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Mind and Emotional Empowerment Services with Jenifer are integrative services to shift the unconscious structure - beliefs, habits, etc. - that are holding individuals back from fully embracing life.


All sessions are created to serve the unique needs of the individual. 




The core aspects of Jenifer's Mind and Emotional Empowerment Services are:


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Holistic Hypnotherapy / Regression Therapy

Time Line Therapy

Gestalt and Parts Therapies


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 Jenifer offers services by phone and in-person.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming


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NLP is another 'mind tool'.  Based on the work of Erickson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir, NLP is a form of what I call 'conscious hypnotherapy' in that the same type of shifts occur without the need to put someone into a deep trance.


In all of my work, NLP is honestly my favorite tool to use.  It's my favorite because it causes such amazing shifting to occur and is the most likely tool in my toolbox to bring about 'aha' moments when individuals realize something that changes them forever.


Also, there are so many tools within the NLP toolbox that it seems I will never use all of them with any one client.


Some areas where NLP is most useful are:


  • shifting core beliefs that no longer serve you

  • integration and release of inner conflicts

  • creating new inner landscapes that offer inner resources and resiliency

  • increasing self-esteem

  • releasing trauma from the mind and body


Holistic Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy is a tool for working with the unconscious mind to allow shifting to occur on a deeper level of awareness that many of us tap into in daily living.


Hypnotherapy is not about having something done 'to you' as many have seen on TV or in stand-up shows.  It is rather a joint effort where the hypnotherapist works with the individual.  


I'm trained in 4 forms of hypnotherapy and find that I lend towards Ericksonian and Regression therapies in my work.  I believe hypnotherapy is a process for self-awareness and a powerful tool for healing and releasing stuck states that are no longer serving you.  I say no longer serving you because at the time the stuck state was created, it had a purpose.  


I have also found over the years that I rarely do hypnotherapy alone.  Usually, I begin with NLP, and then add the hypnotherapy in during the process.  


Time Line Therapy


Your inner timeline creates the world you live in by giving attention to the past, present and future.  When you feel stress or anxiety, often, this inner compass is either bringing the past forward or the future is too close and causing you to feel overwhelmed. 


Time line therapy addresses these inner in congruencies and assists you in creating an inner compass that serves you and your individual needs.


Gestalt and Parts Therapy


Gestalt and parts therapy work with inner conflicts that are created through our relationships to others and parts of ourselves.  These come up in our lives as inner angst, feelings of insecurity around certain people or when we think of certain things, and belief systems that create lack of trust and fear of others and things in our lives.


Through gestalt and parts therapy we talk to these parts of ourselves, learn from them, free them from their stuck states and perform integration work to incorporate the positive parts of ourselves in ways that empower and sustain us.


Samples of inner parts conflicts include:


  • An individual may have a part of them that wants to go to a party because they are lonely and want new friends and another part that is feeling timid or shy to meet new people.

  • A person may want to lose weight to feel more appealing and have a conflicting part that is not sure if they are ready to feel that appealing and uses food as a boundary.

  • A woman may want a new relationship with a healthy man and a part of her is used to old patterns for being attracted to unhealthy men.

  • A man may want to get help for a physical problem and a part of him feels badly for having that physical problem so he doesn't get help until the problem forces him to.


Gestalt and parts therapy work also often incorporates other therapies as needed to move the process forward in effective and empowering ways.


Jenifer also teaches this work to individuals and professionals.  See her Calendar of Events for upcoming courses.



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Why  'Mind Tools'?
People who are feeling 'stuck' and need assistance moving forward in their lives.


Those with phobias or heightened levels of fear.


Enhancing the behaviors and beliefs that serve you, and releasing and/or shifting those that don't.


Assisting you in gaining self-confidence and inner awareness so that you can consciously create your world rather than letting it happen to you.


and so much more...


Client Testimonials
"As soon as I met Jenifer, I knew she held special qualities as a teacher and healer and as a caring and compassionate person. I didn’t know…that Jenifer would someday help me move forward in my life in a way that no testimonial could really explain, and also give me the tools to apply the experience of our sessions to any area of my life…Through our sessions I was able to move past certain frustrating feelings I was experiencing in…2 of my life’s most important relationships. This has made such a difference in how I feel on a day to day basis, not just in our session, or in a ‘classroom’ type setting. Those settings are relatively easy to feel love and compassion as we are somewhat removed…I’m sorry these words are now capable of explaining the way I feel. I would simply recommend to anyone experiencing any limitation or need for healing to work with Jenifer to experience what I’m experiencing and see personally what mere words can not convey. Ever thankful to you Jenifer!"


RR, Male, Phoenixville, PA


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