Trauma occurs when we aren't expecting it. 


It can happen because we see or experience something we never imagined in our world.  Like being raped by a loved one, becoming unexpectedly ill or experiencing a horrible accident.


It can happen after anticipation of the worst doesn't live up to our expectations, like in traumatic experiences of war.


And, it can often happen when we have had more painful or unexpected experiences than we can unconsciously handle at one time, we reach our breaking point and don't know how to get back to ourselves.


All of these can be the start of a period of trauma, and all deserve the same amount of respect, love and consideration as individuals find their paths to healing.




We are living in an interesting time from a sociological perspective when it comes to trauma.  I would call this our individualist and expansion time - and a time when many of us are having a hard time finding the healing assistance we need because of the way we are choosing to view trauma. 


Every day we are all offered mixed messages on healing. 


We are told to be strong means we don't show our emotions, that when we are in pain we need to hide until we 'get better'.  That to feel more than we can handle in a moment means there is something wrong with us, shame on us for not being able to 'roll with it'.


Trauma is not someone's fault.  Let me say that again, TRAUMA IS NOT YOUR FAULT! 


We as a society need to stop blaming people for their pain.  


We also as a society often tout helping people less fortunate than ourselves, those in pain, those who seem to be struggling with illness or loss.  Yet when it comes to trauma, we often miss what is right in front of us.   We aren't trained to see when people are in emotional pain.  Those who have been through so much, layers of pain have developed into a state of constant stress. 


When people we know start acting different, when they are more reactive or reclusive, often, as they have changed without our understanding, our first response is anger.  Anger because they changed our world, yet, we need to understand that when someone is in that amount of pain, they CANNOT be who they were.  They need to heal and reintegrate themselves.  This takes time AND they can heal. 


In fact, those I've worked with often tell me the other side of trauma is so much sweeter than before.


Trauma is something that we can heal through.  I hope this work and this site offer both options and the knowing that we can find our way through the fire, and come through even more true to ourselves and clearer on our paths than every before.


Namaste (I see the light within you and it's shining)




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