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Jenifer offers various services for holistic businesses and holistic entrepreneurs from business consulting to web development.   She has over a decade of experience assisting entrepreneurs and Fortune 100 companies in reaching their goals. 


See our client list  for information on companies and individuals Jenifer has worked with.  


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Entrepreneur Coaching
Holistic Business Consulting
Technology/ Web Design

Graphic/Logo Design


Jenifer specializes in working with holistically-focused companies and non-profits.



Entrepreneur Coaching

Combining Fortune 100 Consulting and Entrepreneur Start-up Experience.

Are you an entrepreneur with a vision for your company who is ready to bring that vision from ideas to reality?   Could you use assistance clarifying your ideas and determining how to execute and/or market them?   How about working with someone who is an experienced business consultant AND a professional coach who can truly assist you not only in creating the structure for your business but also in successfully manifesting your vision and releasing any fears that are holding you back?  

Jenifer Shapiro, TEC’s founder, has nearly a decade of experience working with entrepreneurs.   


Her unique integration of business and coaching practices has provided entrepreneurs with the tools and support to effectively guide them on their road to success.   In addition, Jenifer offers NLP and other holistic practices, as requested, to provide her clients the ability to release the fears and anxiety that often occur when starting your own business.   This provides them with a solid foundation on which to move forward in their endeavors.   A foundation coming from the energy of their unique visions, and not the energy of fear.

In the coaching process, the Entrepreneur Coach, Jenifer E. Shapiro, M.B.A. will provide you with:

  • A strong business background to assist you in all aspects of developing the business.
  • Effective marketing and technical/web development strategies for developing your business.
  • Executive coaching, as needed, to assist you in developing a motivated staff that fits the requirements of your business.
  • A sounding board for discussing your ideas in a safe, confidential environment.
  • Holistic practices for developing resiliency on the entrepreneurial path.
  • Constructive feedback on the feasibility of business ideas and a forum for brainstorming new ideas.
  • Access to additional resources when required to ensure your total success in the creation of your business.
  • And, an open mind and expansive vision to take your ideas to implementation…and beyond.


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Holistic Business Consulting
Grow Your Holistic Business with a Solid Business Foundation.

TEC specializes in creating and developing successful Holistic Businesses. Jenifer Shapiro, a Holistic Business Owner, Professional Coach, and Entrepreneur Consultant with nearly a decade of experience and an M.B.A. in International Management/ Marketing will guide you through the steps required to create your business and the holistic methods for manifesting your vision. 


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Technology/ Web Design
Using Technology to Build Your Business and Your Customer Relationships

From basic computer consulting to web design and implementation, we offer integrative skills at prices holistic companies can afford. We also offer the experience and education to guide you in establishing clear, effective customer relationship models that work for you and your customers.  From creative websites to e-mail newsletters and online marketing, let us help your business succeed.


Jenifer's background in web design allows a unique experience for holistic professionals to work with a woman who not only understands technology, she also intuitively works with her clients to get their unique message across. Many clients have asked Jenifer to meditate on an option for a logo, tagline, text for the site and even the name of their company.




Most sites can be completed within one to two weeks. Jenifer can offer everything for your site including domain name registration, hosting, e-mail setup, ezine / newsletter creation, e-commerce insertion, web site design, logo design and even transfers of other domains you've purchased. Jenifer can also find great photos for your site at extremely low prices. Jenifer can explain as much technically as you desire or not much at all if you just want her to RUN WITH IT! 


I have created all of my websites:



For an example of recent client sites created by Jenifer Shapiro, see below.


Massage Studio King of Prussia


This site was created for the client to be able to update.












Calligaris Shop by Mr. Bar Stool


This site was created in less than 2 weeks time due to a time requirement.


The site has two layouts and various navigation options.






















EarthSpeak - Full site design.  Trained to self-support for changes (set up with special tagging so they could update.)





New Site Old Site


For the above scenario, I was asked to create a new and professional site based on the old site.  Click on the NEW Site above to view the outcome.




This site was created as a template.  I designed logo and site. 







Journey Home Community Center - For this project, I created the web template including layout, colors, etc. and taught  the Journey Home team how to customize/ update it.








There is an initial consultation fee of $265 for a two hour design meeting.  This meeting will go over what is to be created and I will estimate a site cost from this meeting.  Most sites cost $1250-$2500 depending on difficulty of design. 


Website add-ons


I can add any of the following options for a minimal fee:


  • Self-maintenance:  You can maintain your own site with the skills you use for Microsoft Word.
  • Newsletter integration:  Web sign-up and self-maintenance of monthly newsletters.
  • Logo Creation
  • Online Marketing
  • and more...Contact Us for details.



If you are in need of quality, low cost, fast and dependable web design or technology assistance, contact us for a free consultation.



Graphic Design


Jenifer offers several graphic design options including:


  • Advertising design.
  • Logo design.
  • Business card design.
  • Flyer design.
  • Brochure design.
  • Postcard design.
  • and various other options to meet your needs.


Recognizing the unique needs my clients, I offer packages and individualized options for web design and other marketing design services. Website design may be combined with logo creation, web hosting, marketing material creation and low-cost printing, web marketing and more.


Contact Jenifer for a FREE consult today to see how she can assist you in manifesting and sustaining a successful holistic business.



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