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Sometimes you need consistent support for your personal transformation. 


What if you had a CD or MP3 that you could come back to time and time again to bring you back to a state of empowerment, calm and peace?


What if this CD was customized for your unique needs - each word and even the music specifically designed to feel right and be right for you?


Just as a hypnotherapy, NLP, regression and/or transformational counseling session is designed for you as an individual, these CD's are created the same way - through a specialized format, I work with you to create the experience YOU desire (or, if this is a gift, we decide if you provide the information or the gift-received does). 


Once we've worked through the specifics of the experience, I create it, utilizing a combination of hypnotherapeutic language, energy practices and more to which I layer to right type of music accompaniment (where applicable) to enhance the experience.


Once the creation is complete, you receive it either on download for your MP3 device and/or via the mail on a CD


This creation is then available for you to listen to again and again.


I offer recordings for a variety of situations including:


 Personal Options


Consider these recordings to be consistent support, when you need it RIGHT NOW exactly as you need it. 


Customized Weight Loss Programs


If you have ever struggled with losing weight you know that sometimes you just need the right support at the right time. 


Most people nowadays know what they need to do, they just need help doing it.  From increasing motivation to releasing cravings to gaining inner strength/ resilience to changing the inner strategies such as emotional eating and ignoring the body's messages for hunger and satiety, we can create the hypnotherapy tracks that work for you.  From one track to as many as you need to have the exact support you need.




"Having tried everything, including therapy, I was at my wit's end.  I called Jenifer based on a referral of a friend/ colleague that had lost weight with her through in-person hypnotherapy but I live in Atlanta and didn't want to do this over the phone.  Jenifer offered that we could create CD's for me instead based on what my needs were in the moment.  I've done 3 CD's with her so far in the past 8 months and I've lost 45 lbs!  I also just FEEL like a new person, happy, confident and peaceful with myself and my world.  I had never really thought this would help, funny how sometimes the biggest gifts come along so easily..." 

Clarice W., 54, Atlanta, GA


Customized Anxiety/ Depression/ Stress Management Programs


From reducing the emotional attachment to situations to increasing inner resiliency and recalling hope, we can develop the right track for you to move forward. 




"My son had had horrible test anxiety for years.  I was referred to Jenifer through another mother and Jenifer agreed to create a CD for us that would help my son mentally prepare for his tests.  The first time he used it, I'd say he was about 30% more relaxed.  Now after using it for several months, we both see a dramatic improvement.  He is more confident in general as well which I feel is a direct side effect of the program.  This has been the most useful thing we've found..."

Jane, Mother of 17 year old client, Berkeley, CA


Customized Pain Release Programs


Using hypnotherapeutic techniques to release pain and reclaim your overall health and well-being.  Great for fibromyalgia, lyme's, CFS and more.




"My doctor sent me to Jenifer and I'm so glad she did.  The hypnotherapy has been immensely helpful and I've been able to nearly come off the Prednisone in only a few months.  I started with in-person sessions and now use the CD Jenifer made for me and every time I turn it on I feel all of the pain and stress just fade away.  I can't imagine not doing this and I've been pushing others to try it as well."

Martin A., Philadelphia, PA


Customized I AM HEALING Programs


When people are in healing crisis, often their families and friends are too scared to offer the level of support they truly need.  Having something to listen to on a daily basis to remind you of your inner strength and clarify your goals can offer you immeasurable assistance on your path to healing.   


Contact us to schedule a customization consultation and/or learn about customized gifts.


Shamanism CD's


Shamanic Journeys, Rattle Journeys, Forest and Trees and more.


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