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Certificate in Acute Prescribing



(certification Option Offered)


4 month homeopathy telecourse


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This four month class will be held one evening per week and is for those who have completed the initial training and/or completed another homeopathy training that has been assessed by Jenifer as an adequate knowledge base for this course.


This course will delve deeper into the aspects of homeopathy, how and why acute situations occur, the humors of the body and the connection between homeopathy, acupressure, craniosacral movement, emotions and physical manifestations of illness.


We will discuss the proper treatment of children in detail for parents and individuals who are interested in working with children. 


We will also discuss the challenges in treating acute cases safely, and how to do so in safe combination with allopathic medicine.


You will learn how to assess an acute case, what symptoms mean and how to read rubrics at a basic level. 


There are 4 required texts to this training; 10 case papers required for certification; and the option for mentorship when available in integrating homeopathy into a private practice.


"I believe if everyone understood the premise and power of homeopathy, it would bring not only greater health, but greater peace and compassion to the world.  We would learn that our reactivity and emotional imbalances come from a deeper place and be able to come to the table with less anger and more heart.  I hope this class brings you to your heart and strengthens that part of you that knows the truth, that we are all hear to live full lives of personal expression and it's time now to set ourselves and our Soul's free."


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