lyme.


Carl W., Santa Cruz, California


A woman's response to Integrative and Intuitive Counseling


"I live in Australia and was looking for an intuitive counselor.  After years of working with someone I really loved in my country, she closed her practice and I found Jenifer on the web.  I didn't actually realize at first she was in the U.S. but since she was open to Skype, we did a consultation and after seeing and talking with her, I knew it was a fit.


She is truly the warmest, most clear and effective intuitive I have worked with.  The woman I loved to work with before her had a different style which I appreciated but Jenifer's work has opened my heart and mind to things I never thought of before.  I believe in myself now and there is nothing I can say but how happy I am to have found her.  I do wish I could work with her in person but maybe someday:)."


Jessica M., Australia

A woman's response regarding an Intuitive/NLP Counseling session

"I honestly don't know what to say other than thank you.  Thank you for being more present than any therapist has ever been with me.  I've spent 10 years in therapy and never felt so heard, so held and so loved.  You are truly a gift...and the amount of power you hold to allow someone to go to a new level of there own power is like nothing I ever knew I could experience from another human being."


Janet, Holistic Healer, 54, PA


A man's response regarding NLP work


"I was a bit skeptic working with someone who my wife told me was an intuitive healer, however, I knew my patterns with depression and anger needed an outlet.  Working with Jenifer was much different than I expected.  She was grounded, clear, open and let me know that it was about my needs, not her ego.  I felt I was with someone professional, someone with solid skills in all the areas we worked with, and someone who could be there without judgment to let me finally feel what I'd been holding in.  I also learned a lot about how my patterns have created my life.  In less than a month, I really could see I'd changed.  Thank you for your assistance Jenifer.  I encourage others to take the leap, she's the real thing."


Matt K., Teacher, 34, NY


A Woman's response to Nutritional/Homeopathy/NLP work


"After 12 years of seasonal allergies, for the first time, I can honestly say I don't need to take ANYTHING.  Amazing.  And the 'other thing' cleared up too:).  Thanks for your amazing gifts Jen.  I can't believe how long I took drugs for something that was just and imbalance.....I learned a lot from our sessions...that time you helped me to see the truth about the situation with John (ex-husband) changed so much for me and really helped me get my power back.  I feel like me again, seems like it's been a really long time...I'd encourage anyone who has something physical or mental to change to call you...and loved the hugs - that Midwesterner in you coming through my dear!"


L. Peterson, 47, Philadelphia, PA


A Woman's Response to NLP, Bodywork and Integrative Work


Wow!!! Jenifer has such a gift to connect in such a deep way to my heart, body, & soul! She holds space for the process to unfold with such grace, heart connection & humor! She has provided me with very valuable tools for empowerment so that I can live the life I truly want & desire with unlimited potential! The Meditation was nurturing and profound & I am changing my internal dialogue to create the changes I want. The world is truly blessed to have her! I am truly grateful for Jenifer!


Diane D.


A Man's Response to NLP and Homeopathy


"After years of therapy that didn't DO anything, I feel like I've really moved forward in such a short time.  This is what I had hoped therapy would do for me but never seemed to get to.  Thanks for your help."


Jack K., 41, Delaware

A Woman's response to Jenifer's Work and Teaching

"Jenifer's goal is to assist the individual so they can reclaim their power. She is there for you for the entire session. It is not about what she has been I progressed I realized that I have choices to create want I wanted...I am clearly able to make better choices. I came to realize the spiritual connection on a daily basis...I would recommend her because she comes from a place that is sincere and encourages others to find what is right for them.  Thank you for making each session about my needs.


As a teacher she listened to each individual and was clear about her teachings. She showed the students respect."


K.P., Holistic Practitioner, PA

A man's response regarding Integrative Release Therapy™ work

“As soon as I met Jenifer, I knew she held special qualities as a teacher and healer and as a caring and compassionate person. I didn’t know…that Jenifer would someday help me move forward in my life in a way that no testimonial could really explain, and also give me the tools to apply the experience of our sessions to any area of my life…Through our sessions I was able to move past certain frustrating feelings I was experiencing in…2 of my life’s most important relationships. This has made such a difference in how I feel on a day to day basis, not just in our session, or in a ‘classroom’ type setting. Those settings are relatively easy to feel love and compassion as we are somewhat removed…I’m sorry these words are now capable of explaining the way I feel. I would simply recommend to anyone experiencing any limitation or need for healing to work with Jenifer to experience what I’m experiencing and see personally what mere words can not convey. Ever thankful to you Jenifer!"  


RR, Phoenixville, PA


A woman's response regarding Spiritual Counseling and Empowerment Coaching


"Jenifer is a strong healer.  I say strong because I gave her a run for my money.  After working with so many 'so-called' healers - people who put their stuff on you and never let you speak - I really started off a bit defensive.  Jenifer held her integrity and her ground and the experience allowed me to heal on levels that I have always wanted to go to with healers and never received the support to get there.  I feel like I came into my power because she let me have it and held hers at the same time.  A truly grounding and powerful way to work.  Thank you Jenifer for sticking in there with me and showing me there are healers out there dedicated to truth of the work." 


Sandra, 43, Millville, OH

A woman's response regarding Empowerment Coaching, Integrative Release Therapy™ work and Spiritual/ Intuitive work

I enjoyed all sessions (with Jenifer).  I have been amazed at the connection of my body/mind with Jenifer's work at each specific moment...It's like my body would send signals before our sessions so Jenifer could help!  I had chronic pain in my right shoulder and varicose pain in my right leg (even after surgery).  The pain is 100% gone...since our sessions!  

Jenifer is very intuitive and is able to attune to your body/mind messages/signals and her work is very powerful yet gentle."


M.J., Phoenix area, AZ

A man's response regarding Empowerment Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming/ Holistic Hypnotherapy work

"...there were several occasions when I suddenly realized after a period of discussion that my view on the subject had shifted, and I was seeing it from a new and better perspective.  The tremendous sense of accomplishment this generated lifted my energy to greater levels, and the end result has been a noticeable change for the good in my demeanor, and my dealings with others... It has been commented on more than once by my friends.

I have a much greater understanding of things that have happened to me in the past, and a realization of why I have done the things I have. I am now left with a strong belief in myself, that I have always known intuitively how to deal with life's problems, and that for the future, the how or the why does not matter - I have faith in myself to do what is right, to follow the path I choose, and believe in the spirit that guides me.... and for that I thank you Jenifer...

For those like myself who have always wondered how life brings us to the place we now inhabit, and to have become the person we now are, I would say Jenifer can give you the insight you need to discover for yourself who you really are, and show you the person you can be."


Alistair, 57, Chester Springs, PA 

A woman's response regarding Integrative Release Therapy™ work and Spiritual/ Intuitive work

"Jenifer's work is an experience, not something easily verbalized. Her psychic abilities are  surprisingly accurate and have offered me a confirmation of my own intuitive abilities. I would recommend her work to anyone who has reached a stumbling block in their life and might even see their way out but can't or don't see how to do it themselves."  


Linda, 42, Database Administrator, Wayne, PA.

A woman's response regarding Integrative Release Therapy™ work and Spiritual/ Intuitive work

"After one particular session, I felt more alive and open than I have ever felt in my life.  I operate now on a more conscious level...I have gained more awareness."


D.L., Bryn Mawr, PA

A woman's response regarding Empowerment Coaching, Integrative Release Therapy™ work and Spiritual/ Intuitive work

"Jenifer is so easy to be with, warm and caring, wise, and fun to laugh with...I am reminded of the impact of my thoughts and attitudes as energy affecting the whole of life...I would simply say if you are ready to heal, shift, and open to something worthwhile but unconventional, I highly recommend calling Jenifer."


Christine, 52, Life Coach and Therapist, Huntington Valley, PA.

A woman's response regarding Integrative Release Therapy™ work and Spiritual/ Intuitive work

"If my integrative release therapy session had been a show, I would have had to give a standing ovation!  Besides Ms. Shapiro's intelligence and extensive knowledge in the areas she practices, I have to thank God for her uncommon gifts of intuition and individual healing.  I felt like a new person after spending just one session with her!  I have limited insight to all of Jenifer's gifts and services... I can only say that the one session of integrated techniques left me in a better state of mind to deal with my life situations..."

Gail, Reston, VA


A woman's response regarding Nutrition and Health Counseling


"I honestly can't believe how much my stomach and digestion has changed with Jenifer's guidance.  I was told by my doctor that I needed another colonoscopy, the third in five years and it never shows anything.  I asked Jenifer if she could help me and she said she'd do all she could.  The way my stomach moves on her table is amazing, it's like she goes in and moves things around and when I leave her office, I'm normal again.


(A portion of this letter was taken out for personal reasons per request of the writer.)


Specifics, we changed my diet in really specific ways and each time we did, it had a positive result AND I learned something about WHY I had eaten that way.  It really amazed me how much my mind and body were tied to what I ate and my emotions could change so quickly based on what I ate.  I never really knew that could happen.


Anyway, if you are having stomach problems, I recommend trying it.  I also recommend actually making the changes as I know that in the past I wouldn't have been as open and I really did need to change myself to.  Still think I should have asked her for hypnotherapy at some point but she's so fun to talk to I kept forgetting.  Next time Jen!"


Allison W., 54, King of Prussia, PA

A woman's response regarding Integrative Release Therapy™ work and Spiritual/ Intuitive work

"I went weekly and felt every session helped me reach my goals of getting my health back and getting spiritually grounded again. I was also able to take a lot of the lessons learned during the weekly sessions with me so I could apply what I learned with Jenifer everyday, which I feel has been a key part of me feeling well again.

I worked with Jenifer for a couple of months and at the beginning I was trying to find a way to get my life back in order. Now I have found my inner peace again and have gained trust in my intuition again. I have reconnected with my spiritual nature and feel very good about my life and my future. I am happy with life and feel good mentally and spiritually everyday.

Jenifer is someone who can help anyone who is suffering from physical or mental problems by helping to relieve pain or stress, give them a new perspective on life and help lead them to find their spiritual nature if they aren't aware of it now. I would recommend Jenifer to anyone, regardless if they are suffering from anything in particular or not. She is someone who can always help enrich a persons life and make it better."


C. Richards, 21, Radnor, PA

A woman's response regarding Holistic Business Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

"I always felt very positive and energized at the end of our sessions - always looking forward to the next one.  The most memorable and beneficial event was the help with releasing my fears...I feel very positive about moving forward with my ideas.  I have learned to listen to myself more and evaluate what ‘feels’ right."


S.P., King of Prussia, PA


An Entrepreneur's response regarding Business Services and Web Design 


"Working with Jenifer was a powerful experience.   I felt totally confident putting my site in her hands.   


Her mixture of intuition and business sense is totally impressive.   I get tons of compliments on the site and am 1000% happy with the results!” 


Susan Laurentano, Owner of EarthSpeak ( in Berwyn, PA


A woman's response to Spiritual Intuitive and Energy Work


"I've been working with Jenifer for a little over a year off and on now. I've had a challenging time writing a testimonial because honestly, it's hard to summarize what I've experienced. Pure love, compassion, wisdom, gentle strength and a way of leading me so deeply and gently into myself that I for the first time since I was a teenage, feel alive without any need for another person to validate or understand me. I really can say that I am a different person than I was and that wasn't me. Now I'm me.


Jessica W., 45, former teacher, Downingtown, PA


An Entrepreneurial Couple's response regarding Business Services, NLP and Empowerment Coaching (excerpts from a letter)


"Spencer and I had the best time with you devising our logo, business and marketing plans.  Spencer loved the holistic coaching and I enjoyed the focus on our overall-wellbeing. 


...As you said, as holistic  entrepreneurs we need to keep ourselves healthy too!  The guidance you gave us on maintaining healthy lifestyles had the greatest impact on me, I'm actually sleeping again!


...Our 'Institute for Life Coaching' is finally off the ground, thanks to you!"


Spencer and Andrea, Life Coaches and Lifestyle Consultants, now in the UK (formerly NJ)


An Entrepreneur's response regarding Business Services, NLP and Empowerment Coaching


"Jenifer helped me to really see what I wanted to create and have the courage and tenacity to manifest it. She works on so many levels. After working with what I term 'standard coaching' which is task and rah-rah oriented for nearly 2 years and getting nowhere, I knew I needed something more. I am now creating my business and it is clear, invigorating and real. Thanks for being more than I expected and even knew that I needed. Your experience shows in output."


Glenn, 35, Exton, PA


What Parents Say About Working With Jenifer


A Mother's response to Teen Empowerment and Healing Work


"My son was diagnosed with acute ADHD and was told to take Ritalin. He had a lot of side effects and I felt like he was becoming someone else. I felt so alone in this with all of the doctors saying I had no choices.


I heard of Jenifer's work from another mother whose son had released anger with her and I remember my friend's comment when I mentioned it sounded unconventional. "Unconventional, yes. But is convention really working for you?" She was right and I offered my son the option of working with her. He liked her website so we set up a session.


Jenifer gave us new and effective choices while being very open to us choosing the right path and the option that, if we desired to follow conventional treatment, she would help us to do so as effectively as possible. She worked with him to show him how to manage his emotions, his mind and his energy and she helped us find nutritional choices to maintain balance in his system. She treated him and me with respect and true compassion for what we were going through and allowed us the time and space to consider our options and decide what worked for us. Within a few sessions I saw more of a difference than any of the drugs had offered and I can't thank you enough for the smile he showed me the day after the third session when you helped him release the fear he'd been holding.


As a mother who understands how heart-breaking it is to see your child in pain and not receive the support you need to help them, I recommend Jenifer whole-heartedly."


Mother of Jason, Mainline, PA


A Father's response to Trauma Work


"I brought my daughter in to see Jenifer after she was brutally raped and beaten by someone she new at college. After trying therapy and drugs, my daughter was suicidal and not having a mother (she passed several years ago) for support was even more difficult. My yoga teacher mentioned Jenifer's work and I talked to Jenifer over the phone. She seemed confident that she could assist but I didn't really understand everything she said. I asked that she talk to my daughter before setting up a session because she had been through so much. I watched Sarah from across the room when she was having her free consultation. For the first time in months, I saw her take a deep breath and then she cried. It wasn't like her other cries, quite and fearful, it was more like a release cry. I really hoped it was what it looked like, that someone could help her. Sarah set up a session and when she got home from the session, she looked like a different person. She still had obvious pain but she was taller, stronger. She worked with Jenifer for 3 more sessions and since then is back in school and happier every day. If you ask her about the event, she's no longer triggered by it and feels it was far in the past. The change is absolutely amazing to me and I don't understand it, I only know I'm so grateful to have my daughter back."


Father of Sarah, PA


A Mother's Response to Homeopathy and Craniosacral Work


"My daughter had a tick bite {Lyme Disease} and the doctors gave her antibiotics.  Within 24 hours she had hives, couldn't breathe and we were in the ER terrified.  A nurse at our hospital told me about Jenifer.  Honestly, I don't think I would have ever called a 'healer' if I hadn't been referred this way.  I definitely feel I was being watched over. 


Jenifer, upon hearing my story, moved her schedule to get me in that week.  She started treating with homeopathics and did some craniosacral work with my daughter and immediately (I mean IN THE SESSION) I watched my daughter begin to breathe normally again.


Jenifer's caring, heartfelt, empowered manner along with a set of skills that still baffle me healed my daughter and I am, truly, forever grateful.


Mother of Amanda, Doylestown, PA


A Mom's Response to Teen and Nutrition Work


"I am writing more because I need to forgive myself.  After years of watching John (client's son) have migraines and panic attacks, I decided to get an unusual opinion.  Jenifer tested John for a few things he had been eating.  NutraSweet being one of them.  She told us how she had had migraines for years until she stopped the sweeteners and when he nearly got a migraine as she was testing him, I realized it and so did he.  She gave us a list of things we could do to keep healthy and we are finding nearly everything she wrote down from the acids to the herbs have had dramatic affects.  I'm so grateful and so happy to finally understand some of what was happening and so is John.  Thank you."


Mother has asked to be kept anonymous


A Mom's Response to Teen and Nutrition Work


Jenifer’s work with my daughter brought her back to me.  After years of ADHD symptoms and drugs that just shut her down, Jenifer’s careful approach to diet, boundaries and creating a consistent approach to parenting helped us create a relationship as a mother and daughter that I never knew could exist.  I am grateful beyond words.


Pam, Single Mother, 46, Pennsylvania


A Mom's Response to NLP and Nutrition Work


I watched my child change so rapidly it scared me.  Doctors said nothing was wrong but I could tell something was and I didn’t know what to do to bring him back.  It was like a cloud was over him – he was like a shadow of himself.  Working with Jenifer brought his light back.  He came to me and thanked me for helping him.  I can’t tell you how it feels as a mother to be so helpless one minute and then suddenly find your son again.


Marcia, Mother, 52, Newtown, Pennsylvania


A Mom's Response to Teen, Craniosacral, Homeopathy and Nutrition Work


It was astonishing the difference – like she suddenly woke up.  J. had been so closed for so long we thought that was just who she was and had stopped hoping.  J. asked us to bring her to Jenifer, she said she needed help and after looking at her website thought Jenifer might help.  She did, in more ways that we thought possible.  I don’t honestly understand what occurred but I know that J. is somehow changed and changed in a way that makes me think she’ll be ok now.


Mother (preferred anonymity), New Jersey


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