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The following Children and Teen services are offered by Jenifer Shapiro for teens, young adults and children.  Jenifer's work with teen empowerment has been shown on television and highlighted in various programs.


The core aspects of Jenifer's Children and Teen Services are:


Empowerment Work with Teens

 Energetic Balancing and Meditation/Yoga Therapy

Indigo Children Counseling


 Jenifer offers coaching services by phone and in-person.


Please note that all coaching follows the guiding principles of TEC.


Empowerment Work with Teens 


This is for teens that are feeling high levels of stress in their life and/or would like to gain greater control over their emotional states.  


Jenifer assists teens in developing a core inner strength and awareness to help them as they move into adulthood.  Emotional awareness, stress management and releasing fear and anxiety are core aspects of this work.  


In addition, time management and career coaching may be offered for teens interested in preparing for college and adult life.


The main goal is to prepare them for the responsibility of being an adult in a way that allows them to enjoy a fulfilling life.


Energetic Balancing and Meditation/Yoga Therapy


For teens interested in releasing stress from their bodymind and developing holistic life habits to last a lifetime.   Sessions are a GREAT gift for any teen.  


Energy balancing is also offered for those feeling physical affects of stress and illness.  If requested, Jenifer will show the parent how to offer energy healing for their child.


Indigo Children Counseling


The topic of 'Indigo Children' has become popular in the last several years.   In terms of Jenifer's work, she believe 'Indigo Children' to be a term that encompasses those children with the gifts of seeing and developing energetic pathways within and between themselves and others.  


As an intuitive healer herself, Jenifer works with intuitive children to assist them in developing greater awareness and control over energetic states, learning what their visions mean, and finding a way to be in the world in a way that allows them to use their gifts and enjoy their life at the same time.  A core theme in this form of counseling is around developing healthy boundaries in their relationships with others and their  world.


Services offered for but not limited to:   Self-esteem and empowerment work, releasing fears and anxieties, work with Indigo children assisting in integrating them into this world in empowering ways that welcome their gifts AND provide them with the tools to live joyful, meaningful lives.   


All children under age 12 must have a parent in the first session with them.  All young adults may choose to have a parent present during the session.  



Contact Jenifer for a FREE phone consultation.



Jenifer Shapiro was recently interviewed on Tea with Sheri for her work with teens in self-empowerment. Tea with Sheri is a television show illustrating holistic programs and practitioners.  


The show continues to air on Channel 21, WYBE and Drexel Station.


Teen Testimonials

"I was made me feel better about myself."


"I feel a lot more prepared me better for when I take the major tests for colleges and for the finals for school."


"You could really ... express yourself...get into your feelings and your emotions...let it out."


"I learned a lot...I learned more about what I want to do when I get older...I'm glad that I did it."


"I visualized what I wanted to leave and start new...they ask us (in school) what we want to do when we grow up but not like's different and it works.  It's a great class." 


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