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Body and BodyMind Services with Jenifer Shapiro are integrative services to heal and release energies that are in need of assistance.   Her work is VERY grounded and doesn't follow a religious methodology, rather, believes in each individuals power to choose their path, and allows the work to take form on an energetic level of love for all.


All sessions are created to serve the unique needs of the individual. 


 The core aspects of Jenifer's Body and BodyMind Services are:


Integrative Release Therapy

Matrix Work

Cellular Rebalancing and Craniosacral/ Cranial Energy Work

Energy and Chakra Psychology

Chi Healing, Acupressure, Shiatsu and Meridian Therapy

Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy

Spinal Release Work


Several of the above are used in any bodywork session as per your individual needs. 

The individual therapies are explained here for your convenience.


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 Jenifer offers services by phone and in-person.


Integrative Release Therapy


IRT is a holistic healing method which integrates practices from NLP, energetic touch methods, pressure point therapies, yoga, shamanism, visioning, hypnotherapeutic trancework, intuitive work and spiritual practices to offer a unique and effective approach to healing and personal growth.


Through IRT, clients can uncover and release past stressors in the body (physically, emotionally and spiritual from this lifetime or past lives), integrate disconnected parts of their unconscious mind and uncover who they are and what they want from their lives.   Individuals may also uncover and release layers of limiting emotions, beliefs and karmic shadows that hold them back from thriving in their lives.   IRT is exactly what the name expresses, and much more.


“The illusion is that we are separate. It is that thought that causes the most mental mischief.”

Prior to a session, people often ask what the treatment will be like and what the results will be.   I tell them they will learn, grow and feel totally safe and held in order to be allowed to go as deep as they wish to.   They may also release physical illnesses and gain energy to levels they haven't felt in years.   The power of the work may be subtle or it may be completely apparent within the session.   Regardless of where the work takes you, you will be transformed into another level of the Self.


In an IRT session, an IRT practitioner uses a combination of energy therapies, pressure point touch therapy, shamanic visioning, light trancework, breathwork, mindfulness techniques, transformational linguistics and mantra work to offer a customized approach to self-discovery, personal growth and re-connection to your true nature.   Angelic work and intuitive methods may be offered as well. What a session is like from a holistic viewpoint.


That is what the work is for, to take you closer to your Soul, provide you with learnings that are important for you to obtain right now, heal your physical ailments and patterns that have held you back, assist you in releasing energy that shadows your spirit and to remind you that you are never alone.  The work takes its form dependent on the state you are in at the moment the session begins. While there are certain frameworks within which opening usually occurs, your Soul will guide and you will know and I will be there with you to allow it to come forth.   Again, that simple, that powerful, that transformative.


“There is no fear. When we touch spirit, all lower level emotions are released and we remember, only love is real.”


Who Would Benefit from an IRT Session?


The following individuals would derive great benefit from an IRT session:


  • Individuals with physical ailments including chronic disorders they would like to gain clarity on and release. 
  • Those interested in working with an energy therapist with over 15 years experience in integrative energy therapies.
  • Those feeling stuck in unhealthy life patterns ready to release both neuro-emotional and past life blocks. 
  • Those with questions which they would like to ask their 'higher selves' and those wishing to tap into and gain confidence in their own intuitive abilities. 
  • Those on a spiritual path looking to gain insight into past, current or future situations. 
  • People with chronic stress or anxiety in need of an opportunity to release the energy that holds them stuck and learn how to release and transform the energy to be used in a more useful manner.
  • Individuals unsure of their life's path and looking for clarity. 
  • Those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and their true nature. 
  • Those with emotional trauma ready to release strong emotional states. 
  • Individuals looking for an integrative process for personal growth.


Matrix Work


Matrix work works with the grid lines of energy surrounding the body and those that go through the body.  As a matrix therapist, I look at how an individual's matrix is being held, if there are holes in it, and where and how it is interconnecting with the bodies energy lines and cellular patterns.  Then I work with the matrix grid to empower the individual's own healing patterns and reconnect with their soul's energy. 


 It's very deep work and usually used in conjunction with other therapies.


Cellular Rebalancing and Craniosacral/ Cranial Energy Work 


These methods work with the patterns within the body that may be creating 'stuck states' of energy and/or draining one's internal energy lines.  I put these two together because I rarely use one tool without the other.


Cellular Rebalancing is most effective for those who have experienced and/or are experiencing states of chronic illness such as Lyme's disease, cancer and/ or severe digestive disorders.  This practice 'gives life' back to the areas that require it and, combined with cranial energy work, releases the stuck structures that are limiting health pathways.


Energy and Chakra Psychology


The chakras, the energetic system, and one's auric field work together to assist in manifesting one's personal mind-body structure and allowing for true connecting to one's soul.  


The chakras and their energetic patterns offer valuable tools in learning about our challenges and gaining our power back in various ways.   In a chakra psychology session clients learn where they are holding their energy and where it is depleted as well as why the patterns were created.  


Throughout the session, images, language and emotions are brought up and release, integrated and explored.   Clients can then determine the changes they may wish to make in their lives and learn to listen to their energetic and emotional structures.


The auric field tells us quite a bit about how we hold our energy as well.   In an auric clearing, we can see if we are taking on others energies, holding past memories in our system, and if we are connected to individuals that are not healing for us.   Clearing negative energies, energies that are not yours and learning the energies we want in our lives is part of the gift of an auric session.


Other sessions may, upon request, include auric and chakra work in order to provide a more holistic approach.


Chi Healing, Shiatsu (Acupressure-Based) & Meridian Therapy (Energy-Based)


There are energy pathways that run through your body and correlate directly to organs and emotional states.  These are the same lines that acupuncturists use, though these therapies use pressure points to cause similar effects.  In other words, it's like acupuncture without needles - I use my hands and fingertips to open and release the energetic structures of these meridian lines.


Chi healing and meridian therapies are more of a laying on of hands and holding. 


Here is what one client says about this form of therapy:


"It is like Jenifer's hands become little hot pads that heat and release stuff from my back and neck.  It's amazing how hot her hands get and how calm I feel afterward."  Janice R., Eagle, PA


Shiatsu uses similar lines and does so in more of a pressure-point therapy pushing into the lines and opening them a bit more forcefully.  These therapies are usually used together.


Yogic Neuromuscular Therapy


I learned this therapy as a personal student with founder Dyal Singh Khalsa.


Through this technique, I perform an unwinding of sorts of the muscle to release stuck structures and to allow for a flow of energy and vitality.


This method is most effective, in my opinion, for those with chronic pain.


Spinal Release Work


The physical release of energies stuck at the spinal connections is usually a part of all of the sessions as I believe and have personally experienced the power of a balanced spine. 


Some clients state it is like getting a spinal adjustment through energy and pressure point therapies.  Often adjustments do occur naturally in this session as when we release the stuck states around the spine it can naturally come back to balance.


Also, spinal release work does work with the emotions as when the body is clear, the emotions release as well.

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Client Testimonials
"I would simply say if you are ready to heal, shift, and open to something worthwhile but unconventional, I highly recommend calling Jenifer."


Christine, 52, Life Coach and Therapist, Huntington Valley, PA


 I went weekly and felt every session helped me reach my goals of getting my health back and getting spiritually grounded again. I was also able to take a lot of the lessons learned during the weekly sessions with me so I could apply what I learned with Jenifer everyday, which I feel has been a key part of me feeling well again.

I worked with Jenifer for a couple of months and at the beginning I was trying to find a way to get my life back in order. Now I have found my inner peace again and have gained trust in my intuition again. I have reconnected with my spiritual nature and feel very good about my life and my future. I am happy with life and feel good mentally and spiritually everyday.

Jenifer is someone who can help anyone who is suffering from physical or mental problems by helping to relieve pain or stress, give them a new perspective on life and help lead them to find their spiritual nature if they aren't aware of it now. I would recommend Jenifer to anyone, regardless if they are suffering from anything in particular or not. She is someone who can always help enrich a persons life and make it better.


C. Richards, 21, Radnor, PA




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