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What Is Power?


Power is a popular buzzword today and one that invokes various responses. Some view power as leading to corruption, others as a means of manifesting. I believe thoughts on power are so diverse because the true meaning of the word is misinterpreted.


Power is often confused with the notion of force. Force is actually nothing like power. Force means a pushing of energy over an object. Itís an opposition, animalistic in nature. With force, there is an opposer and this opposer is focused on invoking a change usually in their favor. Basically force is focused outwardly on the outcome and obtaining a victory of sorts. As you can probably tell, force is more of a mental activity as it contains strategy as well as intention.


Power on the other hand is much more of a heart-centered activity. Power is a state of being with an inward focus. Itís an energy of fullness and contentment from which you can live already complete, without the need for manipulations that are forceful in nature. A powerful being is calm, loving, generous and kind because there are no underlying needs that drive them beyond what is. Power is a healing state as well because when youíre fully in your power and you are not in the state of need you are in the state of being healed already.


From a shamanic perspective, this powerful state is where you can work from and what you worked warrants. Power loss creates illness on many levels and regaining your power heals on many levels. For example Power Animals are those animals who offer you a loving energy based on their own unique gifts to assist you in reclaiming your own gifts.


To see how it differently the shamanic path views true power, look at the aspect of power in relationships. While the dictionary terms power with an underlying force, shamanic healers view it as the basis of true love beyond manipulations. When two beings are in their power, they are able to connect in such a way that a relationships Ė ie. what happens when two beings choose to relate to each other Ė can occur from a place of inner strength where neither being needs anything and the two can actually enjoy each other without stigma, unstated needs or feelings of inferiority which occur when one feels less than another due to lack of power.


When you are in your power fully and the trappings of the mind are released, you can be fully with another and allow that connection to come from the present moment, embracing each other for who you are now, rather than old beliefs of who they once were or you believed they were when you were in pain and they werenít enough to heal you.


Imagine the possibilities for honest, clear, loving relationships if we all came from that place of power. Imagine how light and open we would feel if we trusted in that.


I wish you all the opportunity to be fully in your power and in your heart.


May you walk your unique path and find the many blessings it already holds.


In Light, Jenifer


Since 1990, Jenifer has been working with individuals and businesses, empowering them in manifesting their goals and connecting to their deeper, intuitive selves/souls.   As a coach, consultant, and holistic practitioner/healer, Jenifer provides her clients with an integrative approach to change and empower utilizing proven holistic methods, professional coaching practices, and solid business acumen to provide a powerful platform for transformation.  As a healer, Jenifer assists individuals in releasing physical maladies and regaining their optimum physical, mental and spiritual health.


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