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Reflections on the Self


For many, this year has been one of challenges, lessons and changes.   Sometimes during the midst of it all, we forget that life isn't about holding it all up all the time.  We forget that we are allowed to breathe, to be human, to fail, to let go, to move on. 


If there is one thing that the turn from fall to winter offers us, itís a new chance to start over.  On the heels of winter we are offered such wondrous gifts of silence, stillness and space.  During this time we can cleanse our souls, take time off to sit and reflect on what we have learned this year and what we will choose for next year.  We also have time now to be with those we love.  If there is one thing that we Ďget rightí for the holidays, itís the need for us as living, breathing beings to connect with one another.  That is the true gift.


For those times when you do connect with each other, the following is a fun practice to do with those you love this winter.

  1. Get a group of at least 4 people together. 
  2. Each person should have a sheet of paper and break it into 4 parts. 
  3. Write on each part something wonderful about the other 4 people Ė donít put their names on it. 
  4. Then put all of the pieces into a bowl and each person gets to choose a piece of paper and read the wonderful bit aloud and try to figure out who it is about.  It doesnít even matter who wrote it.

What a fun way to celebrate one another!


And for those who are looking for a bit of personal rejuvenation, see our upcoming schedule for various classes focused on rejuvenation of the mind/body and soul!


Wishing you peace in your heart, quiet of the mind and connection to your soul.


Blessed be.



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