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Nutrition and Health Counseling with Jenifer Shapiro are integrative options to find optimum health and quality of life.  She integrates nutrition and health options with other services for transformational shifts.


All sessions are created to serve the unique needs of the individual. 


 The core aspects of Jenifer's Nutrition and Health Counseling Services are:


Whole Foods Nutrition Counseling

 Ayurvedic Counseling


 and Holistic Health Counseling


***NEW - Holistic Dentistry, contact us for details.


Several of the above are used in any counseling session as per your individual needs. 

The individual therapies are explained here for your convenience.


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 Jenifer offers services by phone and in-person.


Whole Foods Nutrition Counseling


Food is energy, all of us know that already on some level.  We know that certain foods make us feel different.  We may not realize it but certain foods also make us act different. 


Whole foods nutrition looks at the energy of the food you are eating and how it is affecting YOUR unique body.  Through dietary changes and sometimes supplementation, you can change your body through your diet and Jenifer can assist you in this process in clear, concise, effective ways.


 Ayurvedic Counseling


Ayurveda is a system of medicine that originated in India several thousand years ago. The term Ayurveda is of Sanskrit origin made up of ayur, which means life, and veda, which means science of or knowledge. Basically, Ayurveda means "science of life."


Jenifer's knowledge of Ayurveda began when she realized during her bodywork training that there were movements in the pulses that went beyond the meridian lines she felt in her clients and by shifting these pulses, she could actually change their breath, their alertness and their mental states.  She began to study the ayurvedic pulse methods and how the different ayurvedic constitutional types related to the other areas of holistic studies.


Today, Jenifer uses this knowledge and her intuition to better understand what is out of balance and help you to come back to balance.


For more on Ayurveda, click here to see Jenifer's article 'What is Ayurveda?'


Holistic Health Counseling


Holistic Health Counseling is really the integration of all of the above methods.  This is really what Jenifer offers her clients as she doesn't limit you to one method in a session.


'I use all of the tools I have available to assist you in manifesting the health and well-being you desire.'



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Client Testimonials
A woman's response regarding Nutrition and Health Counseling


"I honestly can't believe how much my stomach and digestion has changed with Jenifer's guidance.  I was told by my doctor that I needed another colonoscopy, the third in five years and it never shows anything.  I asked Jenifer if she could help me and she said she'd do all she could.  The way my stomach moves on her table is amazing, it's like she goes in and moves things around and when I leave her office, I'm normal again...

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Allison W., 54, King of Prussia, PA




 I went weekly and felt every session helped me reach my goals of getting my health back and getting spiritually grounded again. I was also able to take a lot of the lessons learned during the weekly sessions with me so I could apply what I learned with Jenifer everyday, which I feel has been a key part of me feeling well again.

I worked with Jenifer for a couple of months and at the beginning I was trying to find a way to get my life back in order. Now I have found my inner peace again and have gained trust in my intuition again. I have reconnected with my spiritual nature and feel very good about my life and my future. I am happy with life and feel good mentally and spiritually everyday.

Jenifer is someone who can help anyone who is suffering from physical or mental problems by helping to relieve pain or stress, give them a new perspective on life and help lead them to find their spiritual nature if they aren't aware of it now. I would recommend Jenifer to anyone, regardless if they are suffering from anything in particular or not. She is someone who can always help enrich a persons life and make it better.


C. Richards, 21, Radnor, PA




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