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Courses on Your Thyroid


I offer the following courses on the thyroid and your health.


Why your thyroid is EVERYTHING! (course now available on CD!)


Thyroid and Hormone Connections: a deeper understanding


Thyroid and Infection:  a deeper understanding







3-PART TELECLASS starting in November


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Join me to learn about your thyroid and why the health of your thyroid determines EVERYTHING from mood to energy levels to weight loss to hair loss and more!


If you have any of the following symptoms that you cannot explain the cause of

 it may be your thyroid!


Hair Loss


Weight Gain




Anxiety or Depression


Eye Problems


Joint Problems


Food and Chemical Hypersensitivities


And so many more...


We will explore:


- What the thyroid IS and WHY it's important.


- What your thyroid does, what it doesn't do, and why it is inextricably linked to the adrenals.


- How you can test your own thyroid, what the tests are, what they mean and when to get help.


- What your options are in healing your thyroid, and the dangers to avoid in alternative and standard medicine.


- The difference between autoimmune thyroid problems (hashimoto's) and 'standard' thyroid problems and why autoimmune problems are becoming MUCH more prevalent.


- The newest medical information your doctor may not know that can cause you harm.


- The lies we learn about our bodies and how to reclaim your health.


- Food to encourage and those to avoid for your thyroid.


- How to take your thyroid test for accuracy and how to take your medication if you choose to for optimal health and wellness.


- The best supplements for those with thyroid issues and those to avoid.


- How your thyroid affects your sexual instinct, drive and can affect sexual stamina and impotency.


- How your thyroid and the cycle of hormones work together to affect our ability to think, focus, metabolize and be happy.


This is not a 'topical' class, this is a deeper study of your body and how you can live optimally as you get older. 


I've researched/treated thyroid disease for 15 years, second only to my research on lyme disease, and I'm PASSIONATE about this course for you and your loved ones.


And much more!


I hope you join us on this exploration of your body and integrative wellness!


Contact us for next session or purchase this course on CD!




Thyroid and Hormone Connections: a deeper understanding


This course will be offered shortly, check back or see our newsletter for up to day course information.




Thyroid and Infections:  a deeper understanding


This course will be offered shortly, check back or see our newsletter for up to day course information.



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