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Jenifer offers unique counseling and workshops for couples to reconnect with one another in new, empowering ways through safe, clear, supportive methods.


Uniquely Effective Couples Empowerment Counseling


Using a combination of intuitive counseling, NLP and gestalt therapies, Jenifer guides the individuals to open to new levels of trust and completion within themselves and with each other.


Here are a few areas where this unique and effective form of counseling is most beneficial:


  • Couples moving through challenging periods where trust has been broken or damaged;

  • When one individual is ill and both are dealing with the illness;

  • When one individual is moving forward into new phases of life and there is a challenge keeping a connection;

  • During divorce as mediation through empowering processes that allow both parties to move forward in empowering ways and keep a united front for their children.


This work is not standard counseling.  It focuses on allowing each party to be heard, understood and to connect with that which the other is experiencing without feeling manipulated or attacked.


Workshops for Couples


Jenifer offers the following three workshops for couples.  These can also be offered as individual sessions for those couples interested in doing the work directly with Jenifer.


Reconnection:  Rekindling Your Joy in Relationship


This workshop focuses on finding each other again through exercises that offer new opportunities to understand one another's needs and how to bring joy to each other easily in each moment.  You will also learn a powerful practice for reconnecting on your own and experience the power of intentional love.


The Energy of Love:  Tantric Pathways for Connections


This workshop is an experiential energy workshop for couples to physically and mentally connect with one another in new ways beyond words. 


Dealing with Grief and Illness:  A workshop for Couples and Caregivers


When a person is ill, relationships shift.  Learn how to work together to support one another through the time of illness and how to release the fears that cause painful blocks between you and your partner.  This is a healing workshop for both those who are experiencing illness directly and those who are supporting their partner through an illness experience.

Client Testimonials
"As soon as I met Jenifer, I knew she held special qualities as a teacher and healer and as a caring and compassionate person. I didn’t know…that Jenifer would someday help me move forward in my life in a way that no testimonial could really explain, and also give me the tools to apply the experience of our sessions to any area of my life…Through our sessions I was able to move past certain frustrating feelings I was experiencing in…2 of my life’s most important relationships. This has made such a difference in how I feel on a day to day basis, not just in our session, or in a ‘classroom’ type setting. Those settings are relatively easy to feel love and compassion as we are somewhat removed…I’m sorry these words are now capable of explaining the way I feel. I would simply recommend to anyone experiencing any limitation or need for healing to work with Jenifer to experience what I’m experiencing and see personally what mere words can not convey. Ever thankful to you Jenifer!"


RR, Male, Phoenixville, PA



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